What causes moles on the skin

Small education, different from the skincolor, common to most people. These structures have a different origin and structure of, so called one reason why moles appear difficult. Most often found in human benign nevi, papillomas, hemangiomas. The appearance of tumors can occur before birth, when the baby will be born with a birthmark. With age, the chance of developing moles increases.

Causes of moles

Healthy skin contains a significant amountmelanocytes, whose function - protecting underlying tissues from ultraviolet radiation. The accumulation of melanin under the influence of sunlight manifests uniform darkening of the skin - sunburn. Due to a number of reasons (trauma, burns, genetic predisposition), melanocytes can be activated on the body there are dark spots. A variety of pigment spots - freckles efelidy or differing seasonal variability of coloration.

The majority of moles is nevi- Congenital skin development. Acquired nevi can occur throughout life, with age increases the likelihood of skin lesions. Where are the moles on your body? The main reasons are associated with the following conditions:

  • excessive exposure to the sun;
  • heredity;
  • prolonged mechanical irritation of the skin clothing items;
  • contact with various chemical agents;
  • skin lesions traumatic nature;
  • age factor;
  • skin inflammation of any origin, including allergic;
  • hormonal dysfunction.

Moles on the face of the child


The vast majority of nevi in ​​children hasinnate character. In newborn birthmarks are often invisible, appear after a time, gradually acquiring pigmentation. Immediately visible formation of another vascular origin - hemangioma. Pink, red, brown, purple spots turn pale when lightly pressed, than externally differ from moles. The child-like nevi are flat viral warts.

During pregnancy

Changes in hormonal levels activatesPigment accumulation in specific cells melanocytes. A pregnant can generally darken the skin, often appears uneven spotting the face, hands, lower abdomen. Moles during pregnancy affects only the epidermal layer of the skin, so do not convex, the touch is not defined. They can fade over time independently or noticeably pale.

Brown birthmarks on the body


Pigmented nevi vary in color fromgrayish to black. More common brown birthmarks, single or multiple, measuring from point to several centimeters in diameter. The presence of dark skin tag is not a pathology, it is not necessary to treat small structures. However, some caution is required, especially when a lot of moles on the body. Nevi may take a malignant character, giving rise very dangerous cancer melanoma.

The first signs that should causeconcern - reshaping moles, increase in size. A certain danger is traumatized nevi. Unfavorable localization of moles on the body parts subjected to pressure, abrasion clothes. Troubling large amount of skin formation, growth of new small structures in the neighborhood. These symptoms require immediate consultation dermatologist.


Rich vessels red spots or bumps oftenare hemangioma - a benign vascular tumor. In young children hemangiomas are prone to sprawl, therefore be deleted. Adults are stationary in nature, the gulf can spontaneously with time, but the long-term injured education can bleed badly heal. After removal of the red spots occasionally appear again requires re-treatment.

Large protruding birthmark


Thin legs have a squamous papillomamistakenly referred to as moles. These formations can grow, gradually increasing in size. Color often corresponds to the skin or slightly darker. Papilloma often torn by external mechanical force or bend the legs. Removal is shown in those cases where the degree causes physical or aesthetic discomfort. From papillomavirus is best to get rid of the localization, facilitating frequent injuries (for example, on the neck in the collar area).

The main reasons for the appearance of moles on the skin

Each person has the reasons why thereNew moles are different. The main triggering factor researchers call heredity, excessive stay under the sun's rays, skin damage. The mechanism of the development of nevi in ​​all cases is the same: the activation and proliferation of melanocytes, pigment accumulation in them. In depth, the skin formation location distinguish epidermal, intradermal, mixed nevi.


There is an assumption that the majority of molesgenetically programmed, other factors only accelerate their appearance. At the heart of the development of nevi is impaired migration of melanocytes during fetal development. Clusters of these cells cause the likelihood and the possibility of the appearance of pigment spots. Hereditary predisposition better observed in individuals who have a lot of moles on the body.

Birthmark, appeared from the sun


Ultraviolet light has a high penetrationactivity and prevent its penetration into the body - the main function of melanocytes. The excess sunlight leads to increased accumulation of pigment activation. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight - one of the reasons why moles suddenly appear. Excessive tanning adversely affects the immune properties of the skin, stimulates the formation of age spots, increases the risk of malignant diseases.

Hormonal changes

Another reason why moles appear - ithormonal changes. The age changes the body affects the melanin activity may be a consequence of the emergence of multiple pigmented spots. Blackened areas are smooth, not rise above the skin, often appearing on the exposed parts of the body. Painful symptoms are absent, but the pigmentation on exposed parts of the body gives the aesthetic inconvenience. Teenager endocrine reorganization is often accompanied by inflammation of the skin appendages, contributing to the appearance of nevi.

The girl is drinking hormonal pills

Injuries and infections

Damage to the skin of any origin are fraught with the development oftumors. Injury, infection can damage the basal membrane that separates the epidermis and the dermis - the zone of occurrence of melanocytes. The result becomes a proliferation of pigment cells, nevi development. Traumatic effects on the skin have burns, including solar. Deep damage left household chemical substance by careless use.

Taking medicines

Drugs aimed at correctinghormonal shifts, can become a reason why there are multiple moles patient. Brown spots usually located on the face, the hands, but can appear everywhere, other symptoms are not typical. Perhaps a slight peeling skin changes, the danger is not posed to human.

The girl sunbathes on the sun

Prevention of new moles

Prevent the development of new nevi allowintelligent metering beach activities. It is impossible for a long time exposed to direct sun of the rest should be in the shade. an open-air work is often needed, it is better to perform it in the morning or in the evening - is more important than their own health. For summer walks helpful hats, capes, umbrellas. It justifies the use of sunscreen cosmetics, wearing dark glasses.

The reason for the formation of age spots can becomesolarium, people with lots of moles, it is contraindicated. The skin should be protected from chemical and mechanical damage, do not forget about protective gloves when working with household chemicals, cutting objects, open fire. Deep cuts require appropriate treatment, sutures, it promotes rapid healing without rough scarring prevents the appearance of moles.

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