How to remove age spots on his face quickly and efficiently. Procedures to remove age spots

Every woman wants her skin wassmooth, beautiful, healthy. But this desired perfection is not at all easy to go out, so it's important to figure out how to remove age spots on the face. After all, this cosmetic defect not only spoils the appearance of a woman, but also causes certain psychological complexes. If you decide to start treatment for these spots, first determine the cause of their appearance.

The causes of age spots on the face

Factors contributing to the emergence of the pigments on the face are many, but the main ones are:

  • Pregnancy. Often the spots appear during childbearing, they have irregular shapes, may be of different sizes. Increased pigmentation may persist after pregnancy.
  • Lack of folic acid in the body. Shortage of this substance causes serious problems in the immune and circulatory system of the person.
  • The harmful effects of the sun. The ultraviolet rays of the sun are a common cause of increased pigmentation of the skin. The most dangerous sun - from mid-spring and summer.
  • Perfumes, personal hygiene products andBase cosmetics. With the composition of cheap low-quality cosmetic products, toilet water may contain dangerous chemicals for leather items that have a detrimental effect on the skin, provoking the appearance of pigmentation.
  • Hormones and antibiotics. These medications can cause disturbances in the body and hormonal levels, causing the appearance of pigmentation on the face.
  • Strong tan. After prolonged exposure to the sun, spots may appear on the face. Special antizagarnye cream in some cases will not work, but rather may become a cause of pigmentation.
  • Age spots. Older people (age 40 years) often appear "age spots" (lentigines), which were formed in the field of freckles or areas subject to intense solar radiation.

Effective beauty treatments for pigmentation removal

Depending on the cause stains,there may be different options for dealing with them. If pigmentation is superficial, the positive effect is given bleaching creams, scrubs, tinctures, compresses. If the stain has appeared for a long time, it is necessary to resort to drastic measures - cosmetic procedures. A good result and gives a chemical face peeling, like many traditional remedies to combat pigmentation. Select an optimal manner.


Modern and efficient method of dealing withpigmented lesions - phototherapy. The result can be seen immediately after the procedure and is long-term. The essence of the procedure is as follows: heated flash coloring pigment melanin, whereby it is destroyed and peeled.

Advantages of phototherapy:

  • Security. During the procedure the skin tissue is not damaged, the risk of infection and the appearance of no scarring.
  • Painless. The only slight tingling may occur during the session.
  • Quick recovery period.
  • High efficiency. Using this procedure permanently removes stains.

From phototherapy is to give patients:

  • with increased sensitivity to light;
  • with herpes;
  • having skin diseases;
  • those suffering from diabetes;
  • who have poor blood clotting;
  • with scars on the skin.

Chemical peeling

This method is widely used in cosmetics. On the skin applied to specific chemicals, which exfoliate the layer of dead cells. Chemical peels can be of three types:

  • Surface - the most gentle method of peeling. The procedure is performed 4 to 10 times every 10 days.
  • Middle - more effective type of peeling. The effect is noticeable after the first procedure. You can perform 1 time per month.
  • Depth - the most effective peeling is done 1 time for six months.

The consequences and the feeling after a chemical peel:

  • Burning. The type of exfoliation depends on the degree of burning, duration of sensations ranging from 15 minutes to one day.
  • Redness. This is a normal reaction of the skin. Saved from 2 hours to a day. With more intensive peeling redness completely pass through the 2 weeks.
  • Individual characteristics. In women with hypersensitive skin with peeling sometimes blisters, scars.

Withdrawal by laser

The best and safest of modern techniquesIt considered laser removal of spots. The laser operates only on desired areas of the skin, selecting cells in which there is a large amount of melanin. At the same time healthy skin uchastochki not damaged. After the procedure the treated area of ​​skin pigment spots start to peel off and disappear within two weeks. The benefits of laser removal over other methods:

  • efficiency;
  • security;
  • painless;
  • enough for 1-2 treatments.

Laser removal of pigmented spots is better to postpone pregnancy, nursing mothers, and if there is:

  • fresh sunburn on his face;
  • inflammation in the treated area of ​​skin;
  • oncological disease.

Cosmetical tools

designed to eliminate pigmentation hugenumber of cosmetic and pharmaceutical agents that successfully cope with the problem, it peels, masks, creams, lotions. They are designed for different skin types and has a bleaching and peeling effect: The most common:

  • Cream Ahromin. He has good clarifying characteristics. It protects against the negative effects of sunlight, preventing the re-appearance of age spots.
  • Cream Vichy. Excellent tool that copes with dark spots, freckles, senile pigmentation.
  • Clotrimazole. In the structure has a large number of active substances which solve complex problems of skin including pigmentation and eliminate.
  • The mask of cosmetic white clay. Sold in any drugstore, when mixed with lemon juice has a great impact on the problem areas.
  • Badyaga - the best way to eliminate age spots, the main element of which is silica. It is a member of different gels, creams, and acts as an exfoliant.

Removing age spots using folk remedies

Some people have no opportunity to applycosmetic exfoliation treatments, so they use folk remedies. The effect of these recipes is unique for each individual case. The most common home remedies for removing age spots - is:

  • Lemon juice. Due to the content of this citrus vitamin C, lemon juice can lighten dark spots on the face. To get rid of pigmentation, soak a cotton ball in lemon juice, and thoroughly clean the affected skin. When the juice stains dry out, rinse them with water. Procedure should be followed for two weeks.
  • Kefir. This dairy product has a brightening and anti-inflammatory agent. To make a compress, you will need to mix 4 teaspoons of yogurt with two teaspoons of tomato juice. Mixture Soak a cotton swab is applied for 15 minutes to the affected area.
  • A solution of honey and milk. This mixture is very good for pigmentation. The solution should be applied for 10 minutes.
  • Parsley. To lighten the skin is prepared tincture: bunch of parsley crushed and pour a liter of boiled water for 3 hours. Ready-mix wipe face in the morning and evening. Excellent proven itself the juice of fresh parsley or other herbs, mixed with sour cream in a ratio of 1: 1.
  • Potatoes. Thinly sliced ​​potatoes help remove pigmentation. Apply to the affected places they need to be on for 3-4 minutes, after - wash with warm water.

Prevention of pigmentation

To prevent the appearance of pigmentation, you must:

  • Use tools for protection from sunlight and UV rays. In summer, wear a hat and sunglasses. Avoid intense sun.
  • Healthy food.
  • Drink plenty of water, rich in minerals.


Olga, 28 years old: During pregnancy, I have started to appear dark spots. I even had to change the hairstyle, so that they are not as noticeable. After the birth stains remained, he tried folk remedies, but especially there was no time to do the procedure every day. I consent to laser peels. Expensive, but the result is impressed. From spots and not a trace.

Anastasia, 25 years old: I have every summer freckles spread out all over the face. Spots smear lemon juice, always helps. The main thing - it's inexpensive and effective. If you feel a strong tingling sensation during the procedure, try as I - dilute lemon juice with water. The effect of this does not become worse, but from sudden discomfort you get rid accurately.

Katerina, 30 years old: After a spring walk in the sun I had some horrible brown spots on the face. The next morning, they became even darker. I tried folk remedies, the pigmentation became a little lighter, but not completely disappeared. I tried to phototherapy. The result I was completely satisfied. The whole procedure took about 10 minutes after the event had to sit and stains darkened weekend at home, and then began to peel and disappeared.

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