Weakness in the legs - Causes and Treatment. The symptoms of any disease can be muscle weakness and tremors in the legs

A man sooner or later confronted with pain orheaviness in the legs. It can occur all of a sudden, and as a constant companion. Unpleasant sensations which are peculiar to this illness, affect the overall health and indicate the possible diseases. What to do in such a situation?

Weakness in the legs - Causes

Muscle weakness may be caused by multiple factors. If the legs are weak - the reasons must be sought in the body and lifestyle. The reason can serve as:

  • incorrectly matched shoes;
  • a sedentary lifestyle and sedentary work;
  • a long walk;
  • muscular atrophy;
  • circulatory disorders.

Postponed disease oftenthe cause of the weakness in the lower extremities, but also the presence of disease causing progressive muscle weakness. A person does not always suspects that varicose veins, low back pain, low blood pressure and other diseases neurological and endocrine systems may cause this disease. Be sure to pre-treatment is necessary to consult a specialist, who will examine why the weakness in the legs, prescribe treatments and medications.

Tremors in the legs

Most people felt that they hadshaking legs, do not pay any attention to it, believing that the reason is related to excessive physical exertion. This statement has a grain of truth in case jitter preceded sports or doing any heavy work. After a short rest, they do not tremble. The appearance of tremor after stressful or emotional experiences should be alerted. In the first step you need to relax a bit, but if you do not pass or tremors begin to appear with enviable regularity, it is necessary to see a neurologist.

Weakness of the muscles of the arms and legs

Muscle weakness in the legs and hands can be caused by a banal fatigue. However, if these symptoms are repeated periodically, the doctor a diagnosis can be made:

  • problems with the synapse (when the disease affects the muscles of the junction with the nerve endings due to stop production of acetylcholine);
  • myasthenia gravis (immune system begins to attack its own cells, because of what disturbed muscle contraction);
  • phlebeurysm;
  • diabetes;
  • rheumatoid arthritis;
  • heart failure (pain always occurs on the left side);
  • diseases of the spine.

Fatigue in the legs

Varicose veins, thrombosis, osteoporosis -are just some of the huge list of diseases that can cause fatigue in the legs. Do not start treatment with the appearance of fatigue, because the exact cause is capable of the Charter of the doctor after undergoing diagnosis. In addition, fatigue can be caused by excessive load, and after resting place.

Weakness in the legs when the IRR

Many experts domestic systemhealth, their foreign colleagues consider the diagnosis of "vegetative dystonia" a relic of the Soviet health care system. Some doctors still believe that the weakness in the legs when the IRR - is a serious disease. Caused by the same malaise of excessive fatigue due to lack of sleep, illness, debilitating physical and mental activity, underpinned by stress, emotions.

Weakness in the legs when osteochondrosis

Many people have problems withspine. One of the symptoms - the appearance of weakness in the legs with osteochondrosis, which is a common disease. The problem is all the more common in young people, and not only the older generation. These symptoms indicate that the body is on the verge of major changes, so you should immediately start treatment.

When osteochondrosis develops in the lumbarfield, weak lower limbs are the main indicator. The disease affects the gait, which varies, falls and walking speed. Poor blood flow affects the performance, causing rapid fatigue. Disturbed coordination of movements, it is necessary to use the walking assist device. If you have any reason to suspect you need to visit the orthopedist and a neurologist for diagnosis.

Cotton legs, and dizziness

Dizziness and weakness in the legs canappear due to muscle atrophy. These symptoms may indicate poor blood supply to the extremities, which develops as a result of blockage of vessels, thinning of their walls. Often the cause may be a varicose vein, low blood pressure. They can podkashivatsya due to head trauma, viral diseases, even pregnancy. In girls, this may indicate the imminent start of the menstrual cycle.

In adolescence, these reasons mayobserved in the restructuring of the hormonal system of the body. Dizziness may even reach up to fainting, sleepiness appears. The body ceases to obey, there is a strong heartbeat. There is nothing to worry, because the body is developing rapidly. Should be given time to rest, the right to distribute the exercise. In addition, you must pay special attention to diet, to ensure the teenager with all the necessary vitamins, micro and macro elements.

Legs heavy and cotton

Inflammation of the sciatic nerve makes heavy legsand cotton. It is important to press on with the treatment, as several surveys will need to go to the correct diagnosis. It is necessary to pay attention to the daily routine. Sedentary lifestyle, finding a long standing can also cause these symptoms. If you are accustomed to wearing a constantly high-heeled shoes, pay attention to the condition of the feet, because it can develop varicose veins.

Weakness and pain in the legs

Before diagnosis, any doctorIt asks about where weakness and pain felt in the legs: knees, joints, feet, toes. Diseases of the venous system can be identified by lifting the limb. Unpleasant sensations, weakness must retreat. But if the pain goes away when the limb falls, it is worth paying attention to the work of the arteries. spine disease is characterized not only pain, but also the emergence of numbness. Weakness and pain indicates the presence of diseases such as flat feet, closed injury, gout, arthritis.

Weakness in the legs - Treatment

Treatment should not be postponed. Initially it should be diagnosed to identify why the legs are weak and do not hold. Only a specialist can determine how to treat the weakness in the legs, since a number of diseases can have similar symptoms. For this analysis shall be appointed tomography, electromyography or ultrasound. Early diagnosis is able to prevent the disease develop.

Treatment can be medicated. Appointed complex medications and ointments, such as Neostigmine, prednisolone, metipred. Good help from weakness lotions, compresses, made on the basis of medicinal products. Well proven traditional methods of treatment. In a serious development of the disease can be assigned exposure. It should be noted that many of the symptoms associated with weakness in the legs or weight disappear when restoring a normal way of life, nutrition, respect for work and leisure.

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