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Rosacea Rosacea is considered a chronic ora skin disease that affects the sebaceous gland ducts, therefore, causes rashes, pustules, red bumps. Rosacea Treatment is not necessary to put off that it did not develop into a severe form.

Why the face appear rosacea

Symptoms of rosacea on the face

Rosacea on the face appears in most casesin women after 30 years, but there are cases of rosacea in an earlier age. The exact causes of the defeat of the doctors do not call, because the disease is not fully understood, but suggest that this is due to a change in the work capillaries. As we age, disrupted the normal operation of the endocrine and nervous system, digestive system, which triggers rosacea.

Acne can occur due to incorrect imagelife - alcohol abuse, intake of spicy food, the constant exposure to the sun or cold. Risk Group rosacea disease - women at menopause. Previously it was thought that the cause of rosacea is demodicosis, which is caused by mites living under the skin, but it was not so. Possible causes of rosacea - receiving steroids, corticosteroid ointments, pregnancy.

What are the symptoms of rosacea skin

On the question, what is rosacea, physicians are responsible -a disease with symptoms of redness. In the initial stage (it is also called diathesis or erythema) reddening pass into the seal. In the second step-pustular papules pruritic manifestations formed pimples, pustules. At the last stage fimatoidnoy facial skin bumps and forms a thickening with a bluish color. For a man characterized by sealing the skin on the nose and education rhinophyma (pineal nose). In 50% of the affected rosacea noted redness, cramps, watery eyes.

How is the skin of rosacea

When asked how to treat rosacea on the skin, doctorsIt recommends the use of traditional beauty methods, or try to use the popular techniques in the home. Before treatment is best to consult with a specialist who will examine and prescribe methods of getting rid of rosacea, in accordance with individual characteristics. Self-medication can not give stable results or cause side effects.

The girl rosacea on the face

Traditional treatment of skin diseases

The diagnosis of rosacea on the face should be confirmedphysician to properly use medications. Characteristic features of rosacea from other diseases is the absence of comedones on the skin, also to avoid demodectic skin scraping is carried out and sent for microscopic examination. Separate application of ointments from demodectic mange is dangerous because it can provoke the development of disease and additional sealing.

In the topical treatment of ointments, gels, lotions,redness that help eliminate and kill bacteria by the presence of antibiotics in the composition. In the early stages of the disease to prescribe drugs Ascorutinum to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, normalizes the follicles are agents that reduce the outflow of sebum. Good help to cope with inflammation and gel Skinoren Ovante. At 2 and 3 stages of the disease, based on the means used metronidazole - Rozamet, Rozeks. In severe cases, prescribed antihistamines and antibiotics.

After the elimination of inflammation is removed extendednet vessels using laser photocoagulation. The course of treatment of inflammation on the face lasts from several weeks to months, but get rid of the disease forever beyond the power of any method. All methods provide only a remission, but rosacea can occur at any time for non-compliance of the rules preventing its occurrence.

Skinoren for the treatment of rosacea

Treatment of folk remedies

Rosacea on the face can be treated or to try to alleviate the condition of folk remedies:

  • do lotions of cranberry juice or root burnet;
  • Wet dressings of tinctures of calendula in a ratio of 1 tablespoon per 100 ml of water - applied for 35 minutes;
  • well to cope with the redness of yarrow tincture, or cucumber mask with the addition of aloe;
  • mask from the juice of cabbage is applied course of 25 days;
  • 1 stage of rosacea can be successfully treated broth berries fresh raspberries, from which make gadgets for 20 days;
  • the disease can be cured using herbal infusions in - verbena broth need to use 2-3 tablespoons a day;
  • month you can drink a decoction of nettle on polstakanu before eating;
  • decoction of horsetail and nettle used by polstakanu 4 times a day before meals.

Broth nettle to treat rosacea

laser Treatment

Upon successful elimination of inflammation on his face,Rosacea laser treatment continues. This is required in order to remove the formed vascular net and glue the broken capillaries. Laser coagulation is the most modern way, giving excellent results. laser treatment course lasts 3-4 weeks, during which every week there is a procedure the impact of long-wave or pulsed radiation.

What kind of diet assumes rosacea disease

To the red spots on the face is not formedAfter successful treatment, it is recommended to observe a diet food. To do so, abandon sharp, spicy, salty foods, alcohol and coffee. From fruits are prohibited citrus fruits, grapes, pears. To consolidate the effect your doctor may prescribe fasting, during which the first 2 days to drink mineral water, and then the usual food starts to be included in the menu.

What kind of cosmetics used in facial rosacea

Girl smears face cream

When prevention of rosacea on the face should not beignore the special cosmetics. In cold weather you need to safeguard your skin from wind, low temperatures, snow and rain. During the warmer months you need to apply a sunscreen with an SPF of not less than 15. Daily care should include soft cosmetics without alcohol, extracts of grapefruit, chamomile, cucumber.

When choosing makeup, you can look at itspecial notes "hypoallergenic" or "against rosacea." Before you use makeup, use a moisturizing cream, and men are allowed to use only an electric razor - blade banned. Apply any means is careful not to rub it into the skin with all the power, carefully do a light massage, after washing promakivat skin with a towel rather than rubbing it.

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