How to treat burns in the home

Such damage is a burn, easy to get evenhome, inadvertently handling equipment, ironing linen or pouring hot tea over himself. Processing thus depends on the degree of severity of the injury, which is determined by the presence of certain symptoms. Burn Treatment at home is possible, but only in mild injuries. How and what to treat such wounds? The instructions below will help to sort out this issue.

How to assess the degree of damage to the burn

To determine whether to carry out the treatment of burns at home, you first need to identify the degree of their severity. This will help the following features:

  1. First degree. Characterized by a light redness injury. Furthermore, it may appear transparent edema and small blisters filled with liquid.
  2. Second degree. On the reddened and swollen skin appear large blisters, which often burst. This process causes the formation of a crust.
  3. Third Degree. Small blisters around the burn, do not burst, and large bubbles have already opened. In their place is formed scab - a protective crust of blood, pus and dead tissues that causes scarring.
  4. The fourth degree. The last stage of the burn severity, accompanied by signs of previous degrees and charring of damaged areas.

burns Treatment

If you have identified on the basis of at 1 or 2burn stage, then to cope with the disease, you can at home. Before you apply some medicine, learn what can not be done strictly with such injuries:

  1. Pierce blisters.
  2. Lubricate the skin with alcohol, fatty creams and ointments. Contraindicated sour cream and yogurt.
  3. Use to wash the urine.
  4. For compresses applied cotton wool.
  5. Close up a plaster.

Washing the affected area with a thermal burn under cold water


To exclude such factors as getting burnt on the site of infection, pain and burn patients, it is necessary to take urgent measures of first aid:

  1. Substitute the damaged part of the body under cold water. It is better to use the flow-through, but in a pinch, pour the liquid into the tank, and there just blow constantly new portions.
  2. After cooling the burn, use a wound healing agent.
  3. If in the medicine cabinet was not an ointment or gel, simply apply a sterile bandage on the burn.

What to do when you get burned with boiling water

Wound healing following drugs can be used after first aid:

Valium for drug solution, a drug on enzymes of papaya juice. Has necrolytic action, therefore is indicated for burns up to 4 degrees.

The medicine preparing means diluting 10 ml-th 0.9% sodium chloride solution or 0.5% -th novocaine solution. Then moisten the cloth they impose it on the burn, the top make a waterproof bandage. To change it you need a day. The treatment lasts from 4 to 12 days. Prescription.


Ointment for burns with antibacterial and regenerating effect. It is shown with festering wounds.

Apply topically necessary, imposing on the damaged tissue of gauze, previously impregnated with ointment. Ligation of this should be daily.


Ointment for external use, stimulating tissue repair. It is shown that in case of burns no more than 2 degrees.

Must be applied directly to the wound before purging it of this disinfectant.

The smear if burned by steam

When scalding skin also needs to immediately cool with water, then treated with an antiseptic, such as chlorhexidine. After that, the skin must be lubricated Burns preparation:

  1. «D-panthenol». The drug is available in several forms - ointment, cream or spray. It is indicated for burns of different origin. For the treatment to distribute a thin layer means the place of damage, rubbing lightly. The day use up to 4 times, a pre-processing antiseptic. Price ointment - 250 p.
  2. "Rescuer". The antimicrobial, soothing and healing ointment on natural ingredients. Use recommended for skin inflammations. Before you anoint burn, damaged areas should be cleaned, and then distribute them a significant layer of cream and wait until absorbed. You can apply a bandage, but only to a suction means. Price - 120 p.
  3. "Olazol". Spray with an anesthetic, regenerating and anti-bacterial action. On open wounds and burns to cause foam to 4 times a day, evenly pre shaking the can. Price - 290 p.

Rescue Cream for burns

How to treat a blister from an iron

When ironing you accidentally touched the device with your finger or other body part, then use the following instructions first aid for burns iron:

  1. Such damage often refers to the severity of 1-2, so to start just cool the damaged area with water.
  2. Rub the burn with a solution of potassium permanganate.
  3. Treat the wound of burn ointment. Use the "rescuer" ointment, "Panthenol" Vishnevsky "Solkoseril", "Bepanten".
  4. Apply dry sterile gauze bandage.
  5. Use analgesics pills to numb the burns.


chemical burn home treatment is aimed at cooling the wound and eliminating effects of substance, such as iodine or hydrogen peroxide. The latter have the following tools:

  1. vinegar, citric or boric acid - neutralize alkaline environments;
  2. solution of soda - reduces the acid;
  3. sugar - eliminates the effects of lime;
  4. alcohol, and vodka - neutralize the phenol compound.

sea ​​-buckthorn- oil-555

Sea buckthorn oil helps with skin burns

How to treat a burn with iodine

Burn iodine is manifested in the dryness, cracks andopen sores or blisters in more severe cases. In addition, it characterized by scars from which it is difficult to get rid of quickly. Remove the effects of such damage can be the following:

  1. Rinse skin with iodine. If the burn is manifested directly after application, while rinsing should be for at least 15 minutes, if after more than an hour - for at least 30 minutes.
  2. Treat your skin with a neutralizing agent. Use an aqueous solution of soap, tooth powder or chalk.
  3. Apply a burn wound healing drug place. For example, sea buckthorn oil, which is necessary to lubricate the wound for 3 days. According to the instruction, use creams and ointments such as "Panthenol", "rescuer", "Panthenol".

If vinegar scorched sky and language

External considered damage to the skin, lips, eyes. If the vinegar came to these parts of the body, it is possible to cure it on the principle of treatment for chemical burns. Penetration into the vinegar is the most dangerous. If the agent gets into the esophagus, it can not restore it in most cases. The victim, follow these steps:

  1. Rinse mouth neutralizing vinegar weak soda solution.
  2. Drink plenty of clean water to wash out the stomach. Perhaps vinegar could get into the digestive tract.
  3. Rinse your mouth with a solution of a local anesthetic, for example, a 1% novocaine.
  4. Urgent call for a doctor.

First aid for electrical burns

First aid for electrical burns

For the correct first aid is necessary to know the sequence of actions:

  1. As soon as possible to separate the person and current source. Disconnect from the network device. If this is not possible, then pull the victim with a plastic or wooden object.
  2. Check breathing, test the pulse. When uneven and weak breathing to begin heart massage. Do not stop it before the signs of life or a doctor soon.
  3. During normal breathing and pulse put the victim in a position such that the legs were a little higher, and his head was turned to one side to avoid sticking of the language.
  4. In the absence of consciousness of the victim sprinkle with water, give to smell ammonia.
  5. If a person is awake, then to alleviate his condition, it is necessary to provide him rest until the arrival of doctors, put in a warm place and giving hot tea. Follow the immobility of the victim.

aloe juice

Pets folk remedies

Informal medicine offers several effective and proven method for the treatment of burns. Folk remedies for burns following:

  1. Mint toothpaste. If you get burned with boiling water to wash out the wound and immediately put the pasta in a large quantity. It is able to reduce or eliminate pain, but also prevents blisters. Wash off after 1.5-2 hours.
  2. Aloe. Cut in half leaf plants, wrap the wound with it, pre-rubbed on a grater. Use up to 2 times a day until complete healing of the wound.
  3. Potatoes. On a fine grater grate the peeled vegetables, expanded mass in gauze and apply it to the sore area. After heating compress use the following portion of the grated potatoes. Use up to the disappearance of burning.
  4. Soda. In a glass of water dissolve 1 tsp facilities. Make compresses, applying to the sore area in gauze moistened with a solution. Use before the pain subsides.

Cream antibacterial action Dermazin

Burns funds for children

If the burn is easy, it is cooled under cold water and then treated by means of panthenol. Among the drugs for children are effective:

  1. "La Cree." Cosmetic cream that restores the structure of the epidermis after insect bites, burns or exposure to cold and wind. It is used in adults and in infants from the first day of life. Means must be distributed to the affected areas in a small amount. Perform the procedure in the morning and 20 minutes before sleep.
  2. "Panthenol". The cream-foam is applied to the first minutes of the damage. It is only necessary to distribute the middle layer to the damaged area. Subsequently applied up to 4 times a day. Suitable for infants.
  3. "Dermazin". Cream antibacterial action. Approved for children from 2 months. The tool is applied to a layer thickness of 4 mm. Use up to 2 times daily until complete disappearance of the consequences of burns.

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