Laser removal of birthmarks

Debate has long conducted among doctors - can and should bewhether to remove moles. The massive appearance of brown spots often occurs during puberty and later years. Sometimes brownish specks are a beautiful addition to the appearance, but there are situations where the removal of a nevus is inevitable.

When necessary to remove moles

The doctor examines the mole using a dermatoscope

Nevus healthy type combine such featuresas the sharp contours, a different degree of convexity and color in brown hues of different saturation. If education was hurt, cause inconvenience and discomfort, consider removing to avoid uncontrolled escalation mole in skin cancer - melanoma. A visit to the doctor to the dermatologist must necessarily be realized, if it is detected:

  • resizing upwards (vertically and horizontally), especially if a small period of time;
  • began peeling surface, itching, burning;
  • injury or bleeding, weeping surface without mechanical action;
  • the appearance of a glossy surface, a change in shape contours;
  • independent "dropout" and the new growth at the same place.

What are the benefits of laser removal of moles distinguish

Every year more and more patients agree to delete harassing nevi laser. This is especially true if held laser removal of moles on his face. Such a method has several advantages:

  • short rehabilitation period - no more than one week;
  • no postoperative scars, pits, scarring;
  • is not provoked by the appearance of age spots;
  • procedure is carried out in a dispensary;
  • painless;
  • exception of bleeding (due to the lack of deep penetration into the dermis laser) for any form of nevus - from flat to convex in the form of warts;
  • ability does not affect the healthy tissue of the skin around the nevus;
  • exception of relapse and re-appearance of pigmentation;
  • properly used laser beam helps to start rapid regeneration of skin cells.

In some cases, it is impossible to remove moles

Inspection moles

The first and most important rule should be that,that the removal of any independent moles strictly prohibited. Damage the surface of the formation can trigger the development of cancer. Based on a thorough examination, the doctor may recommend whether or not to allow the operation to laser removal of birthmarks. Output from the ban is, if the nevus larger size, is located in the wrong place and there is no guarantee that it will be removed completely. Otherwise there is a risk to get blood poisoning or further growth of education.

There are a number of diseases in which contraindicated laser removal of moles:

  • diabetes;
  • pregnancy in all trimesters;
  • oncological diseases;
  • mental and neurological disorders;
  • Herpes lesions in close proximity to the nevus;
  • HIV.

How is laser removal

To understand how the laserRemove nevus, it is necessary to understand the impact of the principle rays during the procedure. Wave Laser certain value, aimed at the mole, removes layers dermis, spending excision. The high accuracy of the laser beam "vaporizes" the contents of moles, without damaging the surrounding skin. Properly designed doctor beam strength "seals" the vessels are in contact with the surgical site, thus avoiding the appearance of bruising and inflammation.

Under the influence of laser surface cellsskin begin to actively share, recovery is accelerated. After a few days of burning land where there was a nevus, completely updated. Safety procedures for laser removal of moles in a few minutes without causing the patient pain. In can be felt not strong smell of burning time of the laser.

Formed a crust thin red quicklydisappears if the smear healing cream that is prescribed by a doctor. Particles of tumors by the patient's wishes can be sent to histological examination, to make sure that it is benign. At the end of the removal process, the area of ​​skin on which the procedure was carried out, requires special care. For some time, it is impossible to sunbathe in the sun, especially if it was an open space in the neck, face.

Laser removal of birthmarks

What is the cost to remove a mole

To get rid of moles on their own safe. Removing tumors laser is considered to be fast, reliable, aesthetic method. Moles small size can be removed in a beauty salon. If the nevus hanging (in the form of papilloma) or occupies a large area, located in dangerous places, where it is possible mechanical damage, it is recommended to apply to the clinic to see a doctor dermatologist who is experienced removing moles.

The cost of the procedure will depend not only on thethe size of the nevus, professional category and the medical institution where the removal takes place, but also on the location of the village. An experienced dermatologist will conduct a thorough examination of the entire body of the patient to identify moles to be removed. In practice, doctors often use to remove moles and age spots Surgitron apparatus.

Laser removal of tumors: before and after photos

Girl before and after the procedure

At the suggestion of the photo you can clearly tracka positive change in the appearance of the patient after removal of moles the laser. Exclusion of complications during the rehabilitation period without consequences in the form of wounds, scars helps not to interrupt the daily rhythm of life. Remove birthmark possible and in an adult, and the child, without fear that it will start to appear again.

Katya, 32 years old:Beautician advised me great modern way to get rid of moles hanging on his shoulder, which always injure clothing. Laser removal took place a couple of minutes. Fears that will heal for a long time, proved to be false. The doctor explained what and how to handle the place of burning. A week later, I did not remember that such a procedure was held.

Elena, 21 years: After a vacation at sea, I noticed that my so beautiful birthmark on his stomach began to grow rapidly, occupying a larger area. I went to the clinic to the dermatologist, and then - to the oncologist. It decided to immediately remove it. The choice fell on laser removal, after which will not remain scars. It was rather scary, but it does not hurt. Well, I just went to the doctor.

Tatiana, 55 years:From a young age my body was a mass of moles. With age, their number increased. First tried to remove them folk remedies, and then began to visit the dermatologist-oncologist every two to three years and regularly cleaned prevent bulging nevi. Previously, they were cut out, and the last time the laser burned per minute. I do not know that there is such a tool: no pain, no trace.

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