How to get rid of warts. Removal of the warts with liquid nitrogen

Calling concern small-sized build-upskin may for various reasons. Aesthetically looks unsightly wart, physically - can deliver discomfort, and viral origin build-up indicates a weakened immune system. How to quickly get rid of it? A reliable method - removal of liquid nitrogen.

What is cryotherapy warts

Depending on the type of neoplasiamedical practice, use different methods of influence. Removal of the warts with liquid nitrogen, or cryotherapy is a procedure during which low temperatures destroys abnormal formation by deep freezing. Under the action of liquid nitrogen at a temperature of -196 degrees Celsius cell build-up of viral origin killed, the wart is dying, and the skin becomes smooth. Patients often do not even require anesthesia, and the longest time the procedure last no more than 30 seconds.

Tool for removing warts with liquid nitrogen

How to remove warts with liquid nitrogen

If the body's defenses are reduced, then roundedgrowths can appear on the body literally everywhere - from the head, on his face to the soles of the feet. Apart from the discomfort, there is a risk of further infection and proliferation of the organism pathologic formations, so you need to consult a doctor, dermatologist to remove them. The procedure is done by hand often, rarely requires the prior administration of novocaine, but at larger sizes or multiple growths or if the patient - a child.

Gradual removal of warts with liquid nitrogen:

  1. From the reservoir of liquid nitrogen with a long applicator dialed necessary amount of material.
  2. Then stick with a cotton tip dipped innitrogen, is pressed directly to the affected area, soaking pause of 10 to 30 seconds. Exposure time depends on the location and size of the tumors, the most time-consuming procedure - the removal of plantar warts with liquid nitrogen.
  3. As the frost build-upviral origin turns white and starts to thicken, and after the session - red. A few hours later, a maximum of one day, a blister appears on the frozen section with serous fluid, which should disappear within a week.
  4. Instead, the bubble appears crust, which will disappear andthe skin will become noticeable only speck of pink. Result treatment will be noticeable after about two weeks after cryoablation session: the skin is clean and smooth.

Does it hurt to remove the warts with liquid nitrogen

Searing liquid nitrogen warts or papillomasconsidered to be less traumatic and successful treatment. Price and relatively short period of time that is required for complete healing, makes a popular procedure. How sensitive is the method of exposure using a low temperature, it is possible to speak only with individual pain threshold.

Cryosurgery with liquid nitrogen causes sensationmild tingling, when a person touches the cold metal and keep your finger on the surface for several minutes. Reviews of patients who removed a rounded outgrowth liquid nitrogen, according to the appearance of such sensations during the procedure. Because burning the warts with liquid nitrogen affects an extremely small size of the skin and the time of exposure to the same minimum lot, you can not feel anything at all.

Removing warts

Are there any contraindications the use of liquid nitrogen

The aesthetic discomfort, pain - isunderstandable reasons that cause the desire to remove unattractive formation on the skin. Is it always this question is solved positively, and whether there are contraindications? Cryodestruction not recommended under the following conditions:

  • high blood pressure (hypertension);
  • rash, irritation around the formation of viral origin;
  • acute infectious disease, SARS, influenza, accompanied by fever, malaise;
  • inflammation of internal organs;
  • epilepsy;
  • idiosyncrasy.

Possible complications and consequences of cauterization by liquid nitrogen

After the procedure, the skin on the site where theLiquid nitrogen was used to remove warts, there is a bubble with the liquid, which requires careful maintenance. Before the stage, while the blister will not pass, turned into a crust, it should be treated twice a day salicylic alcohol or potassium permanganate solution. If the guard is not pierced and hold regular treatment, the complications will not arise, but the viral nature of the build-up can cause a relapse, since the infection is easily transmitted through household items, towels, clothes, washcloths.

The wart on his finger

Prices for burning the warts with liquid nitrogen

How much is to cauterize the wart and where they spendcryoablation procedure? Here are the most frequently asked questions that concern patients who want to get rid of the discomfort. The price for this type of service is considerably less than laser removal.

  • institution level (or multi-specialty medical centers, clinics, centers of medical cosmetology, private office dermatologist);
  • locality ;
  • lesion area (benign tumors size);
  • Localization (fingers, face, intimate place, plantar growths);
  • the number of growths.

Large size of the pathological educationskin, plantar wart removal of several elements - all of which can double the price of the original cost. The final amount of how much the removal of liquid nitrogen to turn to find out after consulting a specialist.

How to look after cauterization nitrogen wart

Wart after cauterization by nitrogen

Reviews and the results after the procedure

Yana, 46 years old

The process to burn the wart with liquid nitrogen to meSister advised. On review, even on the face of anything quietly, and I have it was on foot. Strongly suffered, step was painful, so decided to do. Price procedures justified itself the result when the blister is gone, the wound has healed, and is not worried about anything, no defects.

Vlad, 32 years old

I have this attack appeared between the fingers,then began to appear again. Laser removal do not want, and the price bites, and cryotherapy accessible. I worried that it would be painful, but it turned out that the injection does not hurt, and the procedure took only a few minutes. If in time to remove the first, the money had to pay less and less discomfort.

Sofia, 36 years

Husband after the removal of plantar wartsHe complained of pain for two days. Large blisters were not, there was a dense formation of a dark liquid. Was treated wound, the doctor has prescribed five days of bed rest, because his leg was painful step. Heal for a long time, the place the skin is slightly changed, but it turned out to remove.

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