Scabies: symptoms that cause scabies

Scabies refers to parasitic diseasesSkin, which is caused by an itch mite. On one person 20 female parasites can live and reproduce simultaneously, moving at a speed of 2.5 cm per minute. Bites of mites cause pneumonia, eczema, boils and numerous abscesses. Learn everything about the scabies disease to protect yourself and your loved ones from the insidious parasite!

What does scabies?

Scabby mite, or as it is popularly calledItch itch, refers to the intradermal parasites and is transmitted only from the sick person to the healthy one. Scabies mite has an oval, tortoiseshell shape and 4 pairs of limbs. Despite its small size, doctors dermatovenereologists can consider it in a magnifying glass when taking smears from sick people. Usually, he settles in the upper layers of the epidermis, breaking through numerous itch moves and laying eggs there, causing itching and inflammation.

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How does scabies - parasite bites

Bites and scabbed sores, which we see,This is the life activity of the female tick, the male dies immediately after mating. The female is implanted in the skin and makes numerous holes, called as itch moves. For a day, one female lays from two to five eggs. The strokes have the form of a straight or slightly curved line, up to 1.5 cm long. The papuleal course, the tubercle on the skin, ends in a whitish color, maybe with dark and brown impregnations. In addition to papules, there may also be vesicles - vesicles filled with contents. The dimensions of these elements can vary from the size of the pin head to the pea.


Symptoms of scabies in humans

Ways of transfer of scabies

To get infected with scabies, you need a very closePhysical contact with the carrier of the parasite. In 60% of cases, infection occurs through sexual contact. Less infectious during a massage or when caring for a sick person. Infants get infected from their parents during a night's sleep.
Indirect route of transmission - through bedAccessories, care items, such as a towel, a washcloth, through children's toys. You can also get infected in public baths, public showers, hotels, trains, when employees of the service sector violate basic sanitary rules. But, the itch mites poorly survive in external conditions and quickly perishes, within 20-30 hours. Given this feature, doctors more relate the path of infection to direct contact.

How does scabies - symptoms

How many people discover the first bitesAfter the female enters the body? The incubation period can last from 1-2 days to 1 month. The main symptom is itching, but it has its own characteristics, which distinguishes it from all other types of diseases - itching manifests itself only at night. It can be both weakly expressed, and very intense.

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What is scabies

This is due to the daily biorhythm of tick activity. At night, under a warm blanket, the skin vessels expand, skin nutrition improves, regeneration processes begin actively. And in such comfortable conditions, the itch mite begins to show its most pronounced activity - to break the itch moves, lay eggs and thus cause the strongest itching. In addition to the nightly intolerable carding, it is characteristic of its growth in the daytime, if the disease is not treated and has a prolonged continuation.

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What is scabies

What does scabies look like?

When scratching starts to formVarious crusts, inflamed erosion. With numerous bites and active scratching, skin infection can occur. What threatens the formation of abscesses, boils and pronounced dermatitis. Combing can also disturb other, unaffected areas of the skin, which is also characteristic of scabies. Also, the tick has its favorite places on the human body - it prefers the hands, between the finger spaces and the skin of the abdomen.

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Scabies - symptoms

When scabies, as with any infectiousIllness, do not self-medicate, consult a doctor as soon as possible! The doctor will diagnose, collect the necessary tests and prescribe the right treatment! Be healthy!

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