How to call in case of delay menstruation

Delay of menstruation - an important signal thatHe speaks about the changes in the female body. This could be pregnancy, inflammation, nervous stress, hormonal failure and other reasons for which a woman should definitely pay attention to. Therefore, it is important to know how to call the monthly in case of delay, whether it is allowed to do and in what circumstances, what are the main methods to stimulate menstruation and indications for this.

It can cause the menstrual cycle in the home?

Woman at home alone canmove the monthly cycle, using, for example, vitamin E (available in sunflower seeds), or taking regular warm baths (warming causes the accelerated maturation of follicles). However, all this can not be done thoughtlessly, because when inflammation warming will only exacerbate the situation. So before making a decision a woman should first understand why it is necessary to accelerate the flow of blood.

There are the following reasons for the delay:

  • Changes in menstrual cycle. For example, the girl decided to go on vacation at sea, but her menstruation gets directly to this period. In using vitamin E (sunflower husks), ginger and chamomile teas, dill and parsley, taking a hot bath, it raises the monthly cycle earlier, enabling it to fully relax.
  • Menstruation missing. Latency is, if a woman has a hormonal failure or a nervous breakdown. If this is due to special events (divorce, transfer, layoff, injury, childbirth, stress), modifying the month will own conditions. If, however, the absence of their cause, should seek medical advice.
  • Pregnancy. Often the delay means pregnancy. In this case, the cause can not be monthly, even if the pregnancy is unwanted. Finding the absence of menstruation, you must first make sure there is not developing in you a new life, and then think how you can call in case of delay periods.

  • Inflammation or other problems withfemale reproductive system. Delayed menstruation - a sign of problems "feminine." You must visit a gynecologist to rule out this cause. If there is inflammation of the appendages, monthly can be caused (or will improve themselves) only after the treatment of the problem.
  • The monthly cycle is increased. female cycle is not necessarily every month should be the same. Normally - its duration ranges 26-35 days. If your regular monthly cycle - 28 days, and menstruation did not come, wait, she can come to the 35th.

  • Emergency contraception. You took an unplanned sexual intercourse, and the calendar there is a risk of ovulation? To avoid fertilization, use of emergency contraception - special tablets containing a loading dose progesteronozamenitelya and causes premature menstruation, which will not allow the egg fertilized or to gain a foothold on the walls of the uterus. These pills are harmful to the body, take them very rarely and only in the most extreme cases.

What drugs cause menstruation?

There are a number of drugs that can causemonthly cycle, they are freely sold in pharmacies, but remember that taking them may only be prescribed by a doctor! And even to the prescription of the gynecologist should be treated sensibly:

  • If you are a young girl and your monthly cycleirregular, it can not be faulted - your loop is formed. Menstruation can be every few months and do not require treatment. Gynecologists also often insist on it.
  • If you have a hormonal malfunction, do not rush"Sit on the pill", the body adjusts itself to the conditions. Think about what your life could lead to a hormonal deficiency, delay. Change that, and everything will work out itself.
  • Often gynecologists are not relevant to the issuecomprehensive, action templates. For example, the artificial increase in progesterone levels is necessary only in the case of true progesterone deficiency, and it is a very rare and poorly diagnosed diagnosis, which will feature more short monthly cycle than the delay. But in practice, such a diagnosis gynecologists put, almost every second woman in violation of the cycle and insist on hormone therapy, which is self-regulating intervention in the process of the female reproductive system.

The following drugs are suitableOnly in the case of a true failure of progesterone monthly cycle delay. If a woman has actually observed a disease of the endocrine system (and not a temporary failure), that is not such a common occurrence, it is necessary to start hormone therapy, as in this case, there is a risk of infertility or miscarriage during pregnancy.

Tablets Djufaston

The drug "Djufaston" - very commonmethod of dealing with irregular menstrual cycle (delayed menstruation), but is only suitable for those who have a real lack of hormones. It is also prescribed to overcome the threat of termination of pregnancy. It is based on the progesterone produced synthetically and compensating the lack of natural hormones in the female body.

In pregnant women it supports the uterus and foodthe implantation of the fetus (ie, prevent miscarriage). In nonpregnant - creates a typical amount of progesterone in the body, which leads to the standardization of the monthly cycle and the beginning of menstruation. However, this does not solve the main reasons for the delay, probably artificially boosted hormones women (similar contraceptives, without protection against pregnancy).

Capsules Utrozhestan

"Utrozhestan" has the same effect on the monthCycle as "Djufaston". They are appointed as synonymous preparations in case of intolerance or ineffectiveness of one of them on the body of the individual woman. "Utrozhestan" has some advantages over other similar drugs: created from plant material is administered orally and vaginally (second method greatly reduces the load on the liver).

Tablets postinor

Postinor used as a single agentemergency contraception, unprotected sexual intercourse, pregnancy calendar threat. It contains 750 ml of levonorgestrel (a derivative of progesterone), which in large doses dramatically reduce phase 2 and will cause periods early. In this case, with monthly leave and all the contents of the uterus, including - sperm and egg or a fertilized egg that has not had time to be implanted into the uterus. Pregnancy does not come only in the case of a correct reception "Postinor" according to the instructions.

Drink "postinor" rarely allowed because such "hormone" storm of negative impact on the general health of the woman. If you take it still had, it is necessary to reduce the impact of harmful substances on the liver and kidneys (not to drink alcohol, do not eat or overdone pereperchennuyu food) to make it easier to move between steps of tablets and recovery. If all the recommendations of the critical consequences should not be (bleeding - this is not a side effect of the drug and the method).

Progesterone Injections

Progesterone Injections have the same impact that"Djufaston" and "Utrozhestan". Prescribed a series of injections that are made subcutaneously or intramuscularly. Appointed at a delay menstruation, after conducting tests on hormones. They are part of a method of treatment because the tests often indicate a lack of progesterone, as its maximum content can be found exclusively at 6-8 day phase 2 and podgadat time is difficult.

Reviews on the effects of these drugs

Maria, 23 years old

"Used postinor, doing everything that was written in the instructions. Pregnancy was not month came a few days after taking the pills. "

Tatyana, 21 years old

"Poor postinor suffered. Was nausea, heavy bleeding, a few months could not stabilize the monthly cycle. "

How to call the monthly folk remedies at the delay?

Many of his experience knows how to callmonthly at a delay, because women can and do at home to promote the normalization of the menstrual cycle. For this purpose it is necessary to lead a normal life, to drink plenty of fluids, to fully relax, not to worry. "Tighten" cycles can and active sports, so sports training should be moderate, if a woman wants to normalize their monthly cycle or bear a child.

The infusion of bay leaves

Menstruation can provoke an infusion oflavrushki that causes uterine contractions. Before using this tool think about the reasons for the delay menstruation because menses ahead of time leads to negative consequences. In no event should not take it if the reason for the delay - pregnancy because this will lead to disastrous results. Prepare a tincture as follows:

  1. Take 10 grams of bay leaf.
  2. Pour 400 ml of water in a pan. "
  3. Without closing the lid, boil for 5 minutes.
  4. Pour into a thermos and leave for 3 hours.
  5. Refrigerate and drink 1 tbsp 3-4 times per day.

Tea made from chamomile

It is believed that the daisy - natural substituteestrogen, and if you drink it strong decoction (2-3 times a day for half a cup), monthly can go ahead of time. It is also known that increased levels of estrogen chamomile disturbs development of the embryo, but because some of it as an abortifacient used. Although abortion daisy does not lead, but the risk of harm to the unborn child still remains.

A decoction of elecampane

The root of elecampane find an effective way tointervention in the monthly cycle, but dangerous. It causes heavy periods and may cause miscarriage, but because it can not be used for pregnant women. Broth serdechnitsam contraindicated and those with delayed menstruation caused by inflammatory processes. Pour 1 h. Spoon of crushed root with boiling water (1 tbsp.), Cook for 15 minutes and leave for 4 hours. Drink 1 h. L. several times a day.


In addition to the above, affect the delay menstruation can help the following herbs (shown in order of increasing danger for the organism):

  1. parsley and dill (in raw form and as a tincture);
  2. Ginger (in the form of tea and pickled root);
  3. onion peel (infusion);
  4. tansy and nettle (decoction);
  5. valerian, oregano (Oregano) and mint (collection, eat a little, can not be pregnant).

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