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Pet lovers know a lotdiseases that affect pets. Not all diseases can be transmitted from cats and dogs, but there is one that can be transmitted to humans. She brings a lot of trouble, and get rid of it - no easy task. It zoster ringworm in humans. How is the disease? Through everyday contact with sick people or pets. What is dangerous for human ringworm? It can easily lead to baldness, leave ugly scars on the skin and bring to death.

The symptoms of ringworm in humans

This fungal disease has two types -strikes hairy parts of the body and does not affect them. The incubation period of ringworm is 5-45 days. At the initial stage of ringworm emerges red or pink spot on the skin that begins to itch with the passage of time. Redness grows and accumulates around the edges of small bubbles with a roller. Itching increases, and show through the new centers around the spot.

Symptoms occur in all people equally. Ringworm in children, because of their greater tendency toward allergies often takes erimatozno-edematous form. It is the nature of strong inflammation, lesions peel, stain strongly itch and itch. The form is accompanied by an increase in lymph nodes, edema. Let's see what it looks like ringworm in humans in the photo.

On the head

On the scalp there is a singlefocus ringworm. Round spot the size of 1-10 cm is surrounded by ridges of the vesicles with yellow liquid and has an uneven shape. Inside there is a second pale pink spot, which is covered with small scales. When ringworm pathogen penetrates into the deeper layers of the epidermis, hair follicle structure is destroyed and the hair to break or fall out. On the site there are pockets of depriving "cropped" bald skin.

On the body

On the skin of the favorite places foci locationsringworm - chest, shoulders, arms, legs and groin. Deep shape is characterized by small subcutaneous nodules up to 3 cm. There are severe swelling, pus. Ringworm on the palms and soles of the form calluses. If the disease affects the nails, it is expressed is the appearance of dull spots on the edge, after the plate is destroyed.

On the face

Often, the disease takespapular-squamous variety. The boundaries are formed in the centers of very prominent tubercles. Ringworm Ringworm an adult on the face appears purple spots, which are covered with scales whitish hue and strong itch. Outbreaks can be single or cover up to 75% of the surface of the face. If you do not cure shingles on time, then it is likely the acquisition of the chronic form.

Treating ringworm in humans

To disappoint you, but quickly cure ringwormIt will not succeed. Noticing the first lishaynyh symptoms, immediately consult a doctor. Only a qualified dermatologist will respond to the question how to treat the disease effectively. If the diagnosis is confirmed, the patient is required to isolate and direct efforts to a single disease has become an epidemic.

What ointment

  1. The sulfur-salicylic. Efficient and low-cost means. Lishaynyh stains smeared twice a day for 2-3 weeks extension.
  2. Ointment for ringworm "Exoderil". Daily rate - 1 times on the continuation of 2-8 weeks. A sign that the ringworm goes, is to reduce blemishes in size and volume. The skin is covered with scales and begins to peel. When, running his hand over the spot, you will not notice anything, then it disappeared zoster.
  3. Sulfur-Tar, Tar, sulfuric ointment. The sequence is as follows: lesions should be treated with iodine in the morning and evening medication. Treatment lasts 2-3 weeks. After about a month spots continue to lubricate iodine.


  1. "Ketoconazole". The daily norm for adults - 1-2 tablets. For children under 30 kg of drug dosed proportions 8.4 mg / kg per day. Contraindicated for pregnant women, breast-feeding and children under 3 years of age.
  2. "Griseofulvin". Cutting zoster in adults treated with the drug by taking 4 tablets per day. For children administered 21-22 mg per kg body weight. After analysis of the first negative, the medicine is drunk with the same dose an additional 14 days after the day, and the following 2 weeks every 2 days.
  3. "Orungal". Available in capsules. The drug drink weekly rate of 1 tablet per day. The medicine with special care given to women in the state and nursing mothers.

folk remedies

Brilliant acting ointment fresh juicePlantain (1 cup) of ash birch bark (1 tbsp. l) and rubbing alcohol (1 hr. l). This mixture lubricate the ringworm lesions 4-5 times daily. A week later, the disease recedes. Good help camomile tea, which is rubbed into the skin surface in the morning, afternoon and evening during the week. Another effective folk remedy - propolis tincture, which is sold in any drugstore. During the week moistened swab smeared place ringworm to 5 times daily.

Than to treat ringworm in children


  1. Isolate the child from others.
  2. Visit a dermatologist for diagnosis.
  3. In accordance with the doctor's recommendations, use local media for ringworm - ointments, creams, sprays. For example, "ciclopirox".
  4. If ringworm affects the head, thenIt prescribes the dermatologist "Griseofulvin": 0.5 0-3 tablets three times a day, 4-7 years for one two times a day, 8-15 1 3 times / day. Reception lasts 2-3 weeks, after the analysis should be on the fungus. If it is negative, the course continued for 2 weeks every day and 14 days of receiving a day.
  5. It recommended in conjunction with antifungal therapy hold immunostimulatory. Give your child echinacea extract, "Immunal" and so forth.
  6. Dermatologic accounts for 1.5-2 months. At this time, observe hygiene. contaminated laundry is washed separately, household objects disinfected.

Learn other tools and methods for the treatment of depriving a person at home.


The main cause of infection - contactan infected object. Keep the child for homeless animals. If your house has a pet, make it vaccinated against microsporia. Observe hygiene rules: coming from outside, wash your hands, use only personal household items (towels, combs). After visiting the pool or bath, swimsuit, and all flush with the powder. After the session, be sure to take a hot shower with soap and water.

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