Swollen lip - what to do at home. Causes of the tumor and removing the folk remedies

This is a clear and conspicuous appearance any defectman is haunted. Well, if you already have experience in this matter and have an idea what to do, but more often provoking factor is not known. In rare cases, this phenomenon occurs for no reason, it usually indicates some kind of health problem and it is necessary to understand immediately.

Swollen lip - that it may be

To remove the swelling, you must firstfind out the cause of this symptom. When the swollen lip - what can it be? To say with 100% accuracy on this may one of the doctors, for example, traumatologist, dermatologist, dentist, physician or surgeon. Each of them is based on a visual inspection, history will make a preliminary conclusion about the root cause of why could swell lip. There is a list of factors that may cause bloating. Set is absolutely necessary to assign the correct treatment. Swells the lower or upper lip can be due to:

  • injury;
  • mucosal injury (bite, piercings, etc.);
  • infection (not just inside the mouth, but also the whole body);
  • violation of the rules of the dental procedure;
  • inflammatory processes;
  • herpes;
  • allergic reactions.

What if the swollen lip

The most correct decision if youopuhuby will visit a doctor. Even the most seemingly minor problems can be hazardous to human health GMI. Needless bloating threat can not be held, but that's the reason why she had been summoned, it can hurt you. For example, the spread of infection, frequent suppuration, ulcers on the affected area, worsening the state of joining other infectious flora. Only a specialist can most correctly say what to do when swollen lip.

How to remove a tumor from his lips after blow

Swelling of the lips - a natural reaction whenphysical impact on the body. This is an obvious problem, which is relatively easy to remove. It is necessary to know how to remove a tumor from the mouth after the impact in order to prevent infection is festering. Arise swelling will almost immediately after the injury, accompanied by violation of the integrity of the skin, mucous membranes. If you are hit and you have a swollen lip - what to do:

  1. First should be attached to the place of injury compress(Hot / warm). To stop the flow of blood to the damaged site may be used and the cold version. Applying need not wound itself, and its neighboring area of ​​skin.
  2. If you violate the integrity of the skin it is recommended to treat the wound with hydrogen peroxide or by any means which will promote healing.
  3. Lips are very delicate, thin skin, soSerious injury can result in a change of appearance (attractiveness). If you notice that the injury has led to the loss of the circuit, immediately consult a doctor?

Herpes on the lower lip

People who suffer from this disease inswelling of the lips immediately suspect herpes. Before the appearance of herpetic vesicles occurs inflammation increases pain. May be equally herpes on the upper or lower lip, but more often it appears in the corner of the mouth. A day later formed the typical disease translucent bottle with liquid inside. It is strictly forbidden to squeeze, crush neoplasm.

Maximum efficiency of special fundsnotes if you start to use them when the lip is only beginning to swell. Usually, people use Acyclovir, gerpevir, Zovirax, which comprise a part of the components that destroy manifestations of herpes virus and help reduce pain, have a healing effect. Apply the product to be systematically and regularly until the symptoms abate, the bubbles will disappear. If the drugs do not help and symptoms increase, you need to see a specialist for the purpose of adequate treatment.

bite lips

Man is able to accidentally bite their ownlip, compromise the integrity of tissues. This leads to the fact that it can swell up, start to ache, complications begin in some cases. Tissue damage provides access infections trigger the inflammatory process, which is accompanied by the accumulation of substances inside: allocation, pus, clear fluid. Bite lips in most cases not dangerous to humans, but can sometimes pose a threat to health.

If you bit his lip, do not ignore this fact. Use the available means to prevent the development of inflammation:

  • Treat the wound with peroxide;
  • Apply a solution of iodine;
  • drink non-carbonated water to saturate, moisten the mucous membranes.

Bay swell for no reason

In rare cases, a human tumor appears toBay made suddenly and without apparent reason. This does not mean that she began to swell just rather you just do not know what triggered the swelling. If you have swollen lip for no reason, you need to analyze your recent actions and find out why such a reaction occurred. As a rule, without the express damaged skin is a symptom of this inflammation, infectious process in the body, an allergic reaction to the product.

Inflamed lip may, after receiving anesthesiaa dentist, you could have a mosquito bite, which has become a peddler of infection. In any case, the reason for this manifestation is, but you can not find it. Allergy, for example, may start an adult suddenly. If the fabric continues to swell, ache, immediately consult a specialist. He will be able to find out the cause of symptoms and tells what to do.

Bay swell in the morning

This problem can be permanent ora single character, but to find out the cause should be anyway. Bay swell in the morning, for example, due to the large amount of fluid you drink the night before. We solve the problem very easily - reduction of water / tea before going to bed. The reason may be a allergy that has developed recently. In the first stage of herpes bubble is not visible, so the swelling seems unreasonable, but always there is a painful inflammation of the place. If the problem persists and is repeated every morning, consult a specialist.

Swollen lip baby

This problem creates additional problemsdue to the fact that the baby may not always correctly, accurately describe their feelings, to restore the sequence of events a few days, which could lead to the fact that the child's swollen lip. What if the baby swollen lip:

  1. Revise tactics breastfeeding. There is inflammation due to poor attachment baby, which leads to the formation of blisters in the mouth.
  2. A child is more susceptible to the appearance of stomatitis, therefore, should be carefully examine the inside of the mucosa, cavity, or to turn to the dentist.
  3. Parents may still not be aware of allergicthe reactions of your child, so it is often one of the causes of swelling. Doing thus need the following: to remember what has been eaten before and exclude from the diet of these products, and then one by one and add them again to monitor the reaction. antihistamines are suitable to remove the swelling.
  4. Acute respiratory infections occur more in children. One symptom of the initial stage is swollen lips. Treat the kids to be just under the scheme, which will appoint a pediatrician.
  5. Children at an early age are clumsy, so they may accidentally break or bite his lip, causing swelling.

Inflammation inside the lip

If you feel that the inflammation began tolip inside, usually it indicates the development of periodontitis, gingivitis, stomatitis. It is accompanied by symptoms inflammation, the deterioration of the human condition and threatens the transition of infection deep into the human body. Lead to the fact that her lips were swollen due to infection, injury may be any mucosa, bad dental procedure, failure to comply with oral hygiene.

Do yourself something with this problem does notworth it because you can not determine the root cause. Sometimes symptoms may occur due to infection inside the body. If the focus of inflammation formed in the mouth, it is necessary to prevent the spread of the disease, along with blood flow. Appropriate treatment must dentist or therapist.

After anesthesia swollen lip

For most dental proceduresto do an injection of anesthetics that man was not hurt. Often they cause an allergic reaction which leads to the fact that after anesthesia swollen lip. In this case, the external manifestation occurs rapidly swelling noticeable within 30 minutes after the injection. The patient of the action of the drug does not feel the changes and see that swollen lip only after the cessation of the drug. However, this symptom dentist will notice and immediately take measures.

If the swelling emerged a day afterprocedures other than swelling felt that lip pulls to one side, it is probably infectious complication. In such cases, in addition to the primary visual indication will feel pain at the injection site along the nerve fiber. At the touch of a swollen place is dense, hot, there may be chills, nausea, dizziness. Independently of doing anything is not recommended, your treatment should engage a specialist.

Swelling of the lip on one side

In this symptom observed is differentthe intensity of the inflammation. Sometimes a person says that swollen lip with one hand, and at times completely upper or lower. This indicates the intensity of the processes, the degree of inflammation, for example:

  1. Herpes usually only causes swelling at the site of the bubble and the growth is accompanied herpetic pain.
  2. If the lip is swollen completely, the more likely option allergy or infection control.
  3. A small child's cause swelling on one side can be "dropsy," which was formed due to improper breastfeeding.

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