What are the causes of warts on the skin

Often, the skin we find tumors -This warts that cause discomfort and spoil the appearance of a particular part of the body. At its core are not cancerous manifestation, but the man still seeks to get rid of them. To do this, you must first determine from which there are warts. Do you know about these causes? Below is information to help you understand what warts are and why they are formed.

Why there are warts

The reason, of which there is a wart, it is consideredhuman papilloma virus, or HPV, which leads to the proliferation of epithelial tissue and proliferation of the subcutaneous layer, called the papillary. Getting on the skin in one place, and the virus spreads to other areas. Leaving out the viruses can, with 2 conditions:

  • violation of the integrity of the epidermis;
  • lowering of immunity.

Warts on the face

On the face

Under the influence of the following key factors tumors may grow on the face:

  • Insufficient or improper personal hygiene;
  • scratches and abrasions;
  • use household items sick person;
  • hormonal background during pregnancy and menopause;
  • decreased immunity;
  • diabetes;
  • visiting public places where there is high humidity, but poor hygiene is observed;
  • constant stress.

Warts on the fingers and the hand

On the body

Defeat papilloma virus can manifest itselfthroughout the body, and this is all for the same reason - the use of the patient's household items, visit public places with high humidity, non-observance of personal hygiene. For reasons also added promiscuous sexual acts and possible hypothermia. Because of the latter factor warts usually form on the hands and feet. The appearance of the virus in the armpits promotes sweating.

On the fingers and hands

Warts on the fingers, in most casesIt arises from the burr, which everyone meets at least once in life. Through such damage virus easily gets into the skin and spreads rapidly, because people often hand touching other parts of the body. This happens autoinfection. Warts on hands and fingers - a common phenomenon due to the fact that it is more sensitive to mechanical stress of the body, and of people in contact with any objects, whether handrails in public transport, door handle or the hand of an infected person.

Warts on Feet Legs

On foot

A favorite part of the body for warts - solesfeet. Too narrow, damp shoes or excessive sweating in the lower extremities provokes the development of human papilloma virus. If the situation is aggravated by contact with an infected person, injury to the skin, nervous feelings and failures in the thyroid, the risk of warts on the feet increases. For the legs more characteristic of all the plantar shape of these lesions, similar to corn.

On the penis

The appearance of warts in the groin areashows the development of the virus, this type of tumors called genital warts. It arises because of unprotected sexual intercourse or oral sexual contact. To pick up a dangerous infection is possible by using personal items viral media or in public places - baths, saunas, swimming pools. Small education thus appear at the head of the penis and its trunk, on the bridle of the foreskin, and less often on the scrotum.

Warts on the neck

On the neck

The source of the virus that causes manifestation of HPVneck, too, is infected with the carrier. neoplasms may occur on contact with it. Especially such a pattern typical Neck when wearing jewelry. In addition to contact and household way of infection, there are other: at risk are those who have a diaper rash, acne or abrasions on the neck, reduced immunity. Aggravating factors are colds, antibiotics, digestive disorders and pregnancy.

Types of warts

The structure and size of the warts depend onspecies and the place of appearance. In addition, tumors can be fused together, forming a conical or spherical tumor. Initial color almost indistinguishable from healthy skin color, but is converted to gray or even black over time. This is due to the adhesion of dirt to the already dry surface formation.

Flat warts


Also called juvenile. Wart looks like a papule with sharp edges. Its diameter reaches 5.1 mm and a protrusion on the skin of about 1-2 mm. The surface of the warts is smooth, the color pink flesh to light brown. Get rid of them easily with the help of such plants as Kalanchoe. Most celebrated of these warts in children and adolescents in the course of scratches or cuts, where there are:

  • on the back of the hand;
  • on the legs;
  • on the forehead, cheeks, lips.


So called common warts thatThey are the most common, in fact constitute 2/3 of all tumors on the skin. For this type characterized by the presence of maternal education, the reduction of which leads to the disappearance of all the others. Most often this virus affects children of primary school age because of low immunity or colds. Places dislocation - this hand, areas around the nails on the fingers, face. Outwardly it looks like a knotted round seal. Maximum size - small pea.

Filiform warts


The name itself says that it looks likewart - a small hanging education with a leg. Special discomfort they do not deliver, and the affected places are the armpits, neck, or the area under the hair. The reason is considered to be tight clothing or microtrauma of the skin, for example, as a result of shaving. Hanging warts from all least contagious and is characterized more for the elderly over 50 years old.


This type of wart still has other names -seborrhea or keratomas. There he is due to a benign tumor that forms over the years. Initial appearance - a small brown spot. The larger size it acquires over the years, reaching 5-6 cm. The surface of the oily stains and covered with a crust, why tumors are called seborrheic. Gradually spot sealed, cracks and shade becomes more saturated. Age spread warts in closed areas of the body, but then can appear on the legs, face or chest.


A feature of the warts on the genitals issexual way of infection, ie, through unprotected intercourse. In women, common areas are the vagina, its inner surface, anus and even the cervix. Men may notice in their genital warts on the penis, testicles, around the anus and urethra. This form of HPV has a special resistance to the treatment, so it is difficult to deduce. In addition, the lesion site can match. The color of the education does not differ from healthy skin, soft texture, and small size.

Are warts contagious

As warts are transmitted? It is contact-household or sexual way. When using common objects hygiene or human contact, such as shaking hands, you can become infected with the virus. The carrier may be a carrier and did not have warts, but until the tumors often takes a long time. Medicine offers surgical or medical treatment by using trifluoroacetic acid or ointments. In addition, in getting rid of warts has proved cryotherapy, ie moxibustion cold liquid.

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