The fungus between the toes - photos. Effective treatment of fungus on his feet ointments and folk remedies

The fungus that affected toes and the foot is consideredone of the most common types of skin diseases. The illness is contagious nature and develops in violation of rules of personal hygiene, a slump of immunity and the influence of other confounding factors. If treatment is started immediately, there is a chance to get rid of the problem.

Why develop a fungus between the toes

Develop flexible between the toes can be when this creates favorable conditions for rapid multiplication of infection begins:

  • heat;
  • Increased moisture;
  • lack of personal hygiene;
  • worn tight and uncomfortable shoes;
  • long-term use of antibiotics;
  • diabetes;
  • with a carrier of infection.

When the fungus begins to develop between the toeslegs, the first signs of the disease can be unobtrusive, but they can not be ignored. If left untreated the disease progresses rapidly, and the infection spreads to the nails, feet and other parts of the body. As a result, to get rid of the problem is much more complicated, require long-term therapy.

Feet and Shoes

How does the fungus on the feet between the toes

Manifested fungal form of the disease the following symptoms:

  • the skin begins to peel off a little, over time it will literally peeling off;
  • worried about severe itching, pain, burning sensation;
  • the skin begins to crack and itch, there is redness, irritation, scaling, unpleasant odor;
  • several times enhanced sweating;
  • the skin of the feet becomes dense, solid;
  • is formed between the toes painful bubble that will soon burst;
  • the epidermis starts between the toes literally rot.

How to treat the fungus on the feet between the toes

When the first signs of this kind ofdisease, be sure the sick person should independently carry out disinfection, not only of things: even processed every object with which contact is made. This infection will not spread further. This treatment is recommended at least once a week, is the main condition to remove the fungus between the toes.

For a quick recovery of the body the doctorappoints the regular use of special medical ointments, as part of which must be miconazole, tolnaftate. Treatment with these agents lasts for several weeks based on what stage of the disease was determined. This is an important rule that the body has not had time to adapt to one drug.

To prevent infection of healthy skinwill strictly comply with all recommendations of the doctor. Prescribed means are applied to the infected area until a complete cure, then over the next few weeks, the drug is used as a prevention. Except for ointments can be assigned and special pills that kill the infection from the inside. Correctly pick up the vehicle from bending between the toes can only be a specialist after the survey.

A doctor examines a patient's leg

Systemic treatment of interdigital fungus on his feet

In the event of fungal infectionsthe use of drugs has a chance to solve the main task - to completely destroy the causative agent of the disease. The doctor assigns the use of antifungal agents. How to treat a fungus on the feet between the toes:

  1. Lamisil. This is an antifungal drug having a broad spectrum of activity. Designed for the treatment of various types of infectious lesions of the skin and nails, hair and mucous membranes. It helps to quickly relieve itching and inflammation.
  2. Exoderil. Antifungal agents, mainly active substance became naftifine relating to allylamines group. It is used for the treatment of dermatological diseases. In the case of regular application of problem areas cease to itch and crack, relieves itching.
  3. Nizoral. This antifungal agent has a broad spectrum of action. The drug is effective in the treatment of fungal lesions. In case of regular use the skin stops peeling, cracking, itching, accelerates healing and eliminates diaper rash, infection is completely eliminated.

Local cure fungus on the feet between the toes

During treatment uses a variety of ointments,creams, sprays and solutions. If there has been the spread of infection and was struck not only stop, but the nail, there is a need for additional formulations. All prescribed remedies should be an expert, but only after determining the stage of disease. The solutions are not less effective than ointments because they are able to get into the deeper layers of the epidermis.

Man gets cream on the skin between the toes

The ointment of the fungus on the feet between the toes

If the skin begins to climb down, this is the maina sign of fungal infection, the manifestations of which you can see in the photo in specialized magazines and websites. For the treatment of disease specialists often prescribe such a drug as Mikospor, which comes in the form of creams and ointments. The tool is intended for topical application and its main active ingredient is bifonazole. A small amount of the ointment is applied directly to the affected area.

The cream of the fungus on the feet between the toes

Fast cure fungal infection willClotrimazole. Synthetic antifungal agent widely used drug in the treatment of dermatological diseases. If there was a time determined by the initial phase of development of the disease, the drug helps to quickly get rid of the infection. The tool is available in several forms, including in the form of 1% cream for external use.

Another cure for the fungus

When the diagnosis of fungal infection fortreatment prescribed drugs Canison. It is a synthetic antifungal agent, belonging to the group of imidazole. It has a pronounced bactericidal, fungicidal and desensitizing action. The solution was applied in a thin layer directly to the affected area several times a day.

Treatment of fungus on his feet folk remedies

It will help to quickly get rid of the fungus decoction of wormwood. For preparing means takes wormwood herb (500 grams) and boil for 15 minutes in pure water (3 L). Then the composition is left for half an hour to a good present, filtered and poured into the basin. Then take a warm bath. This procedure should be performed before bedtime, after washing the feet with soap and water.

A cup with a decoction of sage

How to prevent interdigital fungus on his feet

To prevent fungal infection in the futurenecessary to carry out procedures aimed at strengthening the immune system, adjuvants and take vitamin complexes. It is important to carefully and regularly take care of integument legs while washing always use soap, thoroughly wipe the foot. It is necessary to refuse from wearing tight shoes, made of substandard materials.

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