Plazmolifting - what is it with photos before and after. This is a cosmetic procedure and Plazmolifting reviews

Today, new advanced technologies in the field ofhealth and beauty provide each person great ways to restore the body. One possibility - a cosmetic procedure Plazmolifting. Find out what other areas used the powerful effect of such sessions and whether there are contraindications to their holding.

What Plazmolifting

This innovative rejuvenation technologyIt is based on the activation of natural restoration reserves. Plazmolifting - is the introduction of a man of his own subcutaneous plasma. To make such a solution for injections, the patient blood is taken from the vein and with a special technique it is separated into different fractions. For Plazmolifting use liquid plasma part, platelet rich. What gives such injections? With this method, the impact of the body's self-healing mechanisms are triggered, the effect of which does not make coming.

face Plazmolifting

Beauty care - is the first thing associatedsuch injections. Plazmolifting face -procedure, the benefits of which have tried to imagine many women and saw a lot of advantages to this technique. What effect is achieved with the help of this treatment course? With the introduction of plasma into the skin of self-healing processes run begins actively produced elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid. Plazmolifting is very good and of acne, it can be used effectively to deal with acne scars.

The procedure starts in positive changesthe deep layers of the skin that appear almost immediately on the appearance: there is lift facial contours, leveled the most obvious signs of fading - wrinkles. Lifting effect and a decrease in sagging skin can be a good look at the comparative picture before and after the session data, but this result did not reach at a time. How Plazmolifting procedures should be done to the person - is solved individually for each client, often need at least 3-4 visits to a specialist.

Plazmolifting hair

One of the testimony, in which consideredeffective to do this procedure, it is alopecia. Plazmolifting hair also is a series of injection which make intradermally in the scalp. Received by the deeper layers of skin plasma activates the hair follicle growth process and effectively strengthens the hairs, stopping hair loss. The acceleration of regenerative processes of the skin and eliminates seborrhea. As evidenced by frequent positive feedback from customers, after a course of injections disappears excessive oiliness or dryness of hair strands.

Plazmolifting joints

How to apply this regeneration procedure whentreatment of injuries of the musculoskeletal system? Plazmolifting - what is it, how to apply it in this case? Injections of autologous plasma to help the man, at the injection site is rapid restoration of the network of capillaries, to aching joints begins to receive more nutrients necessary for its proper operation. Plazmolifting for joints is effective in the early stages of arthritis, arthrosis, with damage to the meniscus. A big plus of such procedures - they help the patient to avoid surgery.

Plazmolifting in dentistry

Property therapeutic injections to enhance tissue regeneration data explains their widespread use in dental practice. Indications for Plazmolifting in dentistry are:

  • inflammation of periodontal tissue therapy;
  • elimination of bleeding gums, bad breath;
  • the restoration of bone tissue;
  • eliminate looseness of the teeth;
  • fastening dental prostheses;
  • Rehabilitation after surgery in the maxillofacial region.

Plazmolifting in Gynecology

This procedure is very effective for women notonly to maintain proper form of their appearance, but also for the improvement of the reproductive system. For example, the use in gynecology Plazmolifting effectively works in the schemes of treatment of inflammatory diseases. The course of injections is able to solve many problems that the woman delivered a lot of unpleasant moments:

  • start the process of regeneration of damaged tissues and mucous genitals;
  • normalize monthly cycle;
  • strengthen the pelvic floor muscles;
  • prevent recurrent gynecological diseases.

Plazmolifting procedure

What is the procedure for such sessions? Before making Plazmolifting, you need to pre-training. The doctor should assess whether the patient has contraindications to this course, to do blood tests for infection, coagulation and others. Client for 3-4 days before the sessions need to abstain from alcohol, heavy meals and medications that affect blood clotting. Then proceed directly to Plazmolifting procedure:

  1. Venous blood sampling is done (20 to 100 ml, depending on the indication for use) in a special test tube already contains the anticoagulant and blood separation gel.
  2. This container is placed in a centrifuge to separate plasma rich in platelets.
  3. To the procedure was painless, on areas of the skin, which will make the shots, applied means for anesthesia.
  4. Obtained from blood plasma using microinjection injected into the tissue where it is necessary to start regeneration.
  5. To fix the result, it is recommended to make at least 4 sessions with an interval of 1-2 weeks.

Plazmolifting - contraindications and consequences

Although it is believed that this procedure is practicallyassumes no harm to the body, yet in some cases it can not be done. So, today in the medical community is widely discussed, it is not whether the method is a side effect of how the development of cancer, because the plasma injections to stimulate stem cells, which are often involved in the formation and oncology. In order not to cause negative consequences for the organism Plazmolifting prohibited to perform the procedure if the patient:

  • any inflammations and infections;
  • low level of immunity;
  • disorders of blood clotting;
  • autoimmune diseases;
  • diabetes;
  • allergies to substances that are used during the injection;
  • during pregnancy and lactation.

before and after - Plazmolifting: Photos

In this procedure the woman is not so much solvedafter a detailed awareness of the benefits of plasma injections, after the positive reviews of girlfriends. If you do not have friends who have tried this method of rejuvenation, view before and after photos Plazmolifting. This collection will help you make an informed decision on the need for such injections.


Vika, 41 years old

I have long looked narrowly, which would be moreradical to try to rejuvenate the skin. Plasma Injections chosen after such sessions have successfully worked for my friend. Result procedures are very pleased with me. Skin after them if engorged with oxygen and moisture, wrinkles decreased, and his face lit from within.

Olya, 37 years old

My experience Plazmolifting negative. For more than a week ago I did a series of shots, and the traces and inflammation from them and were very noticeable, went down only slightly. I think it's because of my sensitive skin - it is very difficult to find care. That decided it nourish the deeper layers and was "the result is obvious ..."

Nina, 47 years old

I'm such a course of procedures well helped healon the part of gynecology - I took a course of injections of plasma in the treatment of cervical erosion. After the procedures observed at significant improvements: stopped spotting between periods, abdominal pain went away. Though the price of the course of treatment, and not cheap, it was worth it.

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