Papilloma on the genitals

A variety of benign tumors,papilloma, in everyday life are called "wart". It acts on the skin's surface, it is easy to hook nails, or clothing items, damage and cause inflammation. Papilloma on intimate place requires special treatment, run the situation is fraught with serious consequences up to cancer. Papillomatosis has a viral nature, occurs in both men and women. From what papilloma appear on the body, read on.

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Causes of warts

Warts on the genitals are due toinfection with human papillomavirus, often called HPV. In the long incubation period of the disease, develop papillomas in intimate places begin when the wearer immunity decreases dramatically. papillomatosis treatment goes together with an increase in immunity. Risk factors for the appearance of papillomas in the intimate area are:

  • genital infections, such as herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhea;
  • promiscuity;
  • violation of the microflora of the vagina;
  • avitaminosis;
  • pregnancy.

One sexual contact with an infected partner to HPV60% of the causes of the disease, if the connection is permanent - wide risk. The virus enters the body, enters the intimate zone of the skin cells, causes them to quickly divide and grow. It appears unobtrusive outgrowth, gradually gaining size. The virus persists for a long time in the wet underwear, and use a towel to the patient can not.

Symptoms of warts on the intimate places

Papilloma has other medical name: filamentous wart akrohorda. Begins development of papillomas in the intimate area with a small nodule, it grows gradually, it becomes visible fine leg. Often the tumor is extended, it is oval, in rare cases and is round, settling on a thin stalk. On these grounds papilloma easy to identify. Occurs several types of HPV, the flow of the disease in men and women differs.

Bowenoid papulosis of the penis


HPV infection sometimes occurs in men withoutsymptoms, but if seen, the multiple warts on the head of a member, his trunk, mucosa of the foreskin, scrotum, perineum or around the anus. These formations are called genital warts. It looks like a flesh-colored bumps. Some types of the virus cause male Bowen's disease, on the penis appears red velvety plaque. Another disease caused by HPV - Bowenoid papulosis. penis cover yellow, pink or white patches.

Papilloma warts and intimate zone sometimes deliver men discomfort:

  • itching, pain, burning sensation;
  • if the source of infection in the urethra - is disturbed urination (spraying, interruption of urinary stream).

Papilloma of the vagina

Among women

Danger papillomatosis for women isthat detect the disease often can only be seen from a gynecologist. Papilloma of the vagina in another way not to reveal. Indirect symptoms are profuse discharge, minor bleeding after sex, a burning sensation. Other localization of papillomas:

  • Cervix;
  • clitoris;
  • the area of ​​the labia minora.

Papillomavirus causes the appearance of womenwarts, they apply to small labia, vagina, cervical canal, around the anus. Genital warts can be seen immediately, and endophytic warts grow inward, deep into the skin, seen imperceptible. If genital warts are seen on the cervix or the uterine canal, an unfavorable prognosis, high risk of developing cancer.

Modern methods of treatment

Upon detection of papilloma or their signs, can not beuse methods such as tying the legs, removing warts. Treatment does not begin to confirm the diagnosis of a physician. There are about 40 types of HPV, hitting the genitals, and in the home does not determine what kind of infection appear. One part has a lower carcinogenic virus, another - with a high probability of leading to cancer. How to treat a papilloma on the body, says the expert.

Radio wave removal of papillomas

Removal of papillomas in the intimate places

Most genital warts difficult to remove. Modern medicine has different variants of this procedure. These include:

  1. Laser removal of warts from the intimate zone. Held in the acute stage. On impact laser wart, it removes the formation, regardless of the location of depth. This method leaves no scar.
  2. Cryotherapy. Growths were frozen with liquid nitrogen and removed. This method operates on visible areas of the skin, vagina and cervix its use possible.
  3. Radio wave removal. Use device "Surgitron" generating waves. They only affect the intimate warts, without affecting the healthy tissue.
  4. Electrocoagulation method, also known aselectric destruction. When it comes excision papilloma tissue electrocautery, with simultaneous vascular coagulation (their association, bonding). The wound heals quickly, without leaving a rough scars.
  5. Surgical excision. A simple and reliable method, is performed under local anesthesia. Warts in the intimate zone is cut with a scalpel.
  6. Electrotherapy. Papilloma burn electrocution.

"Superchistotelo" - a mixture of alkali burns the wart tissue


Choosing than treating papillomas on intimate places,we must note that a common approach to this issue in modern medicine no doctor individually selects the method for the patient. If the warts on the genitals and intimate areas are many, appoint adjuvants, antivirals, cytostatics (anti-tumor suppressing cell division warts).

For the immunity prescribed:

  • "Epigenes";
  • "Genferon";
  • "Viferon";
  • "Isoprinosine";
  • "TSikloferon".

Searing papillomas in intimate places carried out by special drug formulations:

  1. "Superchistotelo" - a mixture of alkali burns the wart tissue. The skin near her children treated cream, the formation of 5 days is applied a drop of medication. Slowly the wart will disappear.
  2. "Solkoderm" - and acts as a "Superchistotelo" concentrate contains acids. There is a danger of burns, scar formation. It means "Solkovagina" is available to the cervix and vagina.
  3. "Ferezol" - oily liquid with the odor of phenol. This means continuously lubricated formation within 10-45 minutes, depending on the size of the wart. If she has a fine leg, the preparation is applied only on the surface. The procedure is safe to do up to 5 times, not more than once a week.
  4. "Kondilin". Before its application the skin around the warts treated with vaseline or zinc ointment was applied twice a day means, applicator. Apply 2 days, 4 days to take a break. The course is repeated as needed.

It is important to remember that all of the above meansfor cauterization of warts in the intimate zone is used with great caution, if only papilloma localized on the skin near the genitals. Cauterizing preparations should not be placed on the mucosa. For a more gentle places more suitable ointment for warts on the intimate places. Pharmacies are implemented:

  1. Oxolinic ointment. The antiviral drug with antiherpethetical action is applied in treatment of warts intimate area. Handle growths up to 3 times a day, from 2 weeks to 2 months.
  2. «San fen zhong». Chinese agent kills germs, burns papilloma, applied gently to the affected skin, wash off after 3 minutes. Enough of 5 treatments.
  3. "Stefalin" - ointment on renewable raw materials, is applied to the papilloma intimate area.

Potato juice from papillomas

How to get rid of warts by folk remedies

At home papillomatosis treated folk remedies:

  • Smearing the affected area celandine. Course: twice a day for two weeks or longer, until the disappearance of warts. The tool helps by filamentous warts.
  • Potato juice. Effectively acts on warts red potatoes. Tuber rub, squeeze with gauze, drink juice for half an hour before a meal, half a cup, two months. Allowed external application - processing of fresh potato juice papilloma intimate area every day for a month.
  • Garlic cream. Skip a few cloves through chesnokodavilku, to get a teaspoon of gruel. Mix two tablespoons of any cream, put on a bandage for five hours to fix papilloma plaster, then rinse.

Contraception for prevention of warts

Prevention papillomatoznyh formations on the genitals

HPV refers to infections, sexually transmitted infections, the primary means of prevention for this disease - contraception. To reduce the risk of infection papillomatosis doctors advise:

  • do not use other people's towels and washcloths;
  • observe intimate hygiene;
  • with suspected genital papilloma immediately contact the clinic;
  • improve immunity.

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