Treatment of cracks on the heels at home

Over 60% of the adult population encountersthis problem. First, under the influence of various factors, the skin on the heels ogrubevaet and then appear on it painful defects that can become inflamed and vesicate. Knowing how to treat cracked heels at home, you can quickly bring their feet in order not to carry to extremes. To achieve this, you need to know which pharmaceutical products are used and to be able to use folk remedies. In the continuation of the article fully disclose all aspects of the topic of cracks on the feet.

Why crack the heel

Before you begin treatment, you need to eliminate the factors that caused the emergence of the problem and contribute to its development. Below is described, from which there are cracks on the heels:

  • wearing low-quality synthetic socks;
  • close / uncomfortable shoes;
  • disorders of the endocrine functions;
  • mineral deficiency in the body;
  • failure to comply with hygiene legs;
  • dry leg skin;
  • fungus feet;
  • avitaminosis A and E;
  • uneven tension of the skin associated with the change of seasons.

Recommendations for cracks treatment at home

If you know exactly what the problem crackedHeels are not associated with impaired functions of internal organs and the endocrine system, there is nothing stopping to cope with it on their own. The method of treatment, each will choose at its discretion, but it is possible to identify a number of rules that are relevant to the whole world:

  1. Systemic treatment. If you started to struggle with the problem of cracked heels, follow prescribed procedures strictly according to schedule. Daily care - not a reason for the delay.
  2. Moderate use of drugs from the cracks. Do not be guided by blind principle "the more, the better." Applies the selected medicine in the recommended amounts
  3. Observe the hygiene of the feet, avoid the factors due to which cracks appeared on the heels. To treatment gave the expected result, watch for the state of the feet.

Treatment pharmacy means

Any chemist's shop will offer you a wide selection of medicines, with the help of which it is possible to effectively treat cracked heels. The following list describes the most effective ones:

  1. Cream "Healing against cracks on your feet." This tool contains the essential oils of black fir tree and therefore has tremendous healing properties. The cream has a mild anti-inflammatory effect, eliminates bacteria, moisturizes the skin.
  2. Pine cream cracked heels «Allga San». The composition of this preparation enabled mountain pine oil, allantoin (a substance that promotes renewal of the epidermis cells), chamomile extract, turpentine (improves blood flow and blood flow in the capillaries). With consideration given you will be able to remove cracks in the heels at home and completely restore the skin's structure. With Allga San feet are soft and elastic for a few days.
  3. "Radevit" ointment. Serious preparation with a high content of vitamins A, E, 2. The tool provides a powerful therapeutic and cosmetic effect for any skin damage associated with a deficiency of mineral components in the body.
  4. "911 Zazhivin" Gel. Highly effective medicinal product has disinfecting and wound-healing effects. Gel gently cares for the skin heels, promoting cell regeneration and healing of fractures. Its members included thistle oil and tea tree, sage extract and vitamin F.
  5. Foot Cream "Healing the cracks." Unique means made on the basis of an extract of sea buckthorn berries, are widely used for dry and rough skin. Delicate impact of cream prevents corns, cracks, calluses on the heels. Immediately after application to the damaged areas of the analgesic effect is felt.

How to get rid of cracks on the heels of folk remedies

The main advantage of my grandmother's assets - in theirthe composition does not contain anything other than the natural components, by which side effects of allergy and never will. On top of that, people's drugs do not cost a pretty penny. All the necessary components for healing cracked heels there on the farm. Also, you can buy them at an affordable price in the market. If you're interested, write for yourself a few simple recipes useful.


  1. Tetracycline ointment plus apple cider vinegar. Unique means of traditional medicine, with which you will be able to treat the heel of the calluses and cracks in the home. Before night's sleep rasparte feet skin in the hot tub, wipe with a towel, apply tetracycline ointment, wrap cling film shin. Waking up in the morning, remove the cellophane and place his feet bandage soaked in apple cider vinegar. After 12 hours, hardened and cracked skin comes off easily with a pumice stone.
  2. Yolk cream. Excellent tool for self-removal of cracks and calluses on the heels of the skin in domestic conditions. To prepare it, you will need one egg yolk, 20 g of sunflower oil and 10 grams of vinegar. Thoroughly mix the ingredients and apply an ointment to the pre-steaming in the hot foot bath. Wrap with plastic feet. That the skin time to absorb nutrients, do it before bedtime.
  3. Ointment archery. Preheat a frying pan 200 grams of crude sunflower oil. To this add two finely chopped onions and sauté until golden brown. Strain the contents of the pan through a cheesecloth, add some beeswax in the fridge. After each bath, use the ointment for the removal of painful cracks on the heels.


  1. Honey wrap. Before going to bed at night apply on chapped foot honey, tight Wrap cellophane film (best fit food), put on top of warm cotton socks. In the morning remove the remnants of honey with a sponge and thoroughly wash the leg. Repeat the procedure described each evening, and after 5 days will forget about the problem of painful cracks on the heels.
  2. Compress against cracks with vegetable oil. The simple folk remedy that provides rapid cure of cracks on the soles. According to many reviews, the effect is amplified twice, if instead of vegetable oil to use olive oil. Saturate oil wool socks, put them on, wrap the legs with cling film. Shoot compress no earlier than 4 hours. All this time you will feel the inconvenience, but the heels should suffer for the sake of the salvation of the skin.
  3. Compress a cabbage leaf. Apply a thin layer on the heels of honey, apply on top of cabbage leaf. Secure with a bandage. Natural remedy will help cracks and calluses. After 2-3 weeks all the defects disappear.

Masks for feet

  1. Mask of zucchini. Only natural natural remedies are able to provide care for the delicate heels at home. Applying a mask of zucchini you personally see for yourself. To prepare it, you need 15 grams of chopped grated zucchini and 8 grams of olive / corn oil. Connect these components, spread the mixture on a thick gauze pads. Apply to the skin heels, wrap with cling film, put on socks. After fifteen minutes, remove the mask and wash your feet with cool water. With apply to the damaged areas of the nutritional cosmetic product in order to consolidate the effect. For these purposes, optimally suited Doctor cream.
  2. Mask of apricot. When you add a third dessert spoon of olive oil, place in a water bath the mixture with a fork mash a few ripe berries. After 5 minutes, apply a means to cracks located on the skin of the heels. After 20 minutes, remove the mask, wash your feet and treat them with a nourishing cream.
  3. Mask of oranges. A wonderful tool that allows you to effectively treat heel from painful cracks in the home. Finely chop the flesh of a small orange, add a couple of olive / corn oil droplets, spread evenly over the cracks on the heels. Cover with polyethylene shin and note quarter of an hour. After 15 minutes, the mask should be removed.

Essential oils

  1. Tea tree oil. A couple of drops added to the heated water, prepared for a bath will help speed up the process of healing cracked heels.
  2. Oil of oregano. Add a small amount of the substance to an ointment made at home, and will be able to quickly remove hardened skin on the heels.
  3. Eucalyptus oil. Secret ingredient with which the effectiveness of the treatment of the painful heel cracks noticeably increased. Add a few drops of eucalyptus oil in warm water, prepared for a bath, and immediately feel relief.

Foot baths

  1. Tray with starch. Simple effective means to eliminate cracks in the skin of the heels in a domestic environment. Heat to 70 ° liter of water, add to it 30 grams of dry potato starch. Dip your feet in the water Note the half-hour. Periodically add hot water to keep the temperature decreased. After the procedure, wipe his feet dry with a towel of soft tissue, nourishing cream treat, wear socks made from any natural material (the main thing - not synthetic). Experts recommend doing this before going to bed. Continue to care for heels, at least two weeks and will be able to cope with the deep cracks.
  2. Tray nettle. Pour two tablespoons of dried nettle liter of boiling water. Let it brew for 4 hours. When the water will find an unclear shade lower foot in the tub and note quarter of an hour. Then wipe with a towel and foot treat the foot moisturizer. Cream "Gevol" is optimally suited for such purposes. Carry out such procedures systematically. After 2 weeks you will have soft smooth heel without a hint of a crack.
  3. Tray with soda. The universal remedy for the treatment of leg skin, applicable in almost any situation. In one and a half lira warm water dissolve 25 grams of baking soda. Dip your feet in a basin on the quarter hour. Upon completion wipe your feet and treat their moisturizer.

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