Vitamin A - what is good for the body. The use of vitamin A for humans

Vitamin A is not just located on the groundplace in a general alphabetical list of vitamins: it is involved in almost all the major functions of the body, it improves vision, strengthen the immune system. Vitamin A is important for skin. Let's find out what functions are performed vitamin A, how to take it and what are the contraindications to its reception.

The vitamin A is useful for the organism

Vitamin A regulates the production of the bodyprotein helps to normalize the metabolism, strengthens the immune system, effectively resists viral infections, helps with wound healing. In addition, he makes the skin of women and men, elastic, smooth, relieves skin diseases. Useful and retinol to the eye, so people who spend long hours in front of TV, you must include it in your diet. For example, a product such as carrots, protects the mucous membrane of the eyes from drying out and save you from the feeling of "sand" in the eyes. And Retinol helps to see better at night.

He must be present in the dietinfants and older children, because the components of the vitamin plays an important role in the formation of bone tissue, joints and teeth, accelerating the growth of cells. Retinol has a positive effect also on the functioning of the respiratory and digestive systems, so for smokers, vitamin A is of particular importance.

For Women's Health

Retinol is essential for women. Breast, consisting primarily of adipose tissue, strongly depends on the balance of fat-soluble vitamins. One - retinol. Work cells responsible for lactation, is governed by chemical processes that occur in the mammary glands. Numerous studies have shown that lactating and pregnant women should be taken further, many vitamins, which include retinol.

What makes vitamin A, so it is forthe spectacular appearance of the woman. Retinol is directly involved in normalizing lipid balance of the body. This feature improves the condition of hair, nails, skin, improves eyesight and strengthens the immune system. Retinol is an ingredient of professional creams for skin care - it makes it supple, elastic, smoothes fine lines. Retinol can be an excellent alternative to many cosmetic products. At the very least, opinions on the use of vitamin A for cosmetic purposes entirely positive.

When vitamin A deficiency in the female bodywomen lose weight, have a problematic dry skin, they are concerned about bouts of depression, nausea, sleep problems. The mucous membrane of the eye with a deficit of retinol enough moistened eyes hurt. Subsequently, possible development of cataract. Lack of retinol can lead to the fact that women will be difficult to get pregnant, and bearing process will be difficult. The fetus will gain weight slowly, in the worst case possible birth defects. Finally, may develop gynecological diseases: cervical erosion, leukoplakia.

For children

Lack of vitamin may be in the child's bodylead to progressive blindness, conjunctivitis, reduced resistance to infectious (including, and colds) diseases, their frequent complications as pneumonia or bronchitis, stunted growth, diseases of the digestive tract. A balanced diet and regular intake of vitamin A can help the body cope with such diseases. Retinol is good for teeth and bones of infants and young children - it accelerates their growth.


Vitamin A has no effect on consumption slimmingdirectly. On the other hand, experts recommend to consume inside the required dose of vitamin A to people engaged in sports or fitness. Retinol speeds up the metabolism, increase endurance, and helps the body recover much faster from workout to workout. That is, you get the opportunity to do more and with maximum efficiency. And effective training will help achieve fast results with weight loss, and then - to maintain the desired shape.

Why Vitamin A is useful in cosmetology

The use of vitamin A is not onlyrecovery of the body from the inside, but also a positive impact on the condition of skin, nails, hair. The widespread use of retinol cosmetologists seems logical. The beneficial properties of vitamin A known by millions of women who are trying to make their appearance impeccable, and use it as a facial skin and heel (for example, for the healing of cracks). Let us learn about the areas and features of the application of retinol in cosmetics.

Liquid vitamin for the skin

Retinol has excellent efficacy inthe treatment of various skin diseases, improves skin condition. If the vitamin A in the body is missing, wrinkles, skin becomes dry, and his face looks unhealthy. Retinol is used in liquid form for the treatment of:

  • Chronic forms of dermatosis.
  • Psoriasis.
  • Eels.
  • Abrasions.
  • Psoriasis.
  • Seborrheic eczema.
  • Inflammation of the mucous membranes of the mouth.

Retinol has antioxidant properties,due to this facial skin becomes more resistant to sunlight and other environmental factors. That is, the liquid vitamin A keeps you young and makes you more attractive. This substance is included in the mask, it helps to smooth wrinkles in a natural way, improves blood circulation, the skin's natural regeneration. Beauticians assure that retinol - a great alternative to much more expensive cosmetics, superior efficiency of their parts.

For the eyelids and eyelashes

If you wish to become the owner of a beautiful,long, flexible and most importantly natural lashes, be sure to eat foods containing vitamin A. Retinol is needed for the synthesis of keratin - a substance that accelerates the growth of eyelashes, helping them recover faster when damaged, enhancing their elasticity. We offer an efficient cosmetic recipe: combine vitamin A with castor oil (ratio 1: 3), and apply the mixture on the lashes every night for 3-5 minutes. After this time, gently wipe them with a sponge.

Use hair masks

Enriching Hair retinol, is included inmasks improves their condition. Thanks retinol locks stronger, become elastic, smooth look healthy, alive. At deficiency of this substance - brittle, dry, often drop out. To strengthen the hair, you need to rub retinol and other useful vitamins fingertips into the hair roots or applied to their ends. Remember that masks should be applied to the washed, slightly damp curls. Hat will provide a more efficient absorption of useful components.

For hands and nails

Paying a lot of time skin care,the fair sex often make the mistake of forgetting about the skin of hands. She, too, is subject to external influences (sharp fluctuations in temperature, ultraviolet light, household Chemistry), from which it starts to peel off, dry, crack, well-groomed look. A great influence on the kind of skin diet hand, the work, the general condition of the body.

Retinol - a natural ingredient that helpsto cope with the above problems. Note that he also has a positive effect on the nail plate, strengthening them, making it more smooth, accelerating growth and preventing lamination. Eat plenty of fresh vegetables, which are rich in retinol, and products that are a source of animal protein - dairy products, sea fish. Proteins provide a better absorption of retinol by the body. It is noteworthy that the nail growth rate is very low in vegetarians.

An efficient method for hand care. Purchase at the pharmacy oil solutions of vitamins A, E and rub them on a regular basis. At the same time, take retinol capsules or tablets (not to exceed the permissible dosage). Beauticians recommend a different method based on the enrichment of ordinary retinol cream for hands. Make it easy: just a clean empty container Pour the hand cream, add to the oil solution and stir. Use like a normal cream.

How to take vitamin A capsules

Taking vitamin A capsules, it is important not to violateassigned you the dosage, because an excess of this substance in the body can not be less harmful than lack of retinol. The average daily need of an adult to retinol - 1 mg, children - from 400 to 800 micrograms. Note that vitamin A is produced in the capsules content at 33,000, 50,000 or 100,000 IU (International Units).

Interestingly, the simple consumption of capsulesthe right quantity is not enough for the body to eliminate the deficit in vitamin A. It should be exactly even know how to use retinol. Thus, the capsules need to drink 2 times a day - morning and evening, and, exactly 10 minutes after the end of the meal. The reason is that just a time through the stomach extracts of food components that contribute to the absorption of vitamin A as retinol without them will not be effectively absorbed.

Contraindications to the use of retinol

Retinol, in accordance with the instructions, is not recommendedapply, if you are diagnosed gallstone disease, pancreatitis, hypersensitivity to the substance. It is also contraindicated during pregnancy, especially the first 3 months after fertilization. Care should be taken in case of chronic diseases of the heart and kidneys. Other contraindications to receiving the retinol: liver cirrhosis, hepatitis. Be sure to comply with the daily rate of children, the elderly, nursing mothers.

The interaction of vitamin A with other substances

It is known that vitamin E to protect the retinol fromrapid oxidation in the intestine and the tissues of the body. That is, if your diet is not enough foods containing vitamin E, the body can not effectively absorb retinol. The solution is integrated reception of both vitamins. Zinc deficiency also disrupts the conversion of vitamin A in the active components. Moreover, there is an inverse relationship. That is, these substances are interrelated.

Mineral oils are capable of dissolvingoil-soluble components: Vitamin A then passes through the gut, but not absorbed its walls. Therefore, regular use of mineral oils leads to a deficiency of retinol in the body, even if the products that you consume enough of this substance. The output will be a temporary waiver of mineral oils.

Finally, it should be noted that for a goodassimilation retinol must be present in the diet of sufficient amounts of fats and proteins. The body normally retrieves Vitamin A dissolved in edible fats. Be sure to remember that while taking retinol need to eliminate from your diet alcohol. Failure to do so is fraught with a probability of liver damage.


Nikita, 24 years old

I work as a programmer, therefore, it is necessary for10-12 hours a day to spend at the computer. For a long time, I was all arranged, but a year ago began to notice that vision deteriorates rapidly. It was hard to focus, his eyes ached, there was a feeling of "sand in the eyes". Advised to increase the intake of foods containing vitamin A. For several months in a row every day, I eat one fresh carrots. The vision returned to normal, the eyes get tired much less.

Elena. 38 years

For a month and a day it is applied to thehair mask with retinol. The effect became noticeable about a week and a half. Now my curls look healthy and beautiful, it disentangles easily and do not break. I recommend vitamin A to all girls, faced with the problem of dryness and hair loss.

Katya, 28 years old

After a few sessions I eyelashfaced with the unpleasant consequences - my family eyelashes become thin, slowly began to rise, many do fall out. Try out a lot of cosmetics, I have spent a lot of money, but none of them did not help as the use of the usual mixture of castor oil with retinol. Now my lashes look better than extensions!

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