Menstrual cycle - how to count?

That is a menstruation phase,ovulation and conception, how to count menstruatsionny cycle, what changes occur during it, should know every woman of reproductive age. This information will help control the body, prevent various diseases and avoid unplanned conception.

What is the menstrual cycle


This certain period, during whicha woman's body undergoes processes that prepare it for a possible pregnancy. The first day of the cycle - the beginning of menstruation, late - the day before the next. How many days should be between periods, ideally? How to calculate monthly cycle? The duration varies, the rate - from 21 to 35 days, the ideal - 28 days. It is interesting that even one woman menstrual periods may vary - be longer or shorter.

cycle Phases

How to count the monthly cycle? To understand what day after the monthly ovulation, you should learn more about the phases. They are two: the follicular and luteal. Both are characterized by different processes that occur during the menstrual cycle, the endometrium and ovaries. Since female individual cycle time, and the number of phases also different days. For example, if the cycle is 28 days, the first (follicular) lasts on average 14 days.


It starts from the date of menstruation. All processes to release an egg from the ovary, due to the action of FSH. Thanks to him, begin to mature follicles, from which comes the egg. The process takes about half of the cycle. First, can form several follicles, but becomes dominant one before the other increased to 14 mm.

Another process that takes place in this period -removal of dead endometrium (goes along with blood). When the uterus is cleaned of all, begin to develop new and thicker endometrium. So the body prepares itself to accept a fertilized egg. During the phase in women described basal temperature does not exceed 37 degrees. Behind her is to follow to determine the day of ovulation - when it is a sharp decrease. Menstrual Calendar days are not so reliable, so those who are not planning a pregnancy, it is necessary to monitor the temperature.


Phase begins after ovulatory (after ovulation) and lasts about 14 days. An important role is given to the luteinizing hormone. The processes taking place at this time:

  • Chief follicle ruptures;
  • formed by the corpus luteum, which produces progesterone;
  • endometrium is loosened, swells in preparation for implantation of a fertilized ovum;
  • under the influence of progesterone and estrogen breast swells;
  • basal temperature rises above 37 degrees;
  • increasing the number of discharge (mucus promotes the survival and movement of sperm).

Do not fertilize in 10-12 days, the corpus luteumresolves, falling hormone levels. If the egg is fertilized, further changes occur, the placenta begins to form. In the body, all interchangeable - any failure affects menstruation to pregnancy occurs. Do not get the right to make a personal schedule (table) conception, calculate monthly or calculate the safe days when irregular cycle.

What is ovulation in women

Establishing the time of ovulation is often interested ingirls who want to become pregnant. The estrous period of the follicle mature egg leaves and begins to move toward the uterus. She is actively involved in helping in this epithelium cilia fluffy. Ultimately, it is either fertilized or die after a while. Ovulatory phase (state of fertility) lasts about 48 days. Note: sometimes there are anovulatory periods, which feature - lack of ovulation. This phenomenon is not accompanied by separate features.

How to calculate the menstrual cycle

Calendar menstruatsionnogo cycle to calculate notdifficult, especially if the monthly flow without problems with the same frequency. We need to start counting from the first day of menstruation. Regular menstruation occur less frequently. The physiology of women is such that the "biological clock" get off, not only because of abnormalities, diseases, and even due to stress.

Some are interested in how to countmonthly cycle through programs. If you do not want to keep a paper calendars, you can conduct calculation menstrual periods in special electronic programs or use the calculator ovulation. Just keep in mind that such information is not always reliable, for example, if under the influence of external factors shifted ovulation period.

How many days a normal cycle lasts

The ideal cycle time - 28 days. If it is stable, not difficult to find the beginning of menstruation, ovulation, end. When receiving hormonal tablets menstruation go like clockwork, strictly 28 days. If the cycle slips, it is not considered pathology - as already noted, the body often reacts to stress, illness, and so on. Irregular intervals, a delay may occur in girls and women aged.

When ovulation occurs

It is not possible to determine exactly when it'sovulation in women. As a rule, it falls in the middle of the menstrual period. The subjective symptom - not strong pain in the abdomen. In addition, there is an increase of mucous secretions. For an accurate calculation of ovulation within a few months, you can schedule the basal body temperature.

Duration of the menstrual cycle

The normal monthly cycle of how many days? If a woman has finished puberty, hormonal balance is established, menstruation is from 2 to 7 days. At length almost always affects heredity: if, for example, the mother's bleeding lasted for a week, then it is likely that the woman will be the same. If her previous monthly walked regularly for a few days, then lost their means, in the body there is a failure.

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