How to provoke monthly

Female body is very sensitive to a variety ofunfavorable factors, which may affect the monthly cycle, and move his schedule. Delay of menstruation may be related to climate change, taking drugs or various diseases. If the graph is stable for several years, it is dangerous to break. In most cases, gynecological disease may cause such a delay, the list also causes nervous and mental diseases, diseases of the internal organs. It should not be ruled out pregnancy, which postpones the onset cycle of 11 months or more.

Proceeding from the above, the reasons for suchdelay in the absence of pregnancy, the disease may be different, it only makes sense to deal with a delay, rather than a disease? It's probably best to consult a doctor, who can determine the cause through various studies. To restore cycle doctor may prescribe a course of hormone therapy, after which menstruation occurs for the fourth or fifth day. If time does not see a doctor, the case could result in complications.

How to trigger the menstrual cycle before

Despite the warnings, doctors fear, a desire to deal with problems or other reasons a woman still trying to intervene and call yourself monthly.

Basically, the adjustment takes place at a veryweighty reasons for women - a vacation, an important business trip, a date with a man, or even a wedding. Wedding - a very important, probably one of the most important stages in the life of any woman.

There is no doubt - the question of intervention in its ownthe health of the woman has the right to decide on their own, but often such an intervention does not benefit. Savvy girl "developed" many ways to speed up the process, most of these methods are quite affordable. But even if you will achieve the result, the cycle is likely to be not so abundant and contact your doctor will still have. Acceptance of any medication will lead to a similar result, so if you have to try and shift the menstrual cycle, only the gentle folk methods.

In the arsenal of our grandmothers and great-grandmothers weretime proven tools. Very often used parsley, used to prepare a decoction. Take broth needed for five days - 100 grams in the morning and before bedtime. To enhance the effect reception broth can be combined with food intake fresh parsley, which can have a beam, as well as salads.

Well-proven tansy thatIt grows abundantly in the middle lane. Tansy is considered a medicinal plant, it is sold in pharmacies. A decoction of tansy prepared as follows: two tablespoons of the plant to brew in 200 g of boiling water, to give infusions for 30 minutes, and use inside of 70 grams in the morning, afternoon and evening for 20-30 minutes before meals. If tansy is not at hand, you can use chamomile. Chamomile can trigger the onset of monthly, to use tea from it. He infused within 20 minutes, three times a day to drink. Taking herbal infusions, you need to listen closely to your own body - with the appearance of rash, itching, redness, bowel disorders should stop the course of medication.

How to bring the onset of female days

Potent means considered baysheet, which certainly in stock at any housewife. To cycle days came earlier applied broth, infused with bay leaf. In 400 grams of water you need to load a bag (10 grams), bay leaves, bring to boiling water and cook for 5 minutes, removing the cover. Infuse the broth should be for three hours (preferably in a thermos), after which the broth is filtered and consumed in divided doses before meals for one day. The effect is already the next day.

With the bay leaves you need to be careful - overdose can result in severe bleeding.

Herbal chamomile, oregano and valerianIt has a less radical and more sparing effect. Gathering prepared as follows: 4 parts marjoram and chamomile, and valerian root 3 parts to grind and mix. Tablespoon of the finished broth steamed in boiling water for an hour. Accept infusion to 100 grams daily, morning and evening, until a result.

A good effect is produced by another collection, consisting ofElecampane, radiograms root, peppermint, nettle, yarrow and knotweed. All of these components must be taken in equal proportions, chop and mix. Two tablespoons spoon collection to pour one liter of boiling water and infuse for 12 hours, then strain and drink in the morning 100 grams of infusion, and the remaining 900 grams - throughout the day.

The husk of onions - an excellent drug forstimulate menstruation. To broth was "nourishing", you need to stock up on plenty of husk. Throughout the day to drink 2-3 cups of broth, then the desired effect will come the next day.

What can be done at home

An excellent alternative to receiving medicinaldrugs and herbs are considered to be a hot bath, the effect of which can be enhanced by ingestion of hot mulled wine or wine. Hot foot bath, sauna and steam bath have the same effect. For the full effect, after the bath, bath and sauna desirable intimacy, it tones the uterus, which, coupled with blood flow to the genitals and cause menstruation. Contraindications bath procedures can be high blood pressure and diseases of the uterus and ovaries.

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