How to get rid of warts at home

When body growths appear browncolors, do not ignore this health problem. This papilloma treatment which involved a dermatologist. The causes of the disease is considered to be a weakened immune system, the virus activity. These growths are more difficult to conservative therapy, it is possible surgery.

How to treat a papilloma at home

Papilloma - a hanging warts, whichpatients have to fight not one year. Neoplasms tantamount to appear on the body of women and men, at the same time capture the most unexpected areas, breasts and genitals - is no exception. To cure such education, the first thing you want to consult with your doctor, and then determine an effective tool for home use.

Removal of papillomas doctor

The remedy for warts in the pharmacy

Figuring out how to get home papillomaconditions, pay attention to the medications that successfully dealt with the problem of any one year. They do not need to cook, you just need to get an appointment, and then visit the pharmacy. Effective with respect to the build-up and pointed not only are the following medications:

  • Verrukatsid - oil to the affected skin with mummified action;
  • celandine extract for cauterization of tumors;
  • Solkoderm - the solution for drying and falling off the build-up;
  • Superchistotelo for a quick drop-warts from the skin;
  • Lipyas - a special pencil, cauterizing the wart, which is a dry silver nitrate.

Ointment of papillomas

If you need a positive result fromtreatment before removing papillomas at home, understand how to smear the affected area, which medications to use for outdoor use in combination treatment regimens. Some are pills is not enough. To get rid of warts, doctors prescribe medications and local. Particularly effective have the following tools:

  • Oxolinic, salicylic ointment. Accelerates the process of regeneration of damaged tissues.
  • Kriofarma - progressive medicine to freeze warts.
  • Viferon ointment for external excision of papillomas, accelerate the recovery of affected structures.

Ointment of papillomas

Admission antivirals

Analyzing how to get rid of warts at homeconditions, it is important to remember that these are only symptoms of the disease. There are also internal abnormalities, such as increased activity of HPV. Propyl course of antiviral drugs, you can strengthen a weakened immune system, cause a pathogenic virus in the so-called "sleeping" form. Positive dynamics of the disease observed in the selection of antiviral drugs:

  • Panavir, which stimulates the production of interferon;
  • Indinol to stimulate a weakened immune system;
  • Izorinozin to suppress the activity of pathogenic virus.

How to get rid of warts by folk remedies

To manually remove a wart on his neck andother parts of the body, it is necessary to recall the proven grandmother's recipes. Conspiracies are unlikely to help, but there are real recipes that help get rid of warts has any generation. As part of the selected tool are welcome components such as celandine, kalanchoe, wormwood, dandelion, chestnut leaves, garlic. Also positive dynamics has iodine, castor oil, vinegar, soap, hydrogen peroxide, lemon juice and apple juice sour varieties.

Treatment of warts soap

Removal of papillomas at home

Operational activities of the patient make the wartsquickly disappear. Clean the body of HPV is much more difficult. Pathogenic viruses may be long in the human body mainly in asymptomatic form. The doctor will tell not only how to remove papillomas at home, but also to translate HPV in the "sleeping" form. Surface self can only harm the health, complicate the clinical picture, provoking frequent relapses.

Celandine of papillomas

  1. Quickly get rid of warts is possible, ifgood rub the small growths on the body of the concentrated juice of celandine and does not wash off. This natural antiseptic has instant action. The procedure is done during the day several times until, protruding above the surface of the skin, the build-up does not dry up and disappear.
  2. To prepare the ointment for warts is recommended5 h. L. powder celandine joined to 1 hour. l. lanolin and add the same amount of Vaseline. The mass of mix to lubricate the affected area several times a day until complete disappearance of symptoms. If you do not know how to get rid of warts at home, use this powerful tool.

Papilloma Facial

How to cure papilloma home garlic

Onions and garlic - is a natural antiseptic,able to dry first, and then completely remove the tumor on the skin. Recipes with the data set of ingredients, but first need to find out, is not whether the patient has an allergic reaction to these natural substances. The easiest treatment option:

  1. Squeeze the garlic, and the resulting slurry in concentrated form lubricate hearth disease.
  2. The procedure is done unlimited number of times to a week to get rid of the unsightly appearance of growths.

Laundry soap

If you are looking for an opportunity to get rid of warts on the neck at home, use a proven folk remedy:

  1. Soap dry rub on a fine grater, then apply a thick layer of shavings on the hearth disease.
  2. Follow the procedure for the night, while the papilloma disappear.
  3. You can dilute the soap cream until a viscous consistency and perform the same actions.
  4. Allergenic agent, helps you quickly get rid of papillomas and is suitable for the treatment of intimate places.

How to get rid of the human papilloma virus

Many patients believe that getting rid of HPV -a matter of time, but it is not. The virus is impossible to destroy, it can only be transferred to the "sleeping" form, to reduce the number of relapses, to prolong the period of remission. To do this, you must take immune stimulants, courses consume natural vitamins and stick to an active lifestyle, tempered. Otherwise, these warts will appear more often than usual, and get rid of them would be unrealistic.

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