The remedy for foot fungus

Bad breath, dry heels and toes - everythingThis foot may be signs of skin disease. To cure athlete's foot, you must choose an effective remedy against the fungus on the feet. With it, you quickly solve the problem and you will again feel confident. Find out what is best to choose for home therapy.

How to select a remedy for fungus on his feet

Fungal legs diseases areloss of the nail plate and the skin of the foot. Violated the integrity of the sheets, they may have a rough texture, change color from white to red. According to statistics, the disease occurs in 10% of people. The disease can occur at any age in both sexes. Get rid of the disease means help from the foot fungus. Before choosing a drug, it is necessary to determine the nature of the disease, its intensity. Medications such a plan are divided into several types:

  • Local. Creams and ointments are applied to the affected skin, beneficial effect on the sore spot. Practically have no contraindications for use. The disadvantage is the low speed of healing: the drug accumulates in the tissues of patients between the fingers very slowly.
  • System. Presented in the form of tablets. Due to the bloodstream quickly spread throughout the body. Not recommended for the treatment of interdigital and nail fungus in pregnant women, nursing.

The ointment of the fungus

Pharmaceutical preparations for the treatment of foot fungus

With the development of modern medicine everycan pick up a remedy for foot fungus. The active ingredients of drugs will help get rid of the odor, sweating, irritation and other violations integrity of the skin. Among the most popular forms of drugs recovered:

  • creams;
  • solutions;
  • pills;
  • powder;
  • sprays.

The cream and ointment from the mold of the foot

Most cream from a fungus of the foot is effective only ifintegrated use with other drugs. Ointments price much higher than analogs (or other forms). In addition, the creams have limitations in use (for example, the age of 3 years, liver disease, kidney). If you plan to order the ointment of the fungus, then pay attention to the following drugs:

  • Zalain;
  • Candide;
  • Lamisil;
  • Exoderil.

The cure for foot fungus in solutions

Many pharmacies offer solutions for catalogscombating fungus. This type of issue is best at running nail problems. The solutions must be used several times a day. After each application of the drug is necessary to remove part of the patient tissue (nail, skin) scissors or a nail file. Full recovery occurs in 4-6 months. Among the most popular solutions include Ekzodril and clotrimazole.

The cure for foot fungus in solutions

Tablets from foot fungus

Known means of foot fungus areoral drugs use. They quickly removed the unpleasant symptoms of the disease destroy hearth. The most effective are those which include terbinafine. Due to cumulative effect it destroys infection in a few weeks. These medications are often prescribed in combination with other medicines. Matches therapy dermatologist. In addition to terbinafine may prescribe such agents to be safe and effective ingredients such as:

  • itranazol;
  • griseofulvin;
  • fluconazole.

The choice depends on the severity of the tablets and the naturedisease. This method of treatment of interdigital fungus has many contraindications because of the intense effects on the body, so the scheme of therapy chooses a doctor. With regular and proper reception of the skin lesions disappear completely tablets. In addition, many women suffer from the complete disappearance of thrush. The cost of these drugs is very different. The price depends on:

  • power of the preparation;
  • conditions of use;
  • neglect of the problem.

Preparations for the treatment of fungus

Antifungal Foot in the form of powder

Absorbent powder has effects thatIt allows you to get rid of excess moisture foot odor and fungus initial stages. This drug has a special performance in the hot season. Even if the patient wears open shoes, antifungal powder will give a feeling of freshness, protect your feet from germs. It must be used in combination with other drugs, or in the early stages of the disease.

Spray from a fungus of the foot

Practical release form is increasingly being usedpatients to solve problems with the skin of the foot. The spray is very effective in combating mycosis and other violations of the integrity of the skin between the toes. Price drugs such form of higher than ordinary tablets. The average course of treatment is 2-3 months. Among the most popular sprays include:

  • Lamisil;
  • Terbiks;
  • Bifosin.

Spray against fungus

How to treat foot fungus folk remedies

Fungus is easy to pick up on the street, beach,Public sauna and other places. Get rid of the problem is very difficult, especially given that the pharmaceutical preparations are added a large number of chemical compounds, many of which are contraindicated for health and physiological reasons. In this case, there are always proven traditional methods, which are prompt, than to treat foot fungus:

  1. Potassium permanganate. Legs should be well to steam, clean, and then wrap with gauze or cloth soaked in a solution of potassium permanganate. Keep about 2-3 hours.
  2. Iodine. Patients treated with skin 1-2 times a day until complete recovery. It is also possible to use trays with iodine. Besides the main ingredient in water in equal proportions necessary to add vinegar.
  3. Boric acid. After steaming and cleaning feet sore spots generously sprinkled means and put on socks. After 2 weeks of regular use of the foot will be healthy.

I used a rare drug - Akriderm. Cheap combination provides a means to feel relief from the first day of application, in contrast to the same well-known all Nizoral, which advised all pharmacies. With his help, I got rid of the sores between the toes and problems with nails in just 1.5 months of use.

Sasha, 30 years old

I threw a lot of money on all these creams and spraysfungus. Absolutely no avail. Not only do you need to smear 3 months, so still and the sea contraindications. It helps ordinary vinegar bath: Preheat the concentrate with water to the point of boiling water, poured into water, keep your feet for 20 minutes. After a week or two there was nothing on the feet is not.

Alena, 28 years old

Treat Foot fungus is only necessary undersupervision of a physician. I bought yourself at the pharmacy cream and actively smeared legs, thus do not forget to handle the shoes. Also terrible allergies and even more redness between the toes of the self is not got nothing. Be careful, please contact a doctor for advice on time!

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