The sulfur-tar ointment for skin treatment

Therapeutic composition based on sulfur and tar testedmany generations, so the efficiency of the sulfur-tar composition proved long ago. The main advantage of this tool is the lack of synthetic components, and the drug has almost no contraindications, is able to deal with a variety of skin diseases.

The composition and indications for use

The ointment consists of three main components, which in the history of its existence have not changed:

  • birch tar;
  • precipitated sulfur;
  • Vaseline medical (as an auxiliary agent for a stable emulsion and easy application).

The composition of the cream causes the main indications for outdoor usage, basically they are different infections, fungal skin lesions and dermatitis caused by the violation of the immune system:

  • seborrhea;
  • zoster (except pink);
  • scabies;
  • psoriasis.

Sulfur in the drug causesantiparasitic, regenerating ability of the drug. This substance is able to destroy most pathogen on skin, and connecting with the organic substances forming pentationovuyu acid and sulfides, provides bactericidal effect stimulates the regeneration of the skin. Tar is known for its local disinfectant property, the ability to be irritating to the skin, stimulating its regeneration and renewal. The ointment is based on these components has the following properties:

  • antiparasitic;
  • regenerating;
  • antimicrobial;
  • antifungal;
  • mestnorazdrazhayuschee.

Psoriasis on the back of the head

How to apply ointment on the skin by stripping

Today, to buy drugs from depriving a personat any pharmacy. Such drugs may be in the form of ointment, cream, spray, tincture. Although more efficient and least dangerous means of depriving a person - sulfur-tar composition. The price of such a drug is available to everyone, and the effect of the use will be noticeable from the first week, but do not engage in self by finding a photo of disease on the internet, appointing procedures without consulting a dermatologist, because it can be dangerous. The sulfur-tar ointment from depriving a person to be effective against these types of stripping:

  • ringworm (Trichophyton, Microsporum);
  • pityriasis (color, multi-colored);
  • red flat;
  • zoster (together with antiviral therapy).

Apply product to affected areas(Spots) before sleeping under the bandage, if there is severe itching. Treatment continues for two to four weeks depending on the disease. The course of treatment prescribed by a doctor after identifying the type of disease, simultaneously monitoring the healing process and, possibly, correcting the designated course concomitant medications.

Ointment against depriving

How to apply the ointment from seborrhea

For the treatment of dry and liquid seborrhea usedsulfuric-tar, sulfur-salicylic ointment in conjunction with the use of "mash", hydrogen sulfide baths, treatment multivitamins, normalization of the nervous system. Only the complex in conjunction with diet treatment, which assumes the use of smaller amounts of carbohydrates, fats, salts may complete skin healing. Sulfur-based ointment is rubbed into the damaged areas within 8 days, and on the tenth, after one-day interruption. Your doctor may prescribe a second course if necessary.

Selection of medicines in a pharmacy

How to choose the ointment against scabies and lichen

When choosing a means of depriving scabiesguided by the price of the drug, the volume of the tube or the banks, taking into account the duration of treatment. Composition sulfur tar cream from different manufacturers may differ only percentages of the main active components, which can have a difference of 5 to 10%, as indicated in the instructions. In all other sulfur-tar ointments have a stable structure, quality and curative effect, so the price plays a major role in choosing a cream.

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