Infertility in women - Treatment and Diagnosis. The causes of female infertility

The main purpose of a woman is considered to bebirth of children. If for a long time, pregnancy does not occur, although it has all the prerequisites, the girl begins to "hang" on the labels of infertility. It is necessary to eliminate the panic and easy to understand in this situation, because this state does not always speak about infertility. Use our guide to find out the signs of infertility in women and its causes.

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The diagnosis of "infertility" is set in the case,If conception does not occur within a year in the absence of contraception. Yet we must note that one year is listed as an approximate date. In older women the probability of conception decreases, and therefore, the timing for the diagnosis increases. In some cases, a woman unable to conceive and give birth to a child, a partner or changing the place of residence. But do not wait for a long time, and as soon as possible seem gynecologist.

Let's start with the fact that infertility has several forms:

  • Primary infertility if pregnancy had never come;
  • Secondary exhibit in the case, if you already have a history of pregnancy;
  • Relative infertility - is a condition where there are temporary disease, which occurs after the removal of conception;
  • Absolute sterility is called, if the diseases caused by it, can not be cured.

Depending on the identification of the affected organ,exhibit uterine, tubal, and psychological immune infertility. Last - it is of great importance. Sometimes women get hung up on the idea to conceive a child, or on the contrary, are afraid of becoming pregnant, leading to disturbances in the body, not allowing the egg to gain a foothold.

Sometimes a change of the stalls results in a successful conception. There is a possibility of incompatibility when the cervical mucus does not pass the seed, and conception occurs. In this case, no medicines will not help solve the problem.

Signs of infertility can occur as early as adolescence. In the first place, it is too late to start menstruation, extended menstrual cycle, amenorrhea, disturbance of cycling, the scarcity of discharge and pain. The probability of infertility in women has with congenital abnormalities of the uterus and fallopian tubes, as well as weight loss caused by diet and so on.

Aggravating factors considered chronicinflammation of the reproductive organs, reproductive tract infections, absence of one of the ovaries, the violation of hormone production, poor permeability of pipes and chromosomal abnormalities.

Problems with ovulation

An important component of women's healthis regular ovulation. Almost? Women's violation of this process leads to infertility. The first sign of normal ovulation considered regular menstruation. But in this case, the egg production may be disrupted.

To determine the presence of ovulation is not difficult. One way of measuring basal body temperature is considered. During rupture of the follicle increases and it is maintained for a few days. Before menstruation for a couple of days it is reduced, but only if the pregnancy has not occurred.

It is also considered to be a sign of ovulation increasehormone levels, showing that the set time for the dough to ovulation. Using ultrasound, doctors monitor the health of the ovaries and egg maturation.

The reason for violations of the development and maturationegg may be hormonal changes, ovarian pathology, anatomical features such as the absence of one of the ovaries and so on. In this case, it must appear at least one characteristic sign of infertility in women: the menstrual cycle in the form of elongation cycle or amenorrhea.

Lead to changes in ovulation can birth control pills, especially their long-term use, surgery, trauma, infection, and even a chronic yeast infection.

In some cases, ovulation occurs, but due to the circumstances of the egg does not have time to get into the uterine cavity for a certain period. The cause of this condition is also considered to be hormonal disorders.

Tubo-ovarian pathology

Often considered to be the cause of infertilityanatomical abnormalities. Almost one-third of couples can not have children as a result of abnormalities of the reproductive organs. Often such problems leads to damage to the fallopian tubes, and (or) the adhesive process. Identify the disease in this case, helping US and comparison with photos taken during the previous surveys.

adhesion formation is often associated withinflammatory diseases and genital infections. In such cases, patients complain of pain in the abdomen, violation of menstruation, weakness and fatigue.

Another problem encountered in the pastwhile more and more often, it is the endometriosis. The cause of disease is considered to be a violation of hormonal levels, causing endometrial cells appear outside the womb, that is, in the abdomen, on the cervix and other organs. Clinic sometimes does not manifest itself, but may be severe symptoms. If it affects the uterine gestation accompanied by constant miscarriages or complete absence of pregnancy.

Breaking the patency of the fallopian tubes maypathology of adjacent organs, such as cancer, obesity or excessive thinness, the omission of bodies and so on. In the latter case, not only the egg can not pass through the pipes, but not the seed penetrates even for fertilization.

As revealed infertility?

In order to maximize fertility treatment waseffective and woman could have a baby, you need to conduct a thorough investigation and to identify the causes of pathology. First of all, give up blood and urine tests. The result revealed endocrine system, the urinary organs, and so on. It is also considered mandatory tests for hormones, sugar, biochemical research and analyzes on the latent infections: a long chlamydia, herpes and others.

Based on the data compiledrecommendations for instrumental studies. Necessarily ultrasound, colposcopy, MRI and others. As a result, they can be evaluated anatomical features scarring after surgery, as well as birth defects identified, obstruction and other diseases.

Do not neglect medical history. During the meeting, doctors often find out that the woman had a large number of abortions, miscarriages, operations on the pelvic organs or injury. Do not forget about your spouse, since sperm quality has a direct impact on the probability of conception.

Choosing a course of treatment is chosen on the basis ofData obtained. There are many techniques that allow to eliminate the problems associated with conception. On them, you will learn by viewing the video. Still, the best solution is internal consultation at the gynecologist.

If you are familiar with the problem of infertility, or you're onown experience to overcome this disease, write about it in the comments. Leave your comment what infertility symptoms were you and how did you overcome them.

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