Shoe Processing fungus

The fungus on the nails and the foot of man (onychomycosis) -piece unpleasant, but treatable with modern pharmaceuticals. Win it - half the battle. To consolidate the effect and avoid reinfection think than to disinfect footwear fungus.

The process of the fungus shoes

Proper handling of the shoe mold and effectivesafe for shoes, boots made of different materials. She will deliver sneakers, shoes, sandals are not only pathogens, but also from unpleasant odors. There are a lot of folk, medical, industrial tools to solve this delicate problem. Here are the most popular ones:

  • vinegar treatment;
  • UV disinfection;
  • special spray;
  • Formalin treatment;
  • Use antifungal napkins.

Before you handle the shoes with nail fungusexpensive means, use good old grandmother's methods, which can be several times cheaper and much more effective. They are eco-friendly and safe, allow for disinfection alone. Selecting tools depends on the degree of contamination, the material of which are made boots or shoes, technical and financial capabilities.

Footwear for antifungal treatment

How to handle the shoes of the fungus

While there is a treatment, not a single treatmentdo. We'll have to watch out for each pair of shoes to a sustainable improvement of the state of the legs and then process them for prevention. During this period, the disinfection need not only boots, sneakers, shoes, and socks, stockings, tights. Conventional detergents do not kill the fungus spores. Socks need to be washed separately in a car with the function of digestion, or soak in an aqueous solution of soda at a temperature of 90-100 degrees, followed prostiryvaniem.

When processing, observe safety measures. They are different for each type of disinfection, but they can not be without. Before you use any drug, carefully read the instructions for it. Make sure that the vehicle is suitable to the material from which made your shoes. Treatment is carried out thoroughly and regularly to an unpleasant illness has left you forever.

How to disinfect the shoes of the fungus with vinegar

This requires no vinegar, and 40% acetic acid. Caution! This is a very aggressive liquids. Work with it only in rubber (latex) gloves. Another caveat: acetic acid may leave marks on the inside of the shoe. To check - treat a small area in inconspicuous place. If the shoes have proved to be resistant to this disinfector - get to work.

  1. Put on gloves.
  2. Remove the insole.
  3. Moisten a cotton pad 40-70% solution of vinegar.
  4. Deal with the insole on both sides and the entire inner surface of the shoe.
  5. Leave the wool with the solution to wear shoes.
  6. Pack a couple treated in the package, carefully close and leave for the night.
  7. Do not forget to ventilate the room!

Disinfection of footwear from fungus vinegar

Ultraviolet disinfection shoe fungal diseases

Has proven device thatsimultaneously dries and disinfects sneakers or shoes. It can be used as a preventive measure. Fungal spores are afraid ultraviolet rays, which device radiates. Apply antifungal dryer whenever there is a need to dry boots or shoes. Such treatment in combination with disinfection socks enough for preventing reinfection. Buying a device for drying shoes, make sure it has a UV component.

Excellent proven Timson dryer. Their effectiveness is proven a variety of studies. Timson The company specializes in the production of goods for UV disinfection. fungus treatment device Timson shoe will help you get rid of the infection, tidy feet and forget about what is onychomycosis.

How to use the spray for shoes from fungus

There are modern antifungalscomplex effect used both for treatment and for disinfection. That means a spray Mikostop. Using them is simple: carefully spray on the inner surface of the shoe and leave for the night. The insole should be removed, treated with the two sides. Five days use of a spray Mikostop qualitatively improve your sandals, sneakers, shoes.

Spray from fungus

How to disinfect footwear fungus formalin

Shine Treatment with fungus toenailsformalin - an old, tried and tested method. Buy formalin is difficult, but in the sale have formalin-containing drugs, the most famous of which - Formidron. Handle Formidron shoes should be cautious, observing safety precautions. A cotton swab dipped in a disinfectant to thoroughly clean the inside surface of the boot or shoe. Insoles be treated on both sides. Pack a couple treated in a plastic bag, tie it tight, leave until morning.

Similarly, antifungal activity hasChlorhexidine digluconate (one percent solution). It does not contain formaldehyde, active agent acts as chlorine. Disinfection of footwear with nail fungus chlorhexidine in conjunction with the treatment of the feet and processing underwear (socks, stockings, tights) - very effective against onychomycosis.

How to disinfect footwear fungus wipes

Disinfecting wipesantifungal treatment - means more preventive than curative. Sometimes they are simply irreplaceable. They can easily handle rubber slippers that issue in the sauna or solarium. For double protection effect wipe the toe of the foot, especially carefully - between the fingers. Infection you are not afraid!

Treated onychomycosis long and difficult. When the fungus retreated - my joy knew no bounds! It remains only to put it out of your favorite sneakers, shoes, shoes. I decided to use Formidron and no mistake. Processed shoes only once. A year has passed. I wear the same pair, not a hint of re-infection. Very satisfied with the selected tool.

Yura, 26 years old

The first time I "caught" in basin of the fungus,cured quickly. How many times he came back to me of my same shoes - hard to find. I bought a dryer-disinfector Timson and everything changed. Now shoes and sneakers are not only dry out quickly, and processed with UV rays. New infection does not occur. A very useful thing.

Maria, 44 years old

After treatment of mycosis question: than treating fungus shoes for prevention. I did not want to catch it again. I learned about Mikostop spray and use them regularly. Machining shoes, sandals and feet, especially if you go there, where there is a risk of becoming infected. I use a spray half a year already. While pleased.

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