Vinegar against nail fungus

Those who engage in sports, swimming pool,unwittingly, may be infected with nail fungus. Just pick up an infection in beauty salons, where poorly treated tools for manicure and pedicure. It is capable of hitting the nails of hands and legs. Unpleasant symptoms - itching, thickening, yellowing of the nail plate interfere with sports. You can not wear open shoes that particularly afflicts the summer. Treating nail fungus vinegar, as opposed to funds offered by the medicine is much cheaper. If you do not run the disease - can cope with it for a week.

Features of the application of the vinegar nail fungus on the hands and feet

For those who are going to treat nail fungus soway, we should remember that it is not necessary to do during pregnancy, low immunity, with the defeat of large areas. In this case, the aid will only dermatologist. Acetic acid produces burning fungus, so it is important to respect the proportions specified in recipes. If you did not run the disease, then quickly you get the effect of the use of this method. See how the photograph looks sick nail, and he's after the treatment.

The nails before and after treatment

When you deal with nail fungus treatmentvinegar, it is important that there were no cracks in the skin and ranochek. If the procedure causes discomfort, it is better to them to stop and pick up another way. During the treatment process, it is recommended to treat acetic essence shoes and items that were in contact with the wound site. To get a quick effect, you need to prepare the legs for the procedure:

  • steam in the water;
  • sawed or cut to remove the affected part in the nail;
  • remove the rough skin of the feet;
  • start treatment.

Folk remedies for onychomycosis based on vinegar

Folk remedy for onychomycosis

Is there a cure nail fungus with vinegar? The answer is yes, but with reservations. If you start on time, the treatment of nail fungus at home with the use of vinegar, pass quickly and successfully. Launched situation requires a long healing process. For treatment use baths, compresses and lotions, ointments. Perhaps the use of essential oils, wine, cider product.

There is a healing solution, which, afterpreparation is added to the bath. For the treatment of water to add to 100 ml of product. Make a bath every day, session duration - five minutes. After the procedure, feet do not wipe. Make a curative solution is simple:

  • buy a pack celandine herbs;
  • Add a liter of vinegar 9%;
  • survive 30 days;
  • add 4 tablespoons of sea salt.

If the fungus (onychomycosis) hit the nails on the hands,help bath with carrot juice, which is added an equal amount of vinegar. Make them 20 minutes. Excellent acting part of the same parts of sunflower oil, wine vinegar. Session time - 15 minutes. In the treatment of fungus on the feet using a lotion with a tablespoon of vinegar and four drops of tea tree oil.


How to cure nail fungus on my feet at homeconditions? Excellent help baths. Makes them for 15 minutes daily to improve. Feet after the procedure, rinse and dry is not required. The simplest bath - a solution of 3 liters of water, a liter of apple cider vinegar with the addition of potassium permanganate. The solution should be pink. Excellent acting tub with a glass of warmed-9% of the composition. Legs keep it to cool the solution.


Ointment on the leg

Effective treatment of nail fungus folkmeans using ointments. It is advisable to put them in the morning, in the evening for a week. Better to do it on the steaming surface. There is an old, tried recipe:

  • egg completely pour vinegar;
  • wait until the shell is not a solution;
  • carefully remove its remnants;
  • add 200 grams of melted butter, butter.

There are prescription ointments using dimethyl phthalate. It is an insect - sold in pharmacies, household goods. The ointment is applied at night, his feet wrapped with cling film, put on socks. Composition is used no more than 5 days. In the morning wash the feet soap. On prescription:

  • take 2 big spoons of vinegar to 70%;
  • add one - olive oil and glycerol;
  • mixed with a spoon of dimethyl phthalate.

Compresses and lotions

Four bottles

Folk remedies for nail fungus on my feetIt involves the use of compresses and lotions. Keep swabs soaked composition, three hours. If you are unable at this time to sit and lotion fix bandage. Good acts compress of equal parts of vinegar and iodine with the addition of water. Compress left overnight. Excellent results are obtained by the use in the treatment lotion with glycerol. Composition is lubricated napkin is applied for 15 minutes, then changed to a new one. Prescription mixed:

  • large spoon of glycerin;
  • two tablespoons of water;
  • 70% of vinegar - 2 tablespoons.

Excellent results give compresses with eggprotein. Make their evening tool stand 15 minutes, then replaced by new tissue. The procedure is performed in a row a week, then a pause, and repeat until cured. To prepare the composition, it is necessary:

  • take 2 big spoons of vinegar;
  • add the same amount of vodka;
  • lay eggs three proteins (glycerin can be replaced with a spoon);
  • mix;
  • stored on the shelf of the refrigerator.

How to cure advanced forms of fungus apple cider vinegar

Varieties essences

If you run a disease, not startedto engage them in the initial stage, have patience. In this situation, the vinegar nail fungus treatment you dedicate a whole year. It is necessary to do the procedure on a daily basis, to get the result. There are several ways to use this tool: compresses, lotions, ointments. Apple cider vinegar is not only destroys the fungus, but also nourishes the nail plate, the surrounding skin.

The easiest way - to drip on the nail without vinegarany supplements twice a day. You can make him a lotion, but they must withstand for 3 hours. An effective anti-fungal agent - a mixture of equal parts vinegar and iodine - is applied to the affected area. Try to make ointment, grease the seat of the disease in the morning and evening. Prescription follows:

  • Kalanchoe chop 100 grams;
  • add a spoonful of apple cider vinegar;
  • put 10 grams of honey;
  • pour 30 grams of eucalyptus oil;
  • hold in a cool semi-darkness for three days.

Prevention of disease

For you did not develop nail fungus should bewalking in comfortable shoes breathable, natural materials. Ensure that the feet do not start to sweat. Doing exercises regularly stop - this will improve blood circulation and help prevent disease. In addition, for the prevention of the emergence of the fungus, it is necessary to comply with the rules of hygiene:

  • wash your feet every day;
  • wipe them dry;
  • change socks daily;
  • use a personal manicure set;
  • do not wear your shoes do not;
  • not use shared towels;
  • bath, swimming pool, gym to walk without shoes.

Kristina, 36 years old: Always I go to the pool, and suddenly noticed that on the thumb nail began to thicken. A friend recommended to grease it with a mixture of apple cider vinegar with iodine. I steamed foot and cut away the nail nail file. I apply makeup in the morning and evening. Two weeks did not go swimming, but the result is, I was pleased. Excellent tool, all advise.

Galina, 56 years old: I go to a public bath bathe. Here only I began to notice that her toenails changed color and become thicker. A neighbor, with whom he soared, advised to try a bath of vinegar. I make them when nobody is at home, because the strong smell. I had to be treated for a long time - almost three months because he did not immediately start. It helped advise.

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