Osteochondrosis - treatment of the spine. Funds from osteochondrosis

This common disorder affectsspinal ligaments. There are various causes of disease, but they all ultimately involve a violation of the metabolic processes that take place in the intervertebral discs. Any treatment of degenerative disc disease is complex and should be administered by a qualified physician.

How to treat low back pain

Effective treatment of osteochondrosis will, ifcoordinate it with a specialist, because self-chosen therapy at home is often not so much useless as dangerous to health, as it causes a worsening of the disease. Conservative therapy pathology includes the following components:

  • medical treatment;
  • physiotherapy;
  • diet.

In addition to these methods, the patientIt recommended in acute bed rest. If this is not practicable, the doctor advised to at least reduce locomotor activity to a minimum, and to change the mattress on the hard. To remove the pain and facilitate the patient's condition may appoint experts and other procedures:

  • massage;
  • methods of manual therapy;
  • physiotherapy;
  • applique ozokerite;
  • MLS laser.

Treatment of osteochondrosis of the cervical spine

Develop due to lack of treatment complicationosteochondrosis of the cervical spine involves problems with blood circulation, so that the brain is experiencing oxygen starvation. As a result of pathology, a person has a migraine, blood pressure rises, develops dystonia, suffering from heart and respiratory system. In advanced cases of the disease spinal cord is compressed, so that death occurs.

The treatment of degenerative disc disease of the cervical spineIt involves receiving anti-inflammatory drugs that reduce pain resulting from the radicular syndrome (pinched nerve). In addition, the doctor prescribed to patients receiving B vitamins, drugs that stimulate blood flow, muscle relaxants and chondroprotectors. Recent contribute to the restoration of cartilage in the damaged vertebrae.

spinal treatment further comprises physical therapy techniques. These include:

  • electrophoresis (under the influence of electric current delivered to the drug active substance in the desired location);
  • ultrasound (has analgesic, anti-inflammatory effect);
  • Laser therapy (using a special device improves blood circulation, eliminates inflammation);
  • magnetic (effectively removes puffiness).

Treatment of osteoarthritis of the lumbosacral spine

The key symptom of lumbar lesions ispain, worse after sports or other physical activities. Treat osteochondrosis of the lumbar spine by means of different methods - physiotherapy, massage, exercise therapy, the use of drugs. Often, doctors are advised to supplement therapy traditional medicines. Surgery for lumbar or sacral localization is used only 10% of cases. In good faith treatment of the disease in patients unable to relieve pain, to avoid the appearance of hernias, restore the fabric of the lumbar.

The treatment of degenerative disc disease of the thoracic spine

This kind of disease is not foundoften. Osteochondrosis of the cervical-thoracic has similar symptoms with other pathologies, therefore the doctor carries out a detailed diagnosis before you assign the appropriate treatment. Since the sternum is a huge number of nerve endings responsible for the functioning of internal organs, thoracic osteochondrosis often involves failure of the heart, respiratory system, stomach.

If the patient has no neurological symptoms,Complex therapy is carried out anyway. Modern medicine has effective methods of treatment of the disease, helping to virtually stop or significantly reduce the rate of destruction of bone and joints. To therapy was most helpful, all the doctor's prescription must be followed. It is also important because in the thoracic localized endocrine glands to ensure the normal functioning of the human immune system.

When the doctor confirm the diagnosis, it istreatment program. Combined therapy allows for fast, efficient recovery and includes use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory and other drugs that blockade method, application of ointments and other local resources, execution of therapeutic exercises, physiotherapy passage. Treatment of osteochondrosis may include the following techniques:

  • vacuum therapy;
  • laser therapy;
  • acupuncture;
  • magnitopunktura;
  • pharmacopuncture;
  • dry traction.

Than to treat low back pain

Spine Treatment is aimed at removing painthe acute phase of the disease, improve blood circulation, reduction or stop the degradation of bone tissue. If the patient was drug therapy prescribed by a doctor, pain relieved by the long term. Otherwise, while ignoring problems inevitable relapse. Furthermore, the probability of disease progression.

Exercises with cervical osteochondrosis at home

Furthermore the medication, an important role intreatment of disease plays an exercise that the systematic conduct shows excellent results. Exercises for cervical degenerative disc disease at home strengthens the muscles of the back, which reduces the load exerted on the spine. In addition, exercise stimulates the blood circulation in the arteries and improves the flexibility of ligaments, muscles. The specialized institutions for this purpose used Bubnovskogo device, but you can do without it. What exercises can be done at home:

  1. Place the fingertips on the forehead in front of each other. It is easy to push them down for 30 seconds. At the same time, try to resist the movement of the back, neck straining.
  2. Sit down on a flat surface, straighten your back,zaprokinte slowly head back, carrying the support neck and chin with his hands. Easy to apply pressure to the chin, turning his head to the left, right, down, up. Repeat these steps for no longer than a minute.
  3. Shoulders should be raised, trying to reach their earlobes. After slowly lower them to the usual place. Repeat the exercise for 15 seconds, then rub hands neck.

Treatment of osteoarthritis drugs

After the diagnosis should be a therapy that caneither operative or conservative, depending on the severity of the disease, individual contraindications, and other factors. Drug treatment of degenerative disc disease of the cervical spine is more appropriate in most cases, than the surgery. Additional elements of the therapies that accelerate the healing process, are physiotherapy, manual techniques, diet. However, if no last treatment can be carried out, it is impossible without medication therapy.

Tablets from degenerative disc disease of the cervical

Generally, doctors advise drink preparations induring exacerbations of the disease. Tablets with osteochondrosis help get rid of the pain syndrome that develops as a result of compression of the spinal nerves and vertebral artery. How to cure low back pain through pills? Doctor based diagnostic results appoints complex drugs, each of which exerts an action:

  1. Against inflammation. With the help of non-steroidal agents that are able to quickly anesthetize, suppressed the inflammatory process, relieves swelling. For tablets of osteoarthritis in this group include Ibuprofen, Diclofenac, Nimis, Ketanov. their treatment should be carried out 4 times a day, drinking plenty of water.
  2. Sedatives. Needed for the prevention of neuroticism, which can develop as a result of strong pain. For the treatment of osteoarthritis appointed herbal medicines such as herbal teas, tincture of Leonurus, etc..
  3. Muscle relaxants. They are used together with diuretics. With their help, hypertonicity of muscles and decrease swelling. Representatives of this group of drugs are Mydocalm, Furosemide, Tizalud, etc.
  4. Vitamin B. It is required in the treatment of degenerative disc disease of any location. They help to restore the damaged nervous tissue. It is recommended to take multivitamins every day for 3 weeks.
  5. Chondroprotectors. Tools to help rebuild cartilage. Representatives of the group - Struktuvit, Teraflex, arthritis, etc..
  6. Medications uluchayuschie rheological properties of blood. Trental and Eufillin stimulate food pinched nerve roots and improves blood flow to the brain, so that when the cervical osteochondrosis stop dizziness and headaches.

Ointment from degenerative disc disease of the cervical spine

An important component of effective treatment of cervicaldegenerative disc disease - is the use of local funds. They rubbed daily in the spine lesion (where pain is felt). The most effective ointment with cervical osteochondrosis:

  • Anti-inflammatory. The primary component of such tools - a non-steroidal substances, for example, diclofenac or ibuprofen. The ointment is applied several times per day until complete disappearance of pain.
  • Warming agents. It contains bioactive ingredients that are irritating. These ointments may be made on the basis of bee or snake venom, menthol. The consequence of the treatment of degenerative disc disease will improve blood circulation, reducing swelling.
  • Preparations with a conductive effect. type Dimexidum tools help deliver other medications deep into the tissue, so doctors prescribe their use as dry dressings or applications.

Painkillers with osteochondrosis

The disease can manifest itself in different ways: weakness, drowsiness, blurred vision, incoordination. However, osteoarthritis is a major symptom pain in the area of ​​pathology localization. A doctor confirmed the diagnosis, the patient assigns painkillers in osteochondrosis of the cervical spine or other areas. As the drug is selected:

  • with the appearance of pain less than 10 days ago, the doctor prescribes nonsteroidal agents such as Indomethacin or Diclofenac (they help to relieve pain and suppress inflammation has recently begun);
  • treatment of pain, which began two weeks ago, requires the addition of non-steroidal analgesics pills or painkillers such as Tramadol or Pentalgin;
  • if the pain the patient began more than 3 monthsago, a doctor writes a set of drugs - analgesics, NSAIDs, antidepressants (the last needed for the restoration of normal mental condition of the person who suffers the pain for a long time).

Massage at the cervical osteochondrosis at home

Therapeutic procedures applied toosteochondrosis, refers therapeutic massage. This method has a mass of useful properties, including toning the muscular system, activation of blood circulation, strengthen the intervertebral discs, degenerative disc disease, etc. Massage from home can be assigned to.:

  • disease prevention;
  • for pain in acute.

Before the procedure, a specialist preparespatient, spending light stroking the back (first to the blade area, then closer to the shoulder girdle and neck). This movement is replaced by shaking, which lasted a couple of minutes after the massage procedure begins. When osteochondrosis, this method of treatment can cause severe pain, but if the back was previously well prepared and relaxed, this can be avoided. Patient during the session is on a flat surface. If the massage is carried out exclusively in the neck, the patient must sit.

Manual therapy in osteochondrosis of the cervical spine

An effective method of treating a disease ismanual therapy. It also is used to prevent the development of complications of osteochondrosis. The technique is similar to massage, but has significant differences: the latter sought by toning muscle tissue and manual therapy has an effect not only on the muscles but also the vertebrae themselves.

Manual therapy with cervical osteochondrosisIt implies a direct impact on the affected vertebrae doctor. Since the disease leads to disruption of the mobility and flexibility of the spine, resulting in severe pain patients experience, this method is indispensable treatment (it helps to eliminate the negative consequences of the disease). After a few sessions of manual therapy improves vascular permeability, inflammation disappear, cramps, edema.

Treatment of osteochondrosis blockades

To quickly relieve the patient fromosteochondrosis, used painkillers. With their help, the drug is delivered instantly to the right place, so that in the shortest possible time docked pain. Blockade in osteochondrosis of the cervical, unlike drug treatment symptoms, provides operational effect. The active substances enter the blood and quickly delivered to the damaged nerve endings.

When severe pain the best solution for itelimination of a drug administration by intravenous drip. For the treatment of osteoarthritis, regardless of where the disease is localized, the following groups of solutions are used:

  • glokokortikosteroidy;
  • analgesics;
  • NSAIDs;
  • miotropy.

Belt from degenerative disc disease of the lumbar

One of the most effective methods of treatmentthe disease is to wear a special corset / belt. The effect of such an agent is shown not fast, but has a strong expression. Belt from degenerative disc disease of the lumbar spine to distribute the load evenly, thereby reducing pain, swelling takes place. The most effective products are recognized with the warming effect of dog hair. Buy these belts can be in a drugstore, but should first consult your doctor.

osteochondrosis Treatment of folk remedies

Nontraditional methods of treatment of the disease canIt is used in addition to basic. As a rule, low back pain - treatment which takes a long time - is carried out with the use of local and domestic funds. These include lotions, compresses, decoctions of herbs, etc. The most effective folk remedies for osteoarthritis.:

  1. Ointment with honey. It should be mixed with 200 ml of bee product? Art. 300 ml of vodka and the juice of radish. Mix thoroughly, rub mixture into the affected area of ​​the spine twice a day.
  2. Rubbing with egg and vinegar. Connect 1 tbsp. l. rye flour with raw eggs, 100 g butter and 1 tbsp. l. vinegar, then rub it means in the region of the back, where the pain is felt the most. The procedure is repeated 2 times each day until symptoms disappear.
  3. Compress a decoction of lilac for the treatment ofdegenerative disc disease at home. Pour half a liter of vodka, 1 tbsp. lilac flowers, insist the liquid for 10 days, after the filter and apply soaked in the infusion of the handkerchief to the affected area of ​​the spine.

Price of treatment of degenerative disc disease

An important step in getting rid of degenerative disc disease andrestore a resort and spa treatment. The specialized institutions apply a set of measures to combat the diseases of the spine, while such therapy is administered after etiotrop pathogenetic and treatment (when the doctor will determine the cause of the symptoms and pathology). The aim of the resort and spa vacation is to consolidate the outcome and conduct of rehabilitation after an operation or eliminating exacerbation of degenerative disc disease. Approximate prices for treatment of degenerative disc disease in the sanatoriums of Russia:

  • "Spring", Anapa - 1850 p / day.
  • "Saki" Saki - 2552 p / day.
  • "Mountain Air" Sochi - 1550 p / day.;
  • "DiLUCh" Anapa - 2200 p / day.
  • "Sanatorium them. Lermontov "Pyatigorsk - 1730 p / day.
  • "Assy" Inzer - 2100 p / day..

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