How to treat herpes on the lips during pregnancy: effective and safe ways

Herpes on the lips during pregnancy is far awayNot a rare disease. However, it is customary to refer to "risk factors" for the future mother and her baby. What is this risk? And how does it affect the health of both? Read more about this.

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How to treat herpes on the lips during pregnancy

In modern obstetrical practice is preservedAn ambiguous attitude to herpes on the lips during pregnancy. The consequences of the disease are also indicated different - from malformations of the fetus to the absence of any manifestations at all.

Why does herpes occur in pregnancy?

The body of a woman who carries a baby,"Disables" the normal level of immunity. It is necessary for pregnancy to flow in the right direction. After all, the beloved kid inside of us, in fact, is a "foreign" body, which the immunity working in full power would easily drive away.

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How to treat herpes on the lips during pregnancy

At the same time, processes that previouslyDid not even make itself felt. For example, expectant mothers often develop thrush. Microbes from ordinary dental plaque, which our body used to handle before, affects the gingival tissue, which causes bleeding and gingivitis. The same can be said about the common cold on the lips during pregnancy. In the early stages, when the body experiences tremendous stress, it occurs most often.

How dangerous is herpes for a baby?

When asked if herpes is dangerous on the lips during pregnancy, doctors respond in the following way: depending on what the disease has appeared and how long the fetus has developed.

The cause of the disease

It may be primary infection or itsRelapse. If you have suffered from rashes of this nature before, there is no reason to worry. More than 97% of the world's population is infected with type 1 herpes (thereby causing bubbles on the lips). And each of these people, including you, has antibodies in the blood to this sore. That is, the rash becomes a demonstration that immunity is lowered, and your body needs support. But no threat to you or the baby does not create.

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How to treat herpes on the lips during pregnancy

If the bubbles first appeared andAccompanied by symptoms of infection (fever, body aches), the situation is much more complicated. Primary infection with the herpes virus is extremely undesirable for a future mother and child. And requires compulsory observation of a specialist, as it creates a threat to the development of the fetus. But such situations - a rare phenomenon, since to live up to 20 years and never to meet a herpes infection is almost impossible. Most often it infects children after the age of 4 years, and some - even at the time of birth.

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How to treat herpes on the lips during pregnancy

Pregnancy and its timing

Theoretically, herpes on the lips during pregnancy inThe first trimester is the most dangerous, since during this period the formation of the systems of the future little man is taking place. However, the main danger exists for mothers who fell ill for the first time. If the disease manifests itself not the first time, it does not have any significant effect on the fetus. Moreover, your antibodies are transmitted to the baby, who until about 6 months of age is immune to this infection.

Herpes on the lips during pregnancy in the secondTrimester is less dangerous even with primary infection, but treatment should take place under the supervision of a doctor. Regardless of when the cold on the lip appeared during pregnancy (2 trimester or 1), carefully observe the rules of hygiene, always wash your hands after treatment of ulcers. Never touch the genitals with unwashed hands, so as not to cause them to become infected.

Features of herpes treatment for expectant mothers

Understanding how to treat a cold on the lips during pregnancy will ensure the speedy recovery of a future mother. The technique of treatment in this case is not much different from the conventional when itchy bubbles develop.

Antiviral drugs - they are used only in the form of ointments (allowedIndependent use, without the appointment of a doctor). Means in tablets for admission are prohibited, but can be prescribed by a specialist. Ointments and gels based on acyclovir do not affect the fetus, do not penetrate the blood and tissues, carry out a surface effect. Among the popular ones are Zovirax, permitted for use during pregnancy.

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How to treat herpes on the lips during pregnancy

Folk remedies - in combination with ointment become effectiveSolution than treating herpes on the lips of pregnant women. In the first days it is better to use only ointment, since the degree of its effect on the virus decreases as it develops. Approximately on day 3, when the ulcers begin to burst, the use of agents to accelerate healing is recommended. Good work sea buckthorn oil, aloe juice and Kalanchoe, which stimulate the regeneration of tissues.

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How to treat herpes on the lips during pregnancy

Diet and maintenance of immunity - when there is a shortage in the body of a future motherVitamins and microelements not only affects the woman's immunity, but also the health of the crumbs, as well as the appearance of the hair, nails. Therefore, the common practice during the carrying of the baby is nutrition with a rich content of protein, vitamins, amino acids, which can ensure the consumption of low-fat meat, fish, fruits and vegetables. Consult your gynecologist about taking a multivitamin complex. Today in pharmacies are presented vitamins, the composition of which meets the needs of the organism of expectant mothers and their babies.

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How to treat herpes on the lips during pregnancy

It is important to monitor your condition andAny questions should be referred to a doctor. Be calm and remember that the complications of herpes in bearing a baby are more a rarity than a norm.

Good luck!

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