Children with psoriasis - how to manifest the symptoms and causes of the disease. How to treat children with psoriasis

When this skin disease appears inyour child - it's a big problem. Psoriasis is dangerous not only in terms of the disease are important psychological consequences. Your child avoid peers who do not want him to play, afraid to go into the pool. The cruelty of other children causes psychological trauma. The child refuses to go to school, go to the section. Psoriasis in children requires not only treating drugs. They need the support of parents. The child should not be restricted only to the disease, and to participate in school life, sports.

What is psoriasis

Dermal chronic disease in which tobody appear red plaques, called psoriasis. It is important to know that the disease is not contagious. The appearance of plaques in different parts of the body - the head, elbows, knees - accompanied by itching and soreness. There are inconveniences - they interfere with the formation wear shoes hurt his clothes. Worse, when the plaque on the visible parts of the body. Above a child laugh, tease - there is a stressful situation, psychological breakdowns.

Manifestation of the disease on the child's skin

If the time to consult a dermatologist and beginthe combined effect, it is likely to quickly get rid of the symptoms. Is it possible to cure psoriasis forever? With proper treatment, he is able to disappear for years, but suddenly re-emerge in adulthood. The disease is retained in the body, calming down and periodically re-sharpening. Since the cause of psoriasis is not certain, there is no unique method of treatment. We have to pick it empirically, using medicines, folk remedies, diet.

Symptoms and signs of psoriasis in children

The rash appears in many childhood diseases, butin psoriasis it special. On the body there are plaques of red color with whitish flakes. They begin to ache and itch, in some cases, crack, and the blood is released. Nail psoriasis is characterized by the formation of shallow depressions at both the thimble. Defeat covers both arms and legs. Children psoriasis can be localized in different parts of the body. Often plaques cover:

  • hands, feet;
  • forehead, cheeks;
  • knees, lower back;
  • scalp;
  • language;
  • eyelids, ears;
  • area near the navel.

Eruptions on the child's skin

How to start

Psoriasis occurs after infectiousor viral diseases where the body is weakened. It begins with the appearance of small dots on the surface of the body. It may be accompanied by weakness, fever. In this situation, it is important to time to see specialists to diagnose the disease. Later, the small dots can be combined, taking strange shapes. Sometimes it covered a large part of the body, bringing discomfort and pain.

There are several types of psoriasis in children:

  • Diaper psoriasis in infants is manifested ina diaper rash, eczema. It affects the buttocks, which are irritated by urine and feces. It can be skin folds. It looks like dermatitis, so it is difficult to be diagnosed.
  • Plaque. It is found on bends the elbows and knees, on his head.
  • Guttate psoriasis is manifested by small red formations - papules that are shelled and hurt.

Severe forms of skin diseases can be treated only in a clinical setting. Among them:

  • Pustular psoriasis. It flows very difficult, accompanied by a burning sensation of the skin, fever.
  • Psoriatic erythroderma is characterized by redness of the whole body, accompanied by fever, joint pains.
  • Arthropathic form of the disease characterized by the appearance of conjunctivitis. It is characterized by swelling of the joints, pain in the fingers, feet.

How does

If time does not begin treatment, the disease willprogress, spreading to new areas of the skin. Individual plaques will be combined in large amounts with the violation of the skin. There may be fever, fever. Swelling of the hands and feet of the joints leads to limitation of movement. Manifestation of psoriasis on the head can lead to nervous breakdowns, depression.

Stains on the face of the child


Although the disease has been known since ancient times, tostill exact cause has not been established. Someone said that psoriasis is passed from parents to children by inheritance. Some blame the stress and bad ecology. There are causes of psoriasis:

  • low immunity;
  • infectious diseases;
  • skin injury;
  • fungal infections;
  • medication;
  • violation of body thermoregulation;
  • viral diseases.

What is a skin disease in children

It looks psoriasis at different stages of the disease differently. The initial stage is similar to allergies or diathesis.

The manifestation of psoriasis in young children

Normal skin disease with the formation of plaque looks like in the photo.

Plaques on the scalp

Psoriasis of the scalp can not be seen under the hair, but sometimes it goes beyond it.

Psoriasis of the scalp

Skin formation is sometimes covered the baby's body separate plaques, large spots or capture a large surface, as in this case.

The child's body, covered with plaques

How and what to treat psoriasis

How would you have not tried, but the cure psoriasisIt can not be forever. You can pause the disease is likely to occur in remission. You will find that the cured, but after some time everything will be repeated. An important role in the treatment of psoriasis diet plays. Avoid eating fats, sweets. It is necessary to eliminate the food of animal origin. recommended:

  • a fish;
  • poultry;
  • herbs: dill, parsley, lettuces;
  • cereals;
  • dairy products;
  • vitamins.

Treatment of psoriasis appoint a dermatologist. To fight the disease are advised to apply:

  • Medications: immunosuppressants, retinoids.
  • Moisturize skin baths, creams.
  • Non-hormonal ointments.
  • Phototherapy is prescribed for children with caution.
  • PUVA therapy - the use of photochemistry - under strict medical supervision.
  • Treatment of folk remedies.
  • Courses vitamins.

Manifestation of the disease on his elbow

On the head

When the symptoms of the disease on the head is recommended:

  • lubricate the skin fresh juice of celandine, and on top - fish oil;
  • apply the essential oils of bergamot, geranium;
  • rub the plaque wet oatmeal;
  • drink the sea buckthorn oil a spoonful per day;
  • make lotions from the juice of sauerkraut;
  • lubricate the plaques baby cream;
  • taking retinoids.

On the elbows

For the treatment of the skin on the elbows great helpBirch tar. It is applied on the affected places, ranging from ten to forty minutes, then wash off with soap and water. Because of the strong smell of the procedure is best done in the evening. Good results are obtained by the use of machine grease. Its thick plaster layer is kept between 20 and 40 minutes. Wash tar soap.

Birch tar

On the body

If psoriasis is manifested in the body, it is bestdo bath. They can be with sea salt, succession, chamomile. Assist bath of baking soda. In one procedure required 900 grams of product. Make it through the day, for two months. Good results are obtained by treatment of the affected places sea buckthorn oil. It disinfects, heals and dries the skin.

On the face

For the treatment of facial injuries can be applied to pulpof soda and water, stand for several hours. It helps rubbing essential oils of rose, jasmine. Good farming acts ointment that is applied to night. Prescription mixed:

  • 3 egg yolks;
  • 2 big spoons of soap;
  • 200 grams of chicken fat;
  • 2 fly in the ointment;
  • fir oil and soda on teaspoonful;
  • 2 spoons of medical bile.

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