Papilloma of parasites

Until now, the medicine can not give an exact answer,how to appear human papillomavirus. It revealed only the general mechanisms that trigger the HPV (human papillomavirus). In some cases, the disease may be a long time does not manifest itself, but quite unexpectedly is expressed in a large number of tumors.

Signs of parasites in humans

One reason for the transition to the active stage of the virusconsidered the penetration of worms in the human body helminths (worms). It is possible influence of other infections, parasites that weaken the immune system. There are the following main symptoms of the presence of parasites in the human body:

  • muscle, joint pain;
  • increase, reduction of body weight;
  • disruption of the digestive tract, such as bloating, irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, constipation;
  • Allergic reactions on the skin;
  • intestinal dysbiosis, discomfort;
  • gnashing of teeth during sleep (bruxism);
  • airway inflammation;
  • mental disorders (a manifestation of the destructive action of toxins that produce parasites);
  • anemia;
  • oncological diseases;
  • failure in immune function.

Removal of papillomas

To all the above signs of infectionparasites may be added internal damage of organs: kidneys, liver, cardiovascular system. This provokes a failure in their work and causing the need for long-term treatment. symptoms are not the names of the above accurate indication of helminthiasis, point to it indirectly. Only a doctor can make an accurate diagnosis, prescribe treatment after conducting the necessary analyzes.

As papilloma interconnected and parasites in the human body

The presence in the body helminth parasites directlyIt does not cause the formation of warts and papillomas. However, there is a correlation between the result of their life and a sharp aggravation of papillomavirus. The presence of parasites in the human body significantly increases the risk of contracting the disease, so their timely detection will help to avoid the appearance of tumors in the human body. If papillomas are already present on the skin, you should check the body on the fact of infection with worms.

Why appear on the skin papilloma

To understand the relationship between HPV and availabilityparasites, it is necessary to know why there are warts on the skin. Papilloma is a benign tumor, it looks like small processes (shown in the photo below). Neoplasm is an external manifestation of a viral infection, the carrier can be any person. The main reason for the formation of papillomas - lowered immunity, which can be triggered by prolonged use of medications, unhealthy lifestyle, illness or nervous stress.

Papilloma of the human body

Can be parasites in the human cause of papillomas

Development of papillomas of parasites associated withpeculiarities of their behavior in the human body and the effect on his health. According to scientists, the worms produce toxins which cause a structural change in the blood. This becomes a cause of tumors on the skin and is a sign of the possible presence of parasites in the body. The main causative agent of the disease is considered to be vaginal trichomoniasis.

It should be understood that the appearance of tumorsprovokes only papillomavirus, parasites is only prepared for him all the conditions for the rapid spread, so their influence indirectly. Worms themselves cause serious harm to human body, making people more susceptible to any virus. Timely removal of parasites of the body will reduce the probability of occurrence of papillomas.

How to deal with papillomas

In the fight against papillomas will be effectivean integrated approach to address the problem. To avoid the appearance of new warts, you must eliminate the root cause reduction of immunity. If there was the appearance of warts due to parasites, should cleanse the body of worms. To remove the external manifestations, as a rule, are used cosmetic surgery procedures:

  • Laser removal of papillomas. Using the tool specialist burns neoplasm. The procedure is painless, no postoperative inflammation, requires only 1 session.
  • Cryodestruction novoobrazvany. This method involves the use of low temperatures to tissue rejection of papillomas started. Liquid nitrogen acts on the wart, a few days later it just falls off.
  • Electrocoagulation. The method in the cauterization of the affected papilloma area using high-frequency current. The main disadvantage of the procedure - possibly after she left a small scar.

Removal of papillomas laser


Papilloma treated for parasites in the firststage using anthelmintic drugs, vitamins (for immunity). Confirm the cause must be appropriate blood tests, stool, sputum, or urine. After that the doctor will be able to assign the optimal course of treatment:

  1. For the treatment of children in the presence of Enterobiasis,ascariasis, trihotsefaleze appoint pyrantel, mebendazole or Albendazole. Also infested person need to be treated for the prevention of both all family members.
  2. To relieve symptoms caused by helminthiasis, antihistamines are used.
  3. When Adult therapy recommendedMedamina, levamisole, furazolidone, Worm. The scheme and the duration of treatment is determined by a doctor, based on the weight of the person's age, stage of parasite development.
  4. Some of the larvae and eggs of parasites and wormsresistant to drugs, so after 2 weeks should pass a second course of therapy. Extras can be assigned Diazolin, Suprastin, Bifidumbacterin or Linex.

Inspection papilloma

The methods of traditional medicine

The scheme of complex treatment of papilloma dueparasites involves the use of folk remedies. It is advisable not to use them, because the recovery process may take much longer than when combined with medications. Traditional recipes are particularly useful if a person is allergic to any of the drugs for the treatment of parasites or develop unwanted side effects of the drugs. Combining traditional therapy and home remedies should be after consultation with the doctor.

Distribution of products to removeparasites consider pumpkin seeds, carrots, garlic. There is a diagram of an integrated approach, which will help in a few days to get rid of problems with worms. It also helps to cleanse the bowel that will benefit the general state of health:

  1. On the first day you must only eat liquid food: cereals, pureed soups, dairy products. Before going to bed to take Glauber, English salt laxative.
  2. On the second day put an enema, eat at least a handful of pumpkin seeds. An hour later, drink a laxative, to eat 2 hours.
  3. Every day, drink a strong decoction of the bark of ash.

Juice of celandine

Worms will come out after 2 daysgradually. To obtain a more tangible, do cleansing enemas are recommended every day. To combat the external manifestations of papillomavirus can use the following recipe:

  1. You will need to sprout fresh celandine. Break the stem and squeeze out the juice on the papilloma. Treatment of this material should last at least a month. The first week of grease build-up every 3 hours, rest time - every 8.
  2. Cooking garlic cream. Mix with any hygiene product in a proportion of 1 to 2 garlic pulp. Mix the ingredients with a wooden stick. Apply the product on the gauze or bandage to attach papilloma using the patch. Peel it in 3 hours, wash with soapy water build-up. Duration of treatment tumors - from 3 to 6 weeks, every day.

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