Removing warts laser

The appearance on the body of a little unsightly growthswho rejoice. In addition, they are unsightly, this issue carries a man a lot of trouble. Especially undesirable appearance of growths on the face. Modern cosmetology offers many ways to remove tumors, including laser treatment.

What is laser removal

All who encountered this problem, carethe question of how to remove warts. They can appear even in children with warts or lead shipitsy very difficult. Modern medicine offers several options:

  • excision of tumors by surgery;
  • burning with liquid nitrogen;
  • eliminating by an electric current;
  • laser wart removal.

Laser removal of warts

The last option is the most popular, becauseit is absolutely painless, always produces a result and less dangerous. The method consists in the destruction of tissues that make up the tumor and the phased withdrawal of its layers by laser. The session involves a local anesthetic, so the patient does not feel anything. The procedure is carried out in several ways, using different types rays. How much is the removal of build-up depends on the size and specific tariffs clinic.

The method of treatment is selected depending on the type of the neoplasm. The following types of lasers:

  1. In the dye. The impact of such beams is that they are absorbed by the blood, which feeds outgrowth. As a result, vessels overlap and warts die. After this dead tissue layers are removed. If a bundle of small size, it is possible to remove it in one session, to remove large warts require several treatments.
  2. Nd: YAG lasers. With these beams the fabric is destroyed photomechanical way, absorbing the monochromatic coherent light device. The radiation energy is converted into heat, which is destructive acts directly on the bundle.
  3. Carbon dioxide lasers. This embodiment is the generation of high degree of concentration of the light beam which burns infected tissue. This method is the most effective, because to remove the warts of any size needs one session.

If we compare this method of dealing with papillomas withothers, almost every patient would rather get rid of warts using a laser. The fact that the method has many significant advantages, such as:

  1. Remove the wart laser just a few minutes.
  2. After the session, do not leave marks or scars on the skin.
  3. You can not bring a patient infected with a laser beam.
  4. The fabric around the infected places are not damaged, because the beam is directed action.
  5. The procedure has very few contraindications.
  6. The risk of new warts minimized.

The process of laser removal of warts

This shows the laser removal of tumors

It is known that the formation of warts in a child or adult - a consequence of the papilloma viral disease. Manifested disease differently, so tumors are divided into types:

  1. Ordinary growths - horny tissue nodules,which reach up to 1 cm, have a greater density. As a rule, are formed such warts on the hands (the outside). Sometimes this type of tumors go away without treatment in a few years after the appearance. This group includes tumors in the feet, legs that appear on the friction shoes and bring a huge discomfort to the patient.
  2. Flat. This type is called youthful, because often, these growths can be found in the child. Neoplasms are raised above the skin of about 2 mm, characterized by smoothness and shine. There are flat papillomas on the face, feet, hands. The reason are the wounds and cuts on the skin that do not heal for a long time.
  3. Pointed growths - so called pinkgrowths on the skin that can be connected to each other to form nodules on the leg. This type of warts on the genitals is often in the presence of micro-cracks. It can be transmitted sexually. Sometimes it is a signal that began the development of cervical cancer in women.
  4. Keratomas (senile). Formed from the hair follicles, characteristic for the elderly, sometimes transmitted genetically, do not affect mucosal surfaces. You can find these growths on the chest, neck, face or back, up to 7 cm.

How to remove warts

In addition to the price of the removal of growths, many are wondering how will be the removal of laser wart. The session lasts about 5 minutes, includes the following steps:

  1. Anesthesia special ointment.
  2. Burning build-up laser beam.
  3. Treatment of wounds with antiseptic alcohol-free.

Care after laser wart removal

Special care for Ranko after the session is not required. A small dimple formed on the build-up location should align in a few weeks. If you burn the tumor on his leg, after the session is not worth much to load a stack. In addition, doctors recommend to undergo treatment to eliminate HPV, which is the cause of the build-up.

Removal of warts

When the laser is contraindicated burning warts

Before remove a wart with a laser beam, it is necessary to know about the side effects. For example, the following is a contraindication of the patient:

  • hypertension;
  • Flu or SARS;
  • high body temperature;
  • acute herpes;
  • pregnancy.

The price of laser removal of warts

This procedure is carried out in many clinics andit is inexpensive. The cost depends on the region, the clinic and the type of equipment. Also important is the size of the warts or shipitsy. Taking all factors price laser removal tumors differs. To get rid of the ugly build-up, you just need to choose the clinic and find 15 minutes of time.

Alisa, 29 years old:The child grew warts directly on the heel. Go girl could hardly due to painful growths. Dermatologists recommend removing shipitsy laser. The method is safe and painless. The child was afraid and cried, but I still had a session. A week after the removal of holes from the build-up was delayed, and larger tumors were not.

Timur, 42 years old:Our son in 13 years formed several flat growths between the toes. They came to the clinic of laser medicine, and there is a catalog of services to get rid of these lesions by different beams. Was removed carbon dioxide laser, the doctor said that this is the most effective and quickest way. Price acceptable procedure. After one session, all disappeared.

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