How to speed up the metabolism for weight loss. Acceleration Jillian Michaels metabolism

metabolic processes in biology is calledmetabolism, which occurs in the human or animal. These tasks are performed on a daily basis via various chemical reactions. Depending on how quickly the body metabolism occurs, and a part of the structure will be reproduced, and updated to respond to environmental effects. This article will look at how to speed up the metabolism, which for this purpose to use the products and diets. Describe in detail the program Jillian Michaels, which is considered the most effective in this regard.

Food & Beverage, accelerating the body's metabolism

People who are thinking about the flow processmetabolism, it is sure to face the question of what foods speed up metabolism. Here it is attentive not only to the type of the food, which is used, but also to its origin. Organic food, grown in good soil without chemical fertilizers, considered the most effective and useful for the rapid metabolism. Here is a list of food that is consumed to accelerate the metabolism:

  1. Red hot pepper speeds up metabolismbody. This vegetable can be of different varieties: long Jalapeno, Habanero small, chili, or any other section of spice plants. Pepper stimulates the entire body, accelerates blood circulation and metabolism is faster. According to research scientists, the presence of capsaicin element helps accelerate the metabolism of this plant, as when taking in food, pain receptors are stimulated, for a certain time increases blood circulation. According to our experiments, when receiving red pepper, the metabolism can be accelerated up to 25%, but for a short time, up to 3 hours.
  2. Broccoli accelerates metabolism. This vegetable is a large amount of calcium, vitamins A and C. It is not for nothing that it is recommended for feeding infants, children, because broccoli has folic acid, antioxidants, dietary fiber, allowing the right to carry out metabolism.
  3. Wholemeal oatmeal, brown riceaccelerate metabolism. Due to the fact that the body fall whole grains, they slowly release carbohydrates and energy replenished through a plurality of time without peaks declines. In addition, whole-grain cereals stabilize the insulin level in the blood, which is a useful point for weight loss.
  4. Vegetable soup on a meat broth acceleratemetabolism. Scientists at the University Penn State University have proven the usefulness of such food on the example of obese women. Professors for a few months watching the people who ate a combination of liquid and solid products. At the end of the test, each participant noticeably lost weight, a better feel, and metabolism adjust and stabilize.
  5. Apples, pears, grapefruit, pomelo acceleratemetabolism. They are well affect the process of metabolism, because they contain natural acids that break down fats. Different varieties are green fruit with sour, which indicates the presence of vitamin C.
  6. Natural spices without the use of amplifierssmell and taste accelerate the body's metabolism. Garlic, cinnamon, vanilla are the most effective in the acceleration of metabolism. Some scholars argue that the Tabasco, the quicker will pass metabolism, but this theory has not been confirmed in practice. Good for eating are also considered ginger, mustard, black pepper and allspice.
  7. Products with a large amount of calcium and Omega-3 metabolism accelerators are excellent. These include cheese, milk, yogurt, some types of cheese, nuts, sunflower seeds, fish oil.
  8. Water and green tea to help speed up the exchange ofsubstances in the body. They significantly increase the metabolic rate without the use of additional drugs. The large number of antioxidants in these foods helps to fight free radicals and excess weight.

Substances and preparations improve metabolism

It is important to understand that some of the chemicaldrugs can also help speed up the metabolism, but the reception will not be permanent, so once the body can return to their previous problems. Any natural product or natural substance always affect the well-being and health is better than chemicals.

But if it was decided to speed up metabolismwith the help of pharmaceutical agents, in this regard can help: VitaMIN, VitaZeolite, VitaO2, MonoOxi. These drugs help to quickly improve metabolism by cleansing the body and saturate every cell so necessary oxygen. When you purchase any chemical product, pay attention to its structure and contraindications that exist in the patient.

Different substances to improve metabolismconsidered vitamin tablets and capsules. Calcium in the form of such displays fats and metabolism, chromium helps process carbohydrates regulate blood sugar. Very useful for the body considered iodine, it activates the thyroid gland which promotes good metabolism. It can be used together with natural seafood or in the form of pharmacy.

Diet for weight loss, stimulates the metabolism

If the body's metabolism going properly,the extra fat does not accumulate under the skin and burned inside. Therefore, a diet in which stimulates metabolism, it is recommended to people who want to lose weight. The main recommendation, which in this case there is - to pick a diet that he liked. In this case, the daily dietary food will be, and the body will automatically run faster metabolism. We offer the following diet for 2 weeks, at which allowed to drink an unlimited amount of water, juice, green tea.

  1. For breakfast, prepare a glass of fresh buttermilk orfermented milk in combination with one black toast bread. Lunch consists of two hard-boiled eggs and cooked tomatoes. For dinner, allowed to cook lean meat and any salad including tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, spices and oil. The body's metabolism will be faster if you do not overload the stomach heavy food.
  2. For breakfast, drink 200 ml of yogurt with whitecroutons. Lunch will begin steak and go green salad, carrots and any other vegetables. Dinner may consist of vegetable soup with crackers or whole grain bread.
  3. Breakfast should include a cup of sour milkproducts (yogurt, kefir, low-fat fermented baked milk) and a few crackers. For lunch, allowed to eat a few steaks, 100 grams of salad from any greens, tomatoes. Dinner may consist of 2 eggs, Hard Boiled, 2 slices of ham or cooked meat, salad, yogurt.
  4. In the morning we drink 200 grams of yogurt or yogurt witha slice of dry bread. For lunch, prepare 1 egg, carrot salad with vegetable oil, sunflower oil and add to the diet to 150 g of solid cheese. Dinner is delicious and can consist of any fruit (kiwi, apples, bananas, strawberries, grapes), biscuits, compote.
  5. Breakfast is permitted to eat the carrot saladkefir or yogurt. Lunch will consist of 200 g of boiled, salted fish and salad with fresh herbs, tomatoes. Dinner should include a few pieces of meat, an unlimited amount of vegetables and a glass of kefir.
  6. Breakfast will consist of several crackersblack bread or whole grain breads, 200-250 ml of fermented milk products. Lunch is better to start with a few pieces of chicken meat, boiled or fried on the grill easy. Garnish include vegetables or salad greens. Dinner will consist of a fruit dessert with a dollop of low-fat sour cream or yogurt.
  7. Sour at the morning meal willperfect nutrition, and supplement it is possible a few crackers. Lunch will be more hearty: a few boiled hard-boiled eggs, about 100 g of solid cheese, salad with vegetables, dried fruit infusion. Dinner 250 grams of lean turkey meat, tomatoes, grated carrots and 2 whole-wheat bread.
  8. From 8 to 12 day diet should be repeated 1-5day, and 13, 14 are allowed to choose any day for breakfast, lunch and dinner, which is liked before. Complement meals allowed any light salads, fruits, vegetables, water, compote.

This diet is necessary to speed up metabolismadhere to 2 weeks, during its passage person should have fun, and at the sensation of hunger allowed to drink an unlimited amount of liquid (but exclude coffee, black tea, alcohol). Meat, fish, better to boil in salted water with natural spices: pepper, bay leaf, mustard. Vegetables should choose natural, with no chemical treatment. Salads is desirable to cook without vinegar, but with sunflower or olive oil.

During the passage of the diet, which regulatesmetabolism, it is not necessary to use therapeutic drugs. Protein is the main component of food for lunch and dinner, will contribute to the generation of energy for the whole day, and a light breakfast allows the stomach to run without junk food. This diet is recommended for women without significant health deviations, it is easy to speed up the metabolism.

Accelerated metabolism by Jillian Michaels

Athletic trainer Jillian Michaels receivedthe popularity of its own developed software called "to lose weight, speeds up the metabolism." The author and many of her followers say that when performing heavy physical exercise every day, the body's muscles are forced to work well all parts of the body, and the metabolism is faster. This technique is used for weight loss, and to improve health through the acceleration of metabolism.

Program Jillian Michaels' Throw weight, speed up metabolism "

Exercises that have to perform onJillian Michaels program to speed up the metabolism, is not very simple. A person without a good form since the early days it is difficult to fulfill all and in full, so it is recommended to start with half of all classes and gradually increase the load. At the same time, on the advice of the author Jillian Michaels, his body is not necessary to regret, the more work and effort, the faster will be able to come to the desired shape, improve your health.

Popular exercises recommendedJillian Michaels to accelerate the body's metabolism - push-ups with loads on the shoulders and run at different speeds. There is a classic warm-up exercises for warming up the body before the heavy classes. For such exercises to help speed up the metabolism, it is necessary to prepare special clothing, shoes to be comfortable. And for the program Jillian Michaels at home, the presence of a sports mat is necessary.

Feedback about the program

Inna, 45 years old. She practiced on the recommendations of Jillian Michaels about 2 months, then mishtsy came in noticeably improved skin tone and condition of the body, the metabolism is fast. Weight up to 65 kg of the program was, after - 61.

Alevtina, 23 years old. On the advice of friends, he began to engage in the program Jillian Michaels and not disappointed. During the 3 weeks I was able to lose 4 kg, although still reinforced the effect of unpretentious fruit diet. Like that on the advice of the coach is allowed to drink unlimited amounts of water and fresh juices, the body's metabolism had been got up at once.

Victoria, 31 years old. I never looked at the number of calories that are eaten up to that time, as the body began to fade. Taking up exercise on the program Jillian Michaels felt a noticeable relief in the condition of the body, and after weighing it was found that thin as much as 7 kg for 1.5 months.

Ilona, ​​27 years old. I offer my great thanks to Jillian Michaels for the created program. Through these sessions I was able to reset the hated kilograms, and significantly improve the shape, and with the help of the right foods - to speed up the metabolism.

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