Symptoms of migraine in men

Migraine is considered a disease of women, but menit is also not spared. Of the 100 males 8 at least once in their lives suffered from this disease. Symptoms of migraine in men are specific, and the disease poorly tolerated. Headache is not simply undermines psyche, but also leads to helplessness.

How does migraine

I have a headache there are many reasons, not eventhe most obvious. Men, many of whom consider themselves to be strong and almost impregnable, also have to worry about it as a result of stress, shock, over-voltage, long-term physical and mental stress. Men's illness is different from the female and its similarity to the cluster pain complicates the treatment.

Pain in men can not be heldall day long. The source of the problems are with the circulation of the cerebral cortex, and the result -reduction disability, disruption of memory, a bad mood, concentration impairment. Symptoms of migraine in males can be:

  • the deterioration of the sense of smell;
  • throbbing sensation around the head;
  • spread pain throughout the head;
  • excessive fatigue;
  • difficulty concentrating;
  • vomiting, nausea;
  • fever, fever;
  • general deterioration of health.

Pain sensation occurs in the neck, is formedupper jaw, which is why in times of improving the ability of speech disorders, vision. A migraine attack takes place with or without aura. If the pain lasts longer than three days, it is divided into four main phases:

  1. First prodrome is appearing for a short time before the attack.
  2. Then the aura that goes directly to the appearance of symptoms.
  3. Migraine pain itself.
  4. Postdrom coming after the attacks ended.

Already in the prodromal stage begins sufferingfeel fatigue, irritation, worsening of mood, which may vary. Accompanied by an aura, you experience the following symptoms of migraine in men: flashes of light, flies in front of the eyes, ringing in the ears, tingling sensations in the body, numbness. Then comes the pain that often hurts the person up to three days. It is believed that a migraine in men more painful. It is characterized by a longer duration, the possibility of complications.

Migraine with aura

Aura migraine is a harbinger of pain, butattack can occur without it. In this case there is a sudden painful sensation on one side of the head, did not warn about yourself, pulsating and sharply. In some cases, pain disorder spreading throughout the circumference of the head, becomes stronger when the person performs any action, even by loud noises and bright lights. Sometimes this condition lasts for several days.

Accompanied by an aura, migraine symptoms in menare the following. So, a person begins to feel angry, he wants to sleep, he is going through mood swings. Before his eyes he could appear flies and flashes in the ears - the noise, and in the limbs - numbness and tingling. Migraine aura is a neurological symptoms, followed by pain itself arises. seizure duration varies from a few hours to many days, after man feels exhausted.

Without aura

Migraine without aura is called simple. The attack lasts from eight to twelve hours, but it should take into account the direction in which any pain, and when it appeared. They may vary significantly frequency and intervals between them, depending on the external factors that affect the human being. Men are less likely to suffer from the disease. However, it recognized that in the case of the opposite sex over the duration of seizures and pain sensation is stronger. Men are not so often appear aversion to sounds, bright lights, and nausea.

Basilar migraine in men

Basilar migraine derives its name fromarteries carrying blood to the brain stem. It leads to a spasm headache as prevents blood supply disposed at the back of brain regions, for this reason, there are pains in the neck and around it. A common type of this is among adolescents and young people. Signs of basilar migraine in men: Anxiety, restlessness, problems with speech, vision.

scintillating scotoma

Ocular migraines, also known asscintillating scotoma, is the cause of the change of blood flow in the chiasm, the visual centers of the cortex and subcortical and causes blurred vision. All this is due to the disruption of normal blood flow in the vessels of the brain and can even be expressed in the difficulties with speech, loss of consciousness. This type is more common for boys and young men with high lability of the vegetative regulation. May provoke an attack: a lot of stress, overexertion, long periods of heavy physical labor or intellectual activity.

Atrial scotoma manifest losssmall field of view, and often in the middle. These areas - the so-called scotoma - are small. Shortly after the occurrence, they begin to grow or move to the edges of the field of view. In most scotoma flicker may appear to be significantly and with the eyes closed. Especially located in the center of the field of view, it can lead to a temporary worsening of his. After a short time after the onset of migraine attack cattle start.

Neck migraine

This form of the disease manifests itself as a one-sidedpain in the back of his head. This neurological disease is still known as the vertebral artery syndrome. May be accompanied by a feeling of heaviness in the arm from the side of pain, tingling feeling, impaired vision and hearing, and even cognitive ability. Any movement of the head or turn reinforce such pain. In some cases, it may be so strong that it will lead to the complete inability of man to go about their business as usual. The attack has the length of a quarter of an hour to several days.

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