Numb hands - the cause and what to do? Pain and numbness in the left and right hand, or fingers, as the disease symptoms

The feeling when the hands are losing sensitivityuncomfortable position, is familiar to all people. If this condition is short, then it should not bother, because it comes after the position change. If numbness continues for a long time and there is no apparent reason, it is a sign of available human pathology.

Numb fingers - Causes

Numbness in the fingers - a sign, characteristicmany diseases. Excluding squeezing limbs during sleep and wearing uncomfortable clothes, you should consult a doctor. Pathologies are characterized by symptoms such lots. Some causes numbness of the fingers:

  • occlusion of cerebral blood vessels;
  • thrombosis;
  • Raynaud's disease;
  • polyneuropathy;
  • carpal tunnel syndrome;
  • osteochondrosis.

Numb left arm - Causes

Numb and subtracted the left upper extremity? This happens when household problems and serious diseases. In medicine, there is a special term "paresthesia," which describes the symptoms of numbness of limbs. The left hand is often numb with sedentary lifestyle or after sleep, when disturbed blood circulation. Man feels, in addition to sensitivity, tingling, sometimes the skin gets bluish color, fingers and wrist strongly grow cold.

These symptoms, if they are durable, characterizedfor cardiovascular disorders, when the heart is not receiving the right amount of oxygen. This condition can eventually lead to stroke or myocardial infarction. Yet from what numb hand on the left side? It takes on the background of spine pathologies, when it occurs degenerative processes. Other causes numbness of the left hand - it is ischemia, atherosclerosis, thrombosis, preceding infarction condition.

Numb right arm - Causes

If numbness symptoms are rare, thenothing to worry about. Another thing, if attacks repeat regularly. Most often it occurs right limb numbness elderly people due to impaired blood flow. The main causes of numbness in his right hand:

  1. Squeezing or pinching of nerves. Status provoking cervical osteochondrosis, pathology in the cartilage disc, intervertebral hernia.
  2. Mechanical damage to the elbow. The problem is accompanied by swelling, redness of the tissues.
  3. Neuralgia of the brachial plexus. In addition to numbness, greatly reduces the joints, there is atrophy, weakness, and muscle weakness.

Why at night numb hands, of course. Another unpleasant domestic origin status - it tight clothing or a long stay in the upright position. Treatment of hand numbness prescribed by a doctor after the determination of the origin of the pathology. Sometimes lack of appointing a special diet, but most patients have to undergo physiotherapy, drinking medications, do special exercises that help resume normal circulation of the blood.

Numb hands and feet - the reason

Strong and frequent mixing of the upper and lowerlimbs can simultaneously show the vascular lesion. These symptoms cause poor circulation, atherosclerosis, stroke or other illnesses that lead to gangrene. The remaining causes numbness of hands and feet - it's carpal tunnel syndrome, low back pain, neuropathy tunnel. limb spasms occur frequently due to a lack of vitamin B12. Cyanocobalamin is involved in the metabolism of nerve fibers, so the lack of it in the body leads to involuntary muscle contractions.

Numb little fingers on his hands - Causes

Most pinkie loses sensitivity in humans,professions which are associated with fine motor skills (musicians, machinists, programmers). Also this ailment prone left-hander, making monotonous work, for example, during prolonged painting or knitting. If there is a pinched ulnar nerve, it is taken away not only the little finger, but the ring finger. In this case, the condition may provoke neuritis or sciatica. There are other reasons for the hands numb little fingers, for example, low back pain or ischemia.

Numb arm from the shoulder - Causes

Paresthesia of the upper extremity of the shoulderdue to the sensitivity of the violation as a result of a sudden by displacement of nerve fibers or radicular irritation when violated nerve impulses. In pathology localization can determine the cause of numbness in arms from the shoulder. Modern diagnostics helps to identify the origin of muscle pain and loss of sensitivity, if you make:

  • MRI;
  • X-rays;
  • rheovasography vessels;
  • Doppler blood vessels of the neck;
  • blood tests.

Numb fingertips on his hands - Causes

Often, partial or complete absence ofthe sensitivity of the fingertips accompanied by a slight burning sensation, tingling, pain. To determine the cause of numbness in the tips of the fingers need advice of several specialists: endocrinologist, rheumatologist, internist, neurologist and cardiologist. This is due to the fact that the list of diseases, signs that this is a state wide. If the tip reduces the thumb, index and middle finger, it indicates inflammation of the elbow joint. Numb fingers 4 and 5 indicates a cardiac pathology.

Numb hands in pregnancy - Causes

The waiting period of the child, women often wonderquestion: when numb hands - the cause and what to do? Some complain siphoned pain in the fingers, the other - on a burning sensation, pressure, flow into the area of ​​the wrists or hands. Gynecologists say that do not worry, because the cause of numbness in hands during pregnancy is carpal tunnel syndrome. As a rule, it is subject to a working limb, which is overextended. Expectant mums recommended salt-free diet, and more traffic. It is advisable to make regular massage in numbness, rubbing mustard oil.

At night, numb hands - reason

Why numb hands while you sleep? When the body is recovering from the emotional and physical stress, often due to a difficult posture compressed vessels or nerves. The most harmless factor - excessive physical strain after lifting. Sometimes numb hands at night because of the wrong pillow that forces to bend the spine in the cervical region, depriving it of blood supply. In all other cases should be referred to a specialist, or when such a condition the muscles may atrophy or develop more serious disease.

At night, numb left arm - Causes

If we exclude the impact of awkward postures, andnumbness of the left limbs occurs in the ascending line of brushes with strongly increasing pain - should immediately call an ambulance. Most likely, this artery thrombosis. In this situation, the slightest delay can cost a man limb loss. This is not the only cause numbness in the left arm during the night. Sometimes this condition is a precursor to heart attack or stroke, especially if accompanied by cardiac pain. In time diagnosis will help prevent tragedies.

Why at night numb hands

Night numbness of hands can provokeeating spicy foods before bedtime, strong tea, coffee or alcohol. If you are constantly at night numb hands or a feeling of heaviness in them, it is often indicative of violations of the musculoskeletal system, heart pathologies. Sometimes the state provokes vascular dystonia, vitamin deficiencies, hormonal imbalance. If numbness of the hands caused by external factors, it successfully fight the disease with the help of regular exercise and massage balls expanders.

Numb hands and feet at night

In some situations, the main factor is theviolation of blood flow during sleep while squeezing any part of the body. To treat this condition - is to bring the limb from the horizontal position, to do self-massage. If the numbness associated with failures in the body, it should be referred to a doctor. The doctor will conduct a neurological test to determine the degree of sensitivity, then do send additional diagnostics. If numb hands and feet at night, then this may affect such internal diseases, such as:

  • cold allergy;
  • diabetes;
  • limb injuries;
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • varices.

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