How to treat pink deprive a person

What picture arises in the mind when the word"lichen"? Most people think that this is an unpleasant illness with irritating skin itch, in addition also contagious. Find out whether this is so, whether this disease threatens any consequences. Ask how we treat pink depriving a person and what feature of therapeutic treatments for children and pregnant women. The different situations can be useful information for the practice of Medicine, traditional medicine and a special diet in this disease.

How to treat pink deprive Gibert

To date, physicians have not determined the exact causative agent of the disease among the possible causes of the call:

  • weakened immunity due to SARS and other infectious diseases;
  • defeat herpes virus 6 th or 7 th type;
  • hypothermia - for the autumn-winter period is characterized by increase in the incidence of pink lichen;
  • allergic nature of the occurrence.

Paradoxical as it sounds, but the officialMedicine on the question of how to get rid of the pink lichen, said that in 80% of cases the disease goes away safely, even without treatment, within 2 months. Requires only eliminate skin irritants factors. The use of drugs is necessary only in complex cases, but contact a specialist in detecting signs of pink lichen need. The doctor will clarify the diagnosis and indicate what appropriate measures to take to cure, given the characteristics of the body, medical history, age.

Pink zoster Gibert - a frequent diagnosis forpregnant women. According to doctors, his manifestation is due to hormonal changes in the female body during the period of gestation. Dangerous Is the rash to the future health of mother and baby? Medical evidence suggests that pink zoster during pregnancy - is a cosmetic defect, which is a significant impact on health grudnichka and the further development of the child has not. But women still need to consult a dermatologist to accurate diagnosis of the disease has been carried out, and if necessary - prescribed treatment.

The child has

Pink zoster in children under 10 years are rarelyoccurs. Its appearance is associated with the weakening of immunity of the child, such as an illness or a vaccination. It starts with the manifestation of the disease in the first skin lesion -. Circular pink or reddish spots with a diameter of 2-5 cm It diagnosticians at the spot was called "maternal plaque." Do not notice its occurrence is virtually impossible. After 2 days, a rash appears on the body, the size is smaller than the primary lesion. Spots itch, itch, spread throughout the body, delivering psychological discomfort to the child.

Though the disease is not highly endangered bears,start a fight with the disease should be immediately. Treatment pink lichen mainly in children is to raise immunity. To do this, doctors prescribe "Ascorutin" - tablets containing vitamins C and E, which are powerful antioxidants, or other vitamin therapy. To remove the itch using antihistamine gel "Finist". Spot pink lichen, 3 times a day smeared with iodine, moves from the spot edges to the center. This procedure also helps to relieve itching, rash prisushivaet.


Pink deprive ill adults between the ages of 2045-50 years, this disease is not common in the elderly. Develops disease similar to - as well as in children: on the upper part of the body appears maternal plaque rash spreads to the chest. The rash often localized to the fold lines of the body - the neck, in the groin. Without treatment, pink lichen can not do with a strong itching that accompanies the rash in 25% of adults. Then we have to go to a dermatologist: it checks the absence of similar diseases (eczema, psoriasis) and prescribe oral or topical antihistamines.

Medicines pink lichen

The exact cause of the disease has not been established, becausemethods for the treatment of pink depriving a person aimed at removing or alleviating the symptoms. In some difficult cases, improve the patient's condition observed in the treatment of streptococcal vaccines and antivirals. Remove unpleasant, irritating symptoms and heal the spots on the skin that look very ugly, can help tablets, ointments and domestic drugs.


Sent by the action of the ointment in pink lichenHuman withdrawal itching, drying spots, so they will have gained a natural shade, do not cause psychological discomfort. To this end, dermatologists often recommend the use of a paste Lassara - salitsilovo- zinc mixture podsushivayuschee antimicrobial agent. A good preparation for local therapy is a talker "Tsindol". Its composition comprises zinc oxide, glycerol, starch, talc - substances which are dried and disinfected irritated skin. To select an ointment or cream of pink lichen doctor should.


If pink zoster pronounced, spread overa large surface of the skin, the patient is prescribed antivirals, antihistamines and vitamin therapy. For example, stimulate the immune system pills "Acyclovir". To remove the itch, dermatologists prescribe "Claritin", "Suprastin". Often, doctors recommend taking calcium supplements, B vitamins and antioxidants - vitamins A, C, E, the effect of which has beneficial effects on immunity and skin health.

Folk remedies

How to treat pink deprive at home? To eliminate the feeling of dryness and tightness of the skin, lubricate it hypoallergenic moisturizing cream or lotion. Promote rapid healing sunbathing brief - no more than 10-15 minutes. The most first means - compliance with simple rules. Necessary:

  • wash in the shower: to not further irritate the skin, do not use very hot water, soap and rub hard sponge damaged areas;
  • use cotton underwear;
  • not to wear synthetic or woolen clothing directly on the body.

How quickly cure pink shingles home using methods recommended in folk medicine? Many people who have had this disease, respond well to the use of such funds:

  1. To remove the itch wet apple cider vinegar place irritation on the skin (as needed, 5-7 times a day).
  2. Rub into the affected areas of wheat flour from the edge of the spot to the center, repeat 3-5 times a day - as soon as the skin dries out and acquire the normal color.
  3. Applying stain pink lichen warm compresses of decoctions of herbs succession, chamomile or calendula.

Good relieve itching and promote regenerationoily skin paper products of combustion. To use this tool, you need to cut a piece of white cardboard (about a half a sheet notebooks), twist it into a tube, put on a plate and set on fire. This should be as close as possible to keep the other plate over the fire. When the paper will burn down, blow away the remnants of the ashes, the remaining brown oil to grease stains pink lichen from the edges toward the center. We must remember that it means dirty and poorly washed, because it is better to put on the skin, covered clothes.

A diet with a pink lichen

His wrong attitude to human diseasesis able to aggravate their condition and face problems. If pink zoster long passes, then you need comprehensive measures. Without proper nutrition, this issue is not resolved. We must eat dairy products, cereals, light soups, fruits and vegetables. It is necessary to severely restrict, and in severe forms of pink lichen - completely excluded from the diet for 3-4 weeks following products:

  • alcohol;
  • citrus;
  • chocolate;
  • coffee and black tea;
  • spicy, sour, salty, smoked food;
  • food-allergens.


Recovery from the pink lichen comes through1,5-2 months. In rare cases, when the patient's immune system is significantly weakened, the disease can be annoying for six months. In the course of the disease should be seen by a dermatologist, and if any new symptoms, consult an expert. In other through damaged skin penetrating and developing an infection. Less disease becomes eczema.

Once the affected areas of the new dragskin, depriving marks are left. There are times when these areas may be slightly discolored, paler than the rest of the skin. It will soon pass, the skin tone is leveled. After deprive myself pink leaves no complications. As a rule, people who had endured pink deprive, the second time he falls ill in rare cases.

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