Sensitive teeth: what is the reason and how to help themselves

Anyone who has felt the chilling toothacheduring contact with something cold or hot, that will always be wary look at the proposed glass of water or a cup of coffee. Hypersensitivity or hypersensitivity of teeth - a disease that affects about 37% of the population. Let's see, what is the reason and how to avoid such problems.

Sensitive teeth

Increased sensitivity to the teeththermal, chemical and mechanical stimuli often accompanies these dental problems like tooth decay, periodontal disease and damage to the tooth enamel. But sometimes painful symptoms and no apparent irregularities in the structure of the enamel and dentin. Dentists say about the three stages of hypersensitivity when the teeth react to temperature (heat and cold); when joined to thermal stimulation response to chemical exposure (sweet, salty, sour) and when the teeth react to all stimuli, including tactile (mechanical).

In addition to physical discomfort, increased tooth sensitivity significantly impairs the overall quality of life.


Sensitive teeth: what is the reason

Why is this happening? For various reasons tooth enamel becomes thinner, exposing the dentine tubules that lead directly to the dental pulp and nerve. That, in turn, in response to any stimulus causing discomfort and pain of piercing.

Causes damage to the tooth enamel:

  1. lack of the necessary nutritional substances and minerals;
  2. abuse of carbonated beverages, sweets, acidic products that results in the chemical destruction of the protective enamel layer;
  3. using a toothbrush with stiff bristles and abrasive paste components which are mechanically damage the enamel;
  4. untimely appeal to the dentist with complaints;
  5. inflammation in dental pulp or nerve.

Pay attention to nutritious food,Foods rich in phosphorus, calcium and vitamin A. Try to rinse your mouth after each meal and toothbrush should be moderately soft. For sensitive teeth fit special toothpaste. Dentists say that the potassium-containing toothpaste only mask the pain - just acting on the nerve, they are left unprotected dentin. For effective care to patients requires pasta which does not mask the pain and works instantly acting on dentin. Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief - this toothpaste, which instantly and permanently reduces tooth sensitivity.


Sensitive teeth: what is the reason

The innovative Pro-Argin ™ technology fillsdentinal canals and creates a calcium-rich layer on the dentine surface. Studies have shown that when exposed to air the paste runs destroyer 44% more effective than potassium ions, and as much as 130% more efficient when exposed to a tactile stimulus. This means that 93% of patients now safely drink hot drinks, 92% - drink cold, and 94% are happy to enjoy your favorite ice cream. In combination with the correct brush paste it works even better. Notice the toothbrush Colgate Silk yarn for deep and gentle brushing. Choosing your teeth much needed funds for the care you choose a new quality of life. Without discomfort and penetrating toothache. Immediately and permanently.

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