Red spots on the body

Man is sometimes overtaken by surprise problemshealth - an aching tooth, a tingling in his side, the fog in my head. Some of the symptoms are not always clear, unambiguous, as red spots on the body. According to medical research, the condition of the skin is due to a general medical condition, it means that the rash, other changes of different shapes and localization can occur at many internal ailments. The appearance of red spots on the body can be caused by a non-hazardous to health events, and quite serious violations, requiring emergency treatment.

The symptoms and possible causes of red spots in adults

The appearance of red spots on the body is considered verycommon problem among adults. The reasons for such problems can be diverse: in the field of dermatology counted more than five dozen diseases, in which the red spots are one of the symptoms. This skin problem can signal the presence of disease, if the formation of itchy, flaking, increase in size, quantity. If such symptoms often you "visit", you should consult a dermatologist in order to identify the reasons why the appointment of adequate treatment.

Redness and itching is not scratched

Many human diseases arise dueincreased nervous excitability. Red spots on the body are not the exception, and itching due to various disorders. Sami redness can cause impaired vascular tone. To reduce the appearance of red spots to a minimum to reduce the area of ​​their location, it is necessary to take a contrast shower, exercise, carry out other procedures aimed at to strengthen the blood vessels, immune system. This violation is called autonomic, bears no danger to health.

If red spots caused by infectiousinfection, together with the itching appear catarrhal phenomena, fever, intoxication syndrome. As a result, there is inflammation of infection, which has a special arrangement, there may be erosion spots with crusts, pus or water content. Among the most common causes of red spots Crafted: meningitis, scarlet fever, measles, chicken pox, typhoid fever. Red spots can cause fungal infection, among which the most common is a contagious ringworm.

Another cause of red spots with itching on the bodyphotodermatosis considered. It is a disease that has a different name, "sun allergy". Ultraviolet radiation causes redness, rash, swelling. If a strong itch should take allergy medications that reduce redness, will remove the irritating sensation. During warmer months, you need to wear closed clothes, rarely go under the direct rays of the sun to avoid sunburn, use creams with SPF protection of at least 25.

Chronic disease is atopic dermatitisis the cause of the troubles described. It is manifested with red spots, itching, peeling, skin seals, which occur mostly in the cold season, and disappear in the summer. helping hormonal creams, allergy medications to relieve symptoms.

In psoriasis, rashes on the body, red spotscan be very massive trouble for a long time. In many cases, they appear on the knees, elbows, lower back, buttocks and other extensor surfaces of the body. Cutaneous manifestations can grow, merge with each other, to disturb a strong desquamation. Treatment should be administered only by a physician.

Red spots that do not cause anyother sensations such as irritation, itching, do not pass on their own, are located on the skin of the breast, arms, legs and other parts of the body indicate problems with the liver, digestive, vascular system. Poor performance of internal organs makes itself felt in the form of redness different in size, shape. In this case, it is not necessary to wonder about the reasons to self-medicate, and to go to a specialist for consultation.


If suddenly all over her body went erythema, thenit comes to allergies, which is known as urticaria. For treatment it is necessary to identify the allergen, eliminate it, take antihistamines, or state threatened anaphylactic shock. Red spots can appear as a result of strong emotional, physical stress. If skin peel such changes, it may indicate psoriasis. In addition, the causes may be infectious diseases, scleroderma, where vessels can not withstand the voltage burst.

When red spots appear after the adoption ofshowering, bathing in the neck, chest, it may signal urticaria, allergy water used gels, shampoos, soaps, substances that tap water is disinfected. In addition, such skin disorders are the result of vascular dystonia, where vessels can not normally react to external changes (high humidity, hot water, high temperature environment).

With the localization of red spots on the neck in the event oflack of itching it speaks of pityriasis versicolor, which is treated with acidified water pouring, hardening procedures, anti-fungal ointments. Next reason - atopic dermatitis, accompanied by itching lesion, due to violations of the gastrointestinal tract.

Red spots localized on the palms, canindicate the presence of more than 8 dozens of diseases. In most cases, it is scabies, allergies, palmar erythremia. Accurate diagnosis should be engaged in only by a doctor. The appearance of redness on the chest suggests hormonal disorders, diseases of internal organs, allergies to foods or external stimuli.

Red spotted hand indicates herpes,other infectious, viral disease. Moreover, such changes limb skin can be triggered by unhealthy diet with a predominance of fat, flour, fried foods, sausages, sweets, stress, emotional excitability.

Location in the red spots of the headsays seborrheic dermatitis as a result of breeding a special type of fungus, which is facilitated by hormonal changes. The causative agent of the disease becomes active during the cold season, when stress. Seborrhea accompanied by peeling, the appearance of dense yellow flakes, itch.

Focus red spots on the face is dividedinto three types: rosacea, which is accompanied by the appearance of small blood vessels dilated permanent or temporary; erythrose, characterized by permanent or temporary redness of the nose, the cheeks; Rosacea, which is a combination of rosacea, erythrose, inflammatory phenomena in the form of papules, pustules.

Pink zoster - round rough skin rash

In most cases, this disease is found inpeople 20-40 years. The first symptoms is fatigue, malaise, fever, swollen lymph nodes. When there are red spots, which are the localization of the shoulders, chest, back, hips, thighs. In many cases, they disappear without a trace, but the disease is better not to be ignored, or it can join eczema, stafilodermiya, streptoderma. Treatment of pink lichen is aimed at minimizing the risk of complications.

Allergic to Alcohol

Red spots on the body, appearing afterdrinking, can talk about the beginning of the development of an allergy to alcohol. At first blush face, then - the other parts of the body. This disease is considered to be an increased individual sensitivity to certain substances, with repeated exposure to which the body begins to produce antibodies to fight, in connection with which there is an inflammatory process with unpredictable consequences. The cause of allergies may be ethyl alcohol, yeast, hops, synthetic dyes, preservatives, fragrances.

What if the child has red spots or stains

On the child's body may appear suddenlyred spots. There are many diseases which are formed as a result of such trouble. Symptom indicates that an urgent need to take action. Self-medication is strictly prohibited from engaging in, especially if the condition is accompanied by vomiting, diarrhea, fever, therefore, immediately consult a doctor for diagnosis. Redness can be symptoms of the following diseases:

  • Measles - up to 4 days the symptoms are similar to SARS, when there are red spots on the face, more sink to the chest, stomach and legs.
  • Scarlet fever - characterized by a bright red spot rash of small diameter, which quickly spreads throughout the body, eliminating the nasolabial triangle. Language, the mucous becomes bright crimson.
  • Rubella - fine pink rash on the chest, back, face, fever up to 38 degrees.
  • Chickenpox - red spots in a few days turn into papules blisters filled with fluid, causing severe itching.
  • Roseola - the causative agent of the disease is considered to be the herpes virus. The incubation period is 5-15 days.
  • Ringworm - convex appearance of red scaly patches.
  • Sudamen - a fine red rash on areas wherefitting clothing to the skin. Often it occurs in infants who wear diapers. The rash does not itch, does not bother the baby. Assist baths with tincture of calendula, chamomile, walnut leaves, use baby powder, wearing the kind of clothes, sweat absorbency.
  • Allergies - is the most common reason for the appearance of red spots on the body. The disease can occur as a reaction to anything (new food, children's cosmetics, milk formula, diapers).
  • Red blister from a burn, mosquito bites.

When and to what doctor it is necessary to address urgently

In some cases, red spots combined withother symptoms and signal the disease, a serious condition that requires immediate attention of a qualified physician. Signs of health hazards and a signal for the treatment of a dermatologist is the emergence of such phenomena:

  • Violation of consciousness - confusion, drowsiness, fainting and others.
  • Bluish, bluish coloration of the lips, skin and nails.
  • Chest pain.
  • Severe deterioration of attention.
  • Labored breathing.
  • The feeling of tightness in the chest.
  • Swelling of the lips, eyes, throat.
  • Frequent palpitations.
  • Shortness of breath, wheezing.
  • Severe nasal congestion.
  • Temperature increase.
  • Anaphylaxis - a pronounced reaction to the allergen, shortness of breath, hypoxia, drop in blood pressure, collapse, loss of consciousness.

Photos and descriptions of possible states

How and what treat red spots

Human skin is considered an indicator ofthe general state of the organism. You need to understand the reason for their appearance before the removal of red spots. If the state is a concern, it is necessary to consult a doctor. When the red spots are associated with allergies, they start to itch, you must eliminate the source, take gistaminblokatory that relieve unpleasant symptoms. When skin red rashes that are associated with stress, frustration, emotions, fear, need to take sedatives.

But we can not say for sure that the red spots- A vegetative reaction. Therefore, consultation with a specialist is needed in any case. When vascular diseases, pathologies of internal organs spots acquire different shades, fungal there itching, whitish plaque, ulcer, which requires treatment with special ointments, pills, antibiotics that the doctor will prescribe.

The doctor's consultation

If you need to apply for the red spotsconsult a dermatologist. Only a specialist can determine the cause, based on the results of analyzes carried out by the patient. When the diagnosis is made, just follow all the doctor's prescription, are treated diligently. If it is an infection of the epidermis, it is necessary to exclude the possibility of re-infection, autoimmune diseases, consult with a specialist to facilitate the state. Never try to bring the red spots on their own, do not rub, do not comb them, observe the rules of hygiene.

Treatment of folk remedies

Some folk remedies help relieve inflammation, remove the swelling, redness:

  • The infusion of birch buds moisturizes the skin, reduces inflammation, red spots. To do this, pour a glass of boiling water spoon kidney, brew a couple of hours, moisten the cloth and attach for 15 minutes.
  • Reduces inflammation, red spots nettle, yarrow, celandine. Fresh herbs need to pour boiling hot water, to insist, drain the liquid and slurry applied to the affected areas.
  • Fresh dill juice relieves itching, hives, burning sensation, which you need to make a clean cloth soaked for half an hour to rashes.

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