How to improve vision at home

A long time working on the computer or watching television, we put eyes enormous loads. Vision deteriorates. How to improve it without special devices and operations right at home?

Vision - an invaluable gift of nature to man. Through his eyes we get to 90% of information about everything around us. Often, violations occur in the body, due to which we lose the ability to see clearly. "How to improve vision at home?" - This question interests many of us, because for various reasons, blurred vision occurs almost every person.

Causes of visual impairment

  • Malnutrition, against which there is a lack of vitamins and minerals needed for healthy eyes.
  • Toxins accumulated in the body, prevent normal absorption of nutrients, as well as have a negative impact on health, including the eye.
  • Smoking and alcohol worsen heart and blood vessels, because of which the necessary amount of oxygen and nutrients are not supplied to the muscles and retina.
  • Problems with the spine. Degenerative disc disease, pinched discs and a number of other diseases impair the ability to see.

Is it possible to improve vision at home

In violation of the eye work should not despair,in fact possible to rectify the situation, even at home. But the first step is to determine the cause of the problem and fix it. When this stage is complete, you should take some action to restore vision.

Ways to improve vision

  1. Establish food.
  2. Daily to perform exercises for the eyes.
  3. Apply folk remedies.
  4. Use medicated drugs.
  5. Remember the benefits of water treatments.

Most effective to use the combination of these measures, then the results will not keep itself waiting long.

How to improve vision at home

When myopia

When myopia people clearly see objects that are close to him, and badly sees what is in the distance. The reason for this defect - forming the image before the retina, rather than in it.

What to do:

  • Do not linger at the computer or TV. If your work is connected with the constant presence of the monitor, then each hour arrange itself breaks for 7-10 minutes. Get up from the table, look away to the side, blinked his eyes and try to relax.
  • Add to your diet meals from raw carrots and blueberries. Use parsley as a condiment to the main courses, or do it from the broth.
  • A great exercise with myopia - "point toglass. " On the window, through which a beautiful view of the street, draw a black felt-tip pen point with a diameter of 1 cm. Located at a distance of 1-3 meters from the window and focus your eyes on this point for 5 seconds. After that, turn the view on something outside (tree, house, post), look at it as 15 seconds. Repeat 5-7 times, it will remove the voltage from the eye.

In hyperopia

In hyperopia people clearly see objects located far away and bad parses subjects at close distances from it.

What to do:

  • Exclude from the diet of sweets, coffee, alcohol.
  • Add the Products menu, rich in potassium (bananas, raisins, potatoes) and vitamins A and C (cabbage, blueberries, gooseberries, liver, carrots).
  • Perform regular eye exercises: focus the gaze on an object close to you, and then translate the look into the distance. Stand up straight, lift one arm straight in front of the eyes, pull it out. Use your fingers to perform rotational movements in a clockwise direction, and the eyes follow the movement of the fingers. Then change hands.
  • A significant help your vision becomes a habit to eat every day for five walnuts.

How to improve eyesight child at home

If adults their health does not always paydue attention, the majority of parents watching closely for impaired children. To prevent problems and visual impairment, as well as to improve it, you must primarily develop the child's daily routine. Make sure the baby does not spend much time at the computer or TV. When he performs the lessons, the posture at the desk must be correct: the distance from the notebook to eye is about 35-40 cm, but not less than 30 cm.

A good habit will become a daily drinkfreshly squeezed carrot juice. Increases motor activity of his child, was with him in the fresh air, train to perform light exercises for the eyes. Remember that children normalization of nutrition and vitamin complex acts more efficiently than adults.

Rapid improvement of the week

Due to the method of palming vision problemseliminated quickly, almost a week. The technique was an American ophthalmologist Bates, and enjoyed great success with people around the world.

Instruction execution:

  1. Take a sitting position, hands put on the table, elbows, under them, place a small pillow. Back straightened.
  2. Hands shake, so they relaxed a few times. Then rub them together to warm up.
  3. Slightly bend your warmed hands in fists andBring them to the eyes. Little Fingers somknite on the nose, a recess in the hands of the opposite position of the eye sockets, the base of the palms should be on the cheeks.
  4. Firmly press your hands, so that through holes no light. Keep the hands under the eyes can blink freely without interference. Hands completely relaxed.
  5. In this position, relax and concentrate on your vision.

This technique is considered to be the likeness of psychological suggestion, but it is effective and quickly relieves fatigue from his eyes, restores and improves vision.

What to do with fatigue eye

  • Sit in a comfortable position and take a deep breath to relax.
  • Strong zazhmurte eyes, the most tense neck and face.
  • Breathe in, hold your breath for a few seconds, open your eyes and breathe. Repeat the exercise 6-7 times.
  • Perform light massage with fingertips under the lower eyelids and eyebrows towards the temples. Eyes closed.
  • With closed eyes alternately performed 10 rotations of the eyes to the right, then to the left.
  • Complete range of 7-10 minute palming.

Preparations from eye fatigue

Working with air conditioning and heating system,radiation computer monitors, pollen, dust, cosmetics, polluted air, wearing contact lenses, bright sunlight on a daily basis affect the human eye. These factors can cause the CCV, dry eye syndrome: watery eyes, a feeling of sand in the eye, dryness, pain. This problem bothers to 18% of the inhabitants of the planet.

To eliminate the inconvenience which causesdryness of the cornea, and to avoid further deterioration of the need for protection and long-lasting hydration. People who occasionally feel discomfort in the eyes, can prescribe eye drops complex effects, for example, Stillavit. The formula of this solution includes a range of moisturizing, healing and anti-inflammatory substances that can save people from feeling caught in the eyes of sand and other unpleasant sensations associated with dryness of the cornea.

Recipes to improve vision at home


  • Vitamin A-rich vegetables, eggs. Also useful apricots and liver. Large amounts of vitamin A is found in spinach.
  • B vitamins B and C in large quantities contained in the liver, kidney, dairy products.
  • Compensates for the deficiency of vitamin C by eating citrus fruits, various fruits, berries.
  • They contain a lot of vitamin E: wheat germ, legumes.


As already mentioned, useful for eye productsvitamins A, group B, C and E. Also, lutein is useful to view, which absorbs harmful light rays, neutralizes free radicals. The daily rate of Lutein - 35 mg, an amount of the substance contained in a pound of pepper. Only food to get enough lutein dose is unrealistic, so choose vitamin complexes, to which it is included.

Fish oil (omega-3) maintains tissue health and promotes blood microcirculation, prevents the development of inflammatory processes.

Selenium protects the tissue structures of the eye from the effects of oxygen radicals. Visual apparatus with age is destroyed due to lack of selenium.

Zinc improves the absorption of vitamin A provides normal retinal oxygen supply.


To improve vision, depending on the individual characteristics and indications, the following means:

  • atropine sulfate
  • Aevitum
  • Calcium gluconate
  • Ascorbic acid
  • A nicotinic acid
  • trental
  • Halidorum
  • placenta extract
  • Ruthin
  • Various vitamins and minerals


Of eye exercises should be conducted in a calm, relaxed state. Here are some exercises:

  1. Eyes follow a circular motion, first in right, then to the left.
  2. Look up the eyes, the head remains stationary. Then move look down at the same position of the head. Next draw the eyes from left to right and diagonally. Performs exercises 5-7 times.
  3. Eyes draw a figure eight in the air, keep a look from top to bottom, and then "draws" eight upwards.
  4. Intensive blinking with squinting helps to quickly relieve fatigue from his eyes.
  5. Concentrate on the point of sight in the distance, then move the view of the tip of the nose. Repeat up to 10 times.
  6. Pull the hand before him and begin to carry out its movement to the left and right, up and down. VIEW follow these movements, without turning his head.

Water treatments

Place two basin on the table with a cool andwarm water. Close your eyes. Tilt the face in a basin of warm water, then in a basin of cool water. Stay diving eyes for 10-15 seconds. Complete immersion in warm water procedure. Such a contrast bath helps to improve vision and relieve tension with the eye.

If this procedure with water will not fit, thenrecommended contrasting compresses. Dip two wipes in cold water and in hot two. Lie down, put on the eyes first warm cloth for 20 seconds, then change their cold compress to the same time. So alternate steps several times.

Folk remedies

Blueberry juice. You will need only 5 berries. Wash them, squeeze the juice. Add the juice distilled water at the rate of 1 drop of juice to 2 drops of water. Obtaining funds drip eyes every day for 1-2 drops.

Aloe juice with honey. With the adult plant leaves are cut off, they will need 200 grams. Crush the leaves in small pieces and mix with three tablespoons of eyebright and the same amount of blue cornflower blossoms. Collection is filled with 600 ml of red dry wine quality and 600 ml of honey.

Stir, cover and soak in the mixturedark place for three days, stirring occasionally. Three days later, mass boil in a water bath for 1 hour, refrigerate. Drink means for 1 hour. L. three times a day on an empty stomach.

Carrot juice with honey. Every day is recommended to drink a glass of freshly squeezed carrot juice mixed with 1 tsp honey.

Parsley. One beam mince. Add a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of lemon juice and stir. Accepted 1 tbsp. l. Fasting once a day for a month.

Right now watch the video on an alternative method of improving the view and relax your eye muscles.

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