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Problems with hair condition caused by a lack inthe body of vitamins, nutrients and other factors. Mineral micronutrient deficiency causes not only the deterioration of the appearance of hair but also diseases of roots and bulbs, and scalp. Lack of amino acids - the cause of the perhoti.Balans the necessary nutrients and vitamins in the body and is needed for healthy hair. Consider what hair vitamins we need, where to get them and how to take.

What vitamins are needed for our hair

For optimal saturation of the organism helpfulminerals and trace elements necessary to enrich the diet products containing vitamins B, A, C, E, and organic chemical elements and enzymes - iron, iodine, zinc, keratin, other minerals, acids. Eating fruits, nuts, soybeans, liver, eggs, cheese, seafood makes balanced diet.

The body's need for useful substancesreceiving cover brewer's yeast, and lecithin. These products are in the food additives based on the natural - Badakhshan acquire and which can take over the counter without a doctor's prescription, unlike antibiotics.

On sale in pharmacies, there is also a large selectionnew import and domestic vitamin complexes, which will return hair to its former attractiveness, keep gloss and prevent diseases, not giving them to collapse. Daily intake of vitamin complexes will contribute to both the hair restoration and improvement of immunity of the whole organism.

Vitamins for hair health (detail pictured)

Vitamin B1 is able to regulate nerve functionsystem, the lack of it contributes to the overall deterioration of health, sleep disturbances and appetite, increased sweating, which ultimately degrades the condition of the hair. Nutritionists point out the high B1 content in foods such as meat, liver, eggs, flour and bran, unpolished rice, oatmeal, avocado and many other vegetables and fruits. This vitamin is shown to people who abuse alcohol.

Vitamin B2 regulates the metabolism of proteins, fats, andcarbohydrates. B2 - a necessary ingredient for the absorption of oxygen tissues and cells, hair and nails, deficiency of which leads to dryness and hair loss. A daily dose of vitamin B2 for adult is 2 milligrams for children - 0,5-0,8 mg. Consumption of peas, fish, oatmeal, buckwheat, dairy products, eggs, liver and kidneys are capable of increasing the content of B2 in the body.

Vitamin B3 (nicotinic acid) is necessary forWork circulatory system of blood vessels and capillaries. B3 is also involved in the development of co-enzymes that affect the hair growth. B3 is ingested with leaf vegetables, buckwheat, flour and bran, egg yolks, potatoes, dairy products, as well as herbs and fruits - sage, rosehip.

Vitamin B5 - active hair growth stimulanthead cover. B5 helps to heal wounds, restore the integrity of the hair. Highly B5 content in dairy products, legumes, yeast, nuts, eggs.

Vitamin B6 stimulates vascular circulation,It has beneficial effects on the brain and nervous system. The sources of B6 are considered corn, barley, wheat bran, rice, cod liver, vegetables and other products.

Vitamin B9 regulates the process of recoveryHair, the lack of this substance is considered to be the cause of the deterioration of the appearance of the hair. Large stock B9 is found in vegetables, nuts, leafy vegetables, beans, mushrooms, dairy products and fruits.

Vitamin B10 promotes growth, renewal andrestoration of damaged hair and eliminates gray hair and prevents hair loss. The high content of B10 is celebrated in brewer's yeast, egg yolks, mushrooms, vegetables, nuts.

Vitamin H is responsible for the skin metabolism,is able to retain water in the skin, moisturizing it. The lack of this substance causes hair loss, dandruff and skin disease. Vitamin H is contained in legumes, peanuts, tomatoes, liver, eggs.

Vitamin A -, governing the beneficial agentkeratin production process in the body. Lack of the substance retards hair growth increases the risk of skin diseases. Vitamin A is found in milk, eggs and liver.

Vitamin E has a positive effect on the appearance of hair,as it has the ability to protect them from harmful solar radiation. The lack of this substance causes a weakening of the hair follicles, itching and scalp diseases. Vitamin E rich in leafy vegetables, nuts, oats, wheat, soy, eggs, dairy products.

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) has the ability tostrengthen blood vessels and capillaries that feed the hair follicles. Healthy blood vessels and capillaries - the key to health shag. Ascorbic acid is present in vegetables, pulses, soybeans, and other products.

Vitamin F lowers cholesterolvessels, which improves blood circulation in the scalp of the circulatory system. This substance can be absorbed in large quantities with sunflower, peanuts, avocados, almonds.

About vitamins for hair in ampoules

Especially for hair care researchersWe developed a special mixture of vitamins, which are sold in pharmacies. These inexpensive mixture in the form of capsules added to a shampoo or lotion and used during shampooing. To obtain maximum benefit from these mixtures is recommended to use multiple vitamin capsules.

Instructions for use:

  • Mix the contents of the capsule with vitamins B1, B6, B12, E and add the mixture to the shampoo.
  • Enjoy the resulting mixture as follows: Apply the mask on hair, rinse in a minute.
  • Next, another mask is applied and rinsed off again after 5 minutes.

Vitamins that prevent hair loss

Lack of nutrients, incorrectnutrition causes hair loss. We recommend to enter into the diet and eat more dairy products, kidney, liver, fish, seafood, leafy greens, fruits, nuts, dried fruits.

In addition to the diet is also recommended to start receivingvitamin complex tablets. If you prick vitamins intramuscularly, their effectiveness increases somewhat. Before you start doing the injection, we advise to consult with a specialist.

Vitamins that improve hair growth

Many vitamins tend to havepositive effect on the scalp. Among them, the group B, C, D, E, A. If you have problems with hair doctor can treat as part of an appointment vitamin complexes. Therapy consists of several components: diet normalization, taking vitamin complexes and physiotherapy.

B vitamins to improve growth and reducedthe hair of the head cover after baldness, eliminate gray hair. They are found in leafy vegetables, meat, liver, egg yolks. The human body is unable to produce this useful substance, so its stocks must be periodically replenished.

Vitamin C improves the blood supply to the skin of the head, thus preventing the destruction of hair follicles - the process of destruction is slowing. Vitamin C in many fish oils and vegetables.

Vitamins for hair strengthening

Vitamin A - a stimulant production of keratin, a substance that regulates the activity of sebaceous glands of hair follicles. It is found in dairy products, liver, egg yolks.

Vitamin H prevents hair loss, improves the production of hormones and glucose, are responsible for their growth. The nuts, tomatoes, liver, egg yolks contain a lot of useful substances.

Vitamin E promotes the retention of moisture in the skin, which improves hair growth. High levels of vitamin E in vegetable oil of any origin, in vegetables, legumes, egg yolk.

Vitamins for hair and food

Here is a list of products containing the maximum amount of vitamins that are useful for healthy hair:

  • Fish contains all the necessary vitamins, hair growth, and other valuable minerals.
  • Nuts, as well as cereals, contain vitamins of group B.
  • Vegetable oil is not inferior to the nuts and cereal content of vitamins and minerals.
  • Dairy products are rich in vitamins and other substances that are important for hair growth.
  • Leafy vegetables, most fruits, and natural juices are useful for promoting health and immunity.

  • Eggs, especially egg yolk - a pure source of vitamins and trace elements.
  • Peas and other legumes contain substances that are essential for healthy hair.

Wraps for strengthening and growth of hair

Alternatively factory in vitaminsampoules recommend the use of vitamin mixture, prepared according to home recipes. These vitamin mask have the consistency of a cream or spray. Unlike expensive store means home remedies will cost inexpensive.

A mixture of anti-hair loss


  • Wheat germ - 50 grams
  • Three yolks
  • Vegetable oil - 20 grams
  • Sour - 40 grams
  • Cognac - 50 grams


  1. Crush grain.
  2. Add to the mix the remaining ingredients.
  3. Mix the resulting mass.


  1. Rinse the hair, apply the solution on the head.
  2. Wrap head wrap, and on top - with a towel.
  3. Half an hour later wash your hair twice.

A mixture of anti-hair loss for dry hair


• Castor oil, birch sap - 25 grams

• Burdock oil - 50 grams


  • Mix butter and birch sap.


  1. Apply the mask to dry hair.
  2. Wrap the head wrap and top with a towel.
  3. After 2 hours, rinse with plain water, then wash hair with shampoo.

Try other equally effective mask hair loss.

Professional Advice

  • Nutritionists recommend eating foods containing useful hair vitamins and minerals.
  • For cleaning, use only purified or good well water - not tap water is of good quality.
  • We recommend that during shampooing apply cleanser twice.
  • After washing, rinse your hair thoroughly.
  • Check the condition of hair - if you notice that the amount of daily hair loss exceeds 80-100, immediately begin treatment.

If you've tried to use any vitamins for hair from the pharmacy or make masks and noticed good results, leave your feedback in the comments.

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