Hypotension - what it is. Causes, symptoms and treatment of low blood pressure

On health challenges posedwith high blood pressure, they know almost everything, but about the dangers of poor performance tonometer knowledgeable few. Check out the information, what the hypotension which types of the disease distinguish what are its causes and how it is recommended to treat.

What is hypotension

What disease is hidden behind this term? Hypotension - a condition in which a person has been significantly reduced blood pressure (greater than 20% of normal), and he feels it's state. Such a diagnosis is made, if the patient develops a persistent decline in the upper (systolic) blood pressure monitor in the index to 90 mm Hg. Art and lower (diastolic) -. to 60 mm Hg. Art.

This condition may sometimes beare normal. For example, a low pressure occurs in people who are actively involved in sports. Often this figure is found in young girls asthenic physique or for persons for whom the typical sedentary daily work - for example, the office workers. Although the risk of complications from the heart and vessels with low blood pressure is significantly lower than at high, it also needs to be corrected to improve working ability and overall quality of life, and also - to reduce the risk of ischemic stroke.

As a disease, low reading on the blood pressure monitorshould be considered if additional symptoms -. dizziness, general weakness, etc. When a person is constantly reduced pressure, from the fact that blood flow is too small to ensure delivery to internal organs of necessary nutrients and oxygen, there are serious malfunctions organism. Discover what are the types of hypotension and to what dangerous consequences can result in a low level of pressure in the arteries.

Acute hypotension

So is a condition in which therea sharp drop in vascular tone, they expand on the paralytic type. What effect does this have on hypotensive? He observed brain hypoxia and anoxia in all body systems. The rate of acute arterial hypotension varies from patient to patient, but in each case of a disease requires a consultation with a doctor to determine the correct treatment regimen. If you leave this disease without treatment, a significant reduction in oxygen saturation level of the body will inevitably lead to serious consequences.

Chronic hypotension

In this form of the disease people are not particularlyIt feels the changes in the functioning of the body because his body has adapted to the downward pressure. A distinctive feature of chronic arterial hypotension is that in this type of disease symptoms slightly, circulatory disorders are almost invisible. Yet this condition also needs to be corrected by certain lifestyle changes to gipotonik could effectively work and be more energetic and successful in various fields.

Initial hypotension

This ailment is characterized as fullyindependent disease, often also called essential hypotension, or hypotension. The cause of primary arterial hypotension is a strong decrease in the activity of the autonomic nervous system of departments responsible for the control of blood pressure. It is believed that this happens under the influence of long-term surge in the psycho-emotional sphere - with frequent stress, depression.

Secondary hypotension

This state - not an independent disease, andindication of any other physiological or pathological changes in the organism. Thus, secondary hypotension often occurs when a person is observed cardiac insufficiency, osteochondrosis of the cervical spine, intoxication syndrome (eg, alcoholism), neurosis and so on. Low blood pressure is common in diabetics and pregnant women. In this case, if the factors affecting the flow of blood in the vessels are no longer effective, and the performance on the blood pressure monitor bounce back.

Hypotension in children

This disease is most often seen in a veryyoung age and adolescents. Hypotension - what it is in younger patients, why is it there? According to statistics, girls are more prone to this ailment than boys. To date, there are several hypotheses, because of what develops hypotension in children. Most experts tend to believe that it is caused by a dysfunction of the adrenal glands. In practice, the guys a decrease in physical and mental activity, they do not adapt to school life.

Hypotension - Causes

Although this disease can cause a variety offactors they have in common is that these effects interfere with the function of body systems that need to control the pressure. The main causes of hypotension include:

  • malfunction of the heart muscle;
  • significant blood loss or dehydration;
  • low tone of the arteries;
  • allergy;
  • poisoning of the body (food, alcohol, nicotine, etc.);
  • overdose of drugs for hypertension.

In some cases, the blood pressure canrapidly decrease even sudden change in body position - when a person is diagnosed transient orthostatic or postural hypertension. This is not an independent form of the disease, and the state. This happens, for example, the intake of certain medicines in the treatment of other ailments (not hypotension). By eliminating the destructive factors disappear and pressure surges.

Hypotension - Symptoms

How does low blood pressure? Common symptoms of hypotension include:

  • It appears dizziness, drowsiness;
  • decreased heart rate;
  • decreases mental and physical activity;
  • meteosensitivity observed, frequent irritability;
  • insomnia manifests itself;
  • hypotensive patients are often concerned about nausea - this is a sign that due to the reduction of blood pressure in the body are retained products of metabolism;
  • in some cases, possible loss of consciousness due to oxygen starvation of the brain.

Hypotension - Treatment

What person who has been diagnosedpersistent low blood pressure? It necessarily have to change your daily routine - adding moderate physical activity, adjust the mode of work and rest. In some cases, even such simple conservative measures would be enough to restore the normal state of health. For example, during pregnancy, when the extremely undesirable taking any medicines, good results are obtained by physiotherapy, aromatherapy, walking outdoors.

If these simple measures do not bring properresult, it is necessary to begin treatment of arterial hypotension medical drugs. We must know that failure to act in this case will not only significantly impair the quality of life every day, but also threatens to heart attack and stroke in the future. Specialist, examining the condition and medical history of the patient, especially reveals the reasons why the pressure is reduced, and assigns a medication that can eliminate the influence of destabilizing factors.

Preparations in arterial hypotension

Most drugs designedincrease blood pressure, are composed of caffeine -. for example, such tablets as Citramon, askofen, Kofetamin etc. If the patient has decreased concentration, memory has deteriorated as a result of the disease, the doctor may prescribe nootropic drugs in hypotension and medication, support brain function :. Cavintonum, Cinnarizine, Phenibut, Cere and other therapy should be sure to pass on prescription and under medical supervision to prevent overdose drugs and sudden pressure surges.

hypotension Treatment of folk remedies

Very effective help with hypotension - a cupcoffee. Folk remedies for hypotension include the use of mineral grains in a different way - in a mixture of 50 grams of ground roasted coffee, 500 ml of honey and juice of 1 lemon. This drug must be taken for 1 hour. L. no earlier than 2 hours after a meal. Good will raise the overall tone of the body:

  • sweet black tea with ginger - drink it 3 times a day for 7-10 days;
  • infusion of St. John's wort - 1 tsp.. grass pour 2 cups of boiled water, an hour and take throughout the day for 3 times before meals.

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