How to treat ringworm in humans

Ringworm - a skin disease, which manifests itself inlesions of the skin. There are about a dozen varieties of the disease: depending on the form of the disease causes shingles rash of different colors and on different parts of the body. Form lesions (spots on the body) is also different. How to treat ringworm in humans, physicians decide in each particular case - is necessary to determine the type of lichen.

The causative agent is denying one of thespecies of microscopic fungi. Some fungi infects only humans and other animals carry, keeping pathogens that infect the human immune system. It is also proved, and the viral nature of depriving - we know that from this disease most often affects people with poor immune systems.

Skin lesions lishaynyh eruptions can stillIt is caused by stress, allergies, respiratory infections. Sometimes treatment is not required if the disease is in a latent form, the symptoms go away. We also know that some forms of depriving the body is able to cope on their own. In other cases, you should immediately begin treatment.

Why you need to start treatment depriving

Immediately after the show up on the skinrashes or red spots, we recommend to consult a dermatologist to get treatment. If you do not delay the campaign to the doctor, the treatment will be able to pass quickly, otherwise get rid of depriving a long and long. In some cases resembles herpes zoster lesion, so the diagnosis needs to be clarified. But even experienced sometimes difficult to determine the type of lichen, it is necessary to carry out special investigations.

How do I know what zoster struck you? From the photographs shown on the Internet, accurately identify and recognize a variety of rashes hard, can only see what it looks like pink lichen. The success of treatment depends on how quickly treatment is begun and whether chosen the right remedy for the disease. Indeed, in some cases, to withdraw and to cure ringworm can be difficult, sometimes illness amenable to treatment at home.

All kinds of the disease and its treatment

Ringworm Treatment

This kind of skin ailment people suffer inmost cases. The disease is transmitted from person to person and from animals to humans. Pathogen - a microscopic fungus Trichophyton. For the treatment of this variety of the disease is usually given medication therapy outdoor and indoor use. To begin therapy is better after a consultation with a dermatologist.

If the focus of the disease - a small area of ​​skin,surface is dry, administered topical application of ointments such as "Clotrimazole" "Lamisil" "miconazole," etc. If the fungus had hit a large area of ​​the skin, the use of ointments have to be combined with antibiotics intake - tablets or subcutaneous injections, such as "Orungal" or "Griseofulvin". Without the complete destruction of cells trihofiton in this case it is impossible to get rid of the disease.

If the pathogen struck the scalp,neck, chin assigned to shampoo with Shampoo "Nizoral". This tool will remove burning and peeling of the skin, and other unpleasant symptoms. The hair on the affected areas of the skin should be cut.

Treatment of colored lichen

If the disease first made itself felt,get rid of it will help to sunbathing - ultraviolet quickly destroy the pathogen. But the problem is that the multi-colored or colored lichen easily becomes chronic. If the warm period of time will heal wounds, in winter illness makes itself felt new manifestations.

Therefore, treatment with ultraviolet light is better to combine withfoci of treatment depriving - to smear the affected areas, "miconazole" and other medical drugs, as well as exfoliating agents (salicylic alcohol). The scheme is: day center lubricated anti-fungal drug, the skin is treated salicylic alcohol in the evening, and at night you must anoint the wound "miconazole". After 4-5 days the skin is restored, the wound will stop itching and heal.

Treatment of herpes zoster

Treatment of this disease is carried out in a variety ofthree directions. The affected areas of the skin (purulent vesicles) was treated with "green paint" or cauterize their other medications. assigned "Acyclovir" To eliminate the focus of infection. If the skin is severely itchy, sore, a wet surface, prescribe drugs to reduce pain, creams or ointments. Finally, for a speedy recovery, doctors recommend to start taking vitamin complexes.

Treatment of flat red lichen

This type of skin disease mainly affectswomen. To treat the disease used antibiotics, hormonal and antihistamines -. Hydrocortisone ointment, drugs penicillin group, "Tavegil" With severe pain and itching recommended intake of analgesics. To increase the body's defenses, doctors are advised to take medications and vitamins to enhance immunity.

Video on how to treat ringworm in humans, what methods to fight the disease, how to recover once and for all, will help you understand the causes, symptoms and ways to combat this disease.

How to treat ringworm in humans - folk methods

The methods of traditional medicine are used in parallelwith the main means of depriving the designated physician. Do not self-medicate, choosing this simple and inexpensive method, is it possible not help, but only exacerbate the progress of the disease.

Treatment of lemon (fruit)

Squeeze the juice of 1 lemon fruit, treating the lesions 3 times a day until the skin is restored.

Treatment mylnjanki ordinary (root)

soapwort root infusion used to cook this way: minced 1 tsp medicinal plants, boil 200 grams of water and refrigerate. Infuse mylnjanki need for six hours. Do not forget to strain the tincture through a cheesecloth. Drink 1 tablespoon every two hours throughout the day. Repeat the procedure until such time as the disease is not completely cured.

Treatment of garlic (head)

Many help to procedures related to the processing and by applying garlic affected site. We offer two effective ways.

  1. Crush chesnokodavilku a few cloves of garlic. Garlic weight applied to the affected area, keep 10-15 minutes. The course of treatment lasts three to four days.
  2. Cut a few cloves of garlic in half,wipe them affected skin places. For best effect, we recommend following the procedure to treat the affected area with a mixture of chopped burdock root and charcoal.

Plaster of rosin


  • Milled pine rosin.
  • Lard (peretoplennoe for a couple).
  • Beeswax

All components used in the patchratio of 1 to 1. It should wax melt down, mix it with rosin. Next, add the fat in small portions. During the preparation of the mass must be constantly stirring. Once the mass is smooth, let it cool down. The resulting mixture should be applied on a sterile bandage or gauze applied to the affected area. Change the bandage twice a day, part of the mixture will be absorbed the skin, the rest must be removed with the help of gauze. Perform the procedure to eliminate sores.

Ointment sprout


  • Salo pork - 500g
  • Birch buds and fresh - 1 cup

Melt a couple of bacon, poundBirch buds. Mix the ingredients into a homogeneous mass. Then put in a lot of pottery, and cook in the oven for a week for three hours a day. On the last day of the melted fat is drained, the kidneys throw. The resulting ointment applied to the affected area.

celery Treatment

Rub the roots and leaves of celery (taken inratio of 1 to 1), applying a mixture of roots and leaves to the affected places. The effect of this treatment increases the simultaneous ingestion of celery juice - 2 tbsp three times a day.

Preventive measures: How Not to Die deprive

Lichen - an infectious disease. The main way to protect yourself from illness - regularly observe good personal hygiene. Do not touch your hands to stray animals - cats and dogs.

If you have to constantly take care ofpatients, special precautions should be taken. We recommend washing your hands constantly means destroying the pathogen of the disease - trichophytosis. Good show themselves in this regard ordinary soap. Preparation "Tsiteal", dissolved in water, forms a thick foamy mass which destroys fungus. Wash the head and body need an antifungal shampoo "Nizoral".

Pathogen depriving its viability ishuman body for over three months. In the room, the apartment, where the patient every day to do wet cleaning, using "Alpinol" or "Alaminol". All upholstered furniture, carpets and toys should be temporarily removed. Things the patient and bed accessories erased separately. All the laundry after washing necessarily need to iron. To prevent relapse after disease failed to cure, hand blood tests.

When the first symptoms of lichen, contact your doctor, do not self-medicate to illness did not have time to go into a chronic phase.

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