How to treat warts on the fingers

The cause of the growths on the skin is considered to behuman papilloma virus, with more than 100 species. These formations are often formed on the fingers, both a small child or an adult. There are different options on how to get rid of warts on the finger.

How to cure warts on hands

Skin growths, resembling in appearancenodule - this is a wart. There are two types of tumors: the ordinary, which in color are brown and pink, and a little flat with a yellowish tinge. Regardless of what type of build-up occurs on the body of it in any case must be disposed of. There are different ways on how to treat warts on the fingers:

  1. Surgical. With the help of medical instruments and removes warts.
  2. Physiotherapy. It includes several methods: removal laser, electrocoagulation, cryotherapy.
  3. Chemical. This includes the treatment of the disease pharmacy drugs.
  4. Immunotherapy. Compliance with the rules of a healthy lifestyle, hardening of the body, the use of interferon, vitamins and tincture of rose hips with honey.
  5. People. In the fight against viral infection will help a variety of herbs and essences.

The wart on his finger

Surgery and physiotherapy treatment of warts on the fingers

Any growths are unpleasant to the touch, and the man,who suffers from such formations, uncomfortable. To get rid of unpleasant disease need comprehensive treatment. Viral bundle can effectively remove the surgeon, using a local anesthetic and a scalpel. The doctor thus completely cuts the build-up of tissue and imposes cosmetic seams. Excision of warts surgically produced when growths struck most of the skin. Today, this method has lost its popularity. He was replaced by modern methods of physiotherapy:

  • laser removal. Painless, quick, but costly. After the procedure is not scarring, quick recovery occurs.
  • Electrocoagulation. Bloodless but painful method. After tightening the wound scars sometimes.
  • Cryotherapy (use of liquid nitrogen). Too painful procedure. Sometimes you need to re-burning.

Chemical cure for warts on hands

All medicinal products should beused with caution, otherwise the procedure can cause a burn. In order not to harm healthy skin should stick adhesive tape with a hole for the build-up. Handle substance need only region warts. This method is not recommended for diabetics and people with circulatory disorders. Among the pharmaceutical alkaline and acidic drugs used to remove tumors, the most popular are:

  1. Solkoderm. As part of the drug can be found 4 acid: lactic, acetic, nitric and oxalic. It has a cauterizing effect.
  2. Salicylic acid. It should be priced at a pharmacy without a prescription. The treatment effect occurs within a few weeks.
  3. Superchistotelo. This alkaline composition comprising sodium hydroxide and potassium, contraindicated in children. The treatment lasts for 5 days.
  4. Verrukatsid. The drug included cresol, phenol. When small wart used once. It does not apply to the child.
  5. Vartek. In the drugstore the medicine is sold in the form of a cream. It provides education and mummified cauterizing effect.
  6. Kolomak. Tool capable to melt the fabric. As part of the solution is, polidocanol, salicylic acid and lactic acid. The drug can be used to treat the growths in young children.

Verrukatsid warts

Folk remedies for warts on the fingers

Getting rid of the growths do not cause anydifficulties for doctors, and many people are eager to learn, than to treat a wart on his finger in the home. This is especially worried parents whose children have a variety of viral nodules, because not every child can easily take to the surgeon, and wait until the growths to disappear, do not want to. In such cases, to remove education, people can apply proven tools.

How to display a wart on the finger oils

To viral growths on his hands did not appear,one should stick to the main rules of personal hygiene, avoid contact with people who already have the disease. If any growths on the skin, you should not ignore them, and seeking treatment, or delete. There are several popular folk recipes on how to cure a wart on the finger:

  1. It is necessary to take 3 drops of castor oil and gentlyput on the infected skin area. This helps eliminate the roots are in the epidermis. Helps to eliminate skin defects even hemp, fir, pine oil, which is always available over the counter.
  2. Get rid of the entities helps bath with baking soda and butter. Per liter of water you need to add a drop of tea tree oil and a spoonful of soda. Hand should be kept as part of approximately 15 minutes.

Castor oil for wart removal

How to remove a wart on his finger vinegar hands

Fight growths can be using vinegar. This will require:

  • take a drop of concentrated vinegar 9%;
  • to protect the area around the wart should be pre-oil cream;
  • Further swab dipped in vinegar should burn the nodules.

Another popular option of how to treat warts on the fingers, is a recipe with vinegar and onions. For him, you will need:

  • circle bulbs, pre-soaked in vinegar;
  • on the wart should fix this patch piece of onion;
  • every day the bulb needs to be changed;
  • build-up and its roots in a few days to disappear.

Removing warts with vinegar

How to remove a wart from finger sap

The most popular way to get rid of viral skin lesions is to use the juice of celandine. In order to reduce the build-up needed:

  • take a fresh branch of celandine, to break a few leaves;
  • the handle should act juice, and that it is necessary to rub the wart;
  • the procedure should be performed daily.

The powerful antiseptic leaves of Kalanchoe and considered. For this recipe you need with this plant:

  • take small leaves of Kalanchoe, incise them to release the juice;
  • Next you need to bandage the leaves to the affected area;
  • every 4 hours should change bandage and applying fresh leaves.

Long did not know what to bring a wart on his fingerarms. Having tried various ointments, buy expensive drugs, pills, nothing helped. Grandmother advised to take the juice of celandine and carefully cauterize them outgrowth. A week later the hated knot was gone. I think that people are safe and effective.

Maria, 30 years old

My child has warts on the hands. To the doctor, he does not want to go, so we decided to resort to folk remedies. First made him a bath with pine oil to soften the build-up, then stuck on top of the onions and vinegar. Son said that it was a bit of a burning sensation, but after 5 minutes it went. Doing so 3 days, all the warts turned black and then gradually disappeared.

Ivan, 36 years old

On the Internet today you can find a lot of articles abouthow to treat warts on fingers. The most effective, I believe the use of a laser. With it, you can safely remove the nodules. This method is expensive, but it does not leave scars after the procedure. I removed several laser build-up 2 years ago, it quickly passed.

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