How to deal with depression on their own. Depression - a struggle at home

Almost everyone at least oncefaced with depression, which may trigger a variety of factors: the problems in his personal life, health, financial difficulties. Depressive state is accompanied by apathy, lack of energy, negative thoughts. For many who faced the problem, this becomes an important issue: how to deal with depression. Defeating the disease (which is a disease that adversely affects the physical, emotional state) is possible with a special therapy, medication or took himself in hand, changing lives.

Causes of depression

The development of depression may resultthe impact of external factors that have a negative impact on the emotional state of man, his physical health. Trouble in the professional sphere, the problems in his personal life or having a serious illness always involves deterioration of mood, the emergence of apathy. Common causes of depression are:

  • separation from loved ones;
  • the death of a loved one;
  • troubles at work that entail financial difficulties;
  • identification of a terminal illness or disease;
  • birth, pregnancy.

To decide how to deal with depression, it is importantthe right to establish the causes of its development. Based on the source of a bad mood and serious condition, it is necessary to choose the right methods of getting rid of the symptoms and consequences of the disease, to get the maximum effect. So, with seasonal autumn blues fight much easier, because there will help conservative methods, as opposed to overcoming postpartum depression. We consider the main causes of the disease, which will help in the future to choose the method of treatment.

After parting

A common cause of depressionis parting with a loved one. This is caused by a strong emotional attachment to the partner, who gave up, left, offended sincere feelings, ignoring the emotions recently lover. Sudden rupture of relations provokes the development of internal discomfort, feelings of apathy, boredom, detachment, which leads to depression. In such a situation, a person locked within themselves, trying to ward off all, all, including those from the new feelings, dooming themselves thus to loneliness.

After divorce

The disintegration of the family, changing established habits,lifestyle and way of life of some drives into a deep depression. Divorce - a heavy psychological process, which adversely affects the human condition, deprives life color, meaning and the desire to do anything. The resulting void in his heart does not help fill any favorite food or watching movies or chatting with friends. There is no joy old favorite work or hobbies, and favorite things once, photographs, reminiscent of family life, naveivaet longing, sadness.

During pregnancy

During pregnancy, the body girlshormonal occur, the physical adjustment of the organism that has an impact on the psycho-emotional state, can lead to depression. In most cases the interesting position of the fair sex is accompanied by euphoria, immense joy and happiness, but it is not uncommon to dramatically opposite reaction - the stress, fatigue, low mood and apathy.

To find the answer to the question of how to deal withdepression during pregnancy, it should be noted that to develop and the disease can occur in different ways, depending on the desired child or an accident:

  1. When an unwanted pregnancy cause ofDepression can serve as frustration due to the birth of the child; rupture or deterioration of relations with the future father of the child; financial difficulties associated with the unexpected and unplanned conception. In this case, to fight the disease, it is worth until she has an initial shape, otherwise it could adversely affect the baby's health or lead to miscarriage.
  2. If everything is clear with the first embodiment, theit is reasonable to wonder why there is a depression at the desired pregnancy and how to deal with it. For the development of complex psycho-emotional state causes a change habitual way of life, decreased activity (both physical and business, and emotional), increased sensitivity, tearfulness.

After childbirth

Postpartum depression is a frequent and occurs in every three women in the decree. The reasons for a bad mood, emotional state of deterioration immediately after birth include:

  • Dissatisfaction with their appearance, the presence of postpartum belly and the extra kilos.
  • Complications after childbirth, serious physical condition has an impact on the psyche and can provoke the development of depression.
  • Difficulties with the child, his frequent crying, constant demand for attention, fear not cope with motherhood - leads to depression, to fight which is extremely difficult.
  • A fundamental change in lifestyle, appearancenew responsibilities, a high level of responsibility for the child - all this moral pressure on the woman and sometimes breaking them, causing the development of stress, depression, depression.

At work

Work experience is often the causeof depression, which must be addressed, otherwise it could adversely affect the results of the work, skills and abilities, and financial condition. The main causes of depression in the professional field is:

  • Fear not cope with assigned duties do not meet the expectations of others.
  • Work causes negative emotions, anger, aggression, provokes the development of prolonged stress, depression.
  • Lack of money, unfair and disproportionate remuneration according to work performed.

Is it possible to overcome depression and apathy yourself

Many people know the classical methods thathelp fight depression. These include counseling and therapy with a psychologist, taking special medications (antidepressants), the performance of certain medical advice. But already proven and tested in humans the ability to treat the disease alone. It's a long, laborious process that requires a lot of effort, but achieve a positive result is realistic. In order to deal with depression alone is necessary:

  • Identify the cause of the poor, depressed mood, depression, and eliminate all that recalls the troubles, people who have gone out of your life and give up the cloistered life.
  • Find a strong motivation, which will help to see a new meaning in life, to get out of the state of deep depression.
  • Collect all the power in his fist, tune in to a positive and effective outcome of the struggle.
  • Do not be afraid to ask for help becauseextremely difficult to deal with such a serious illness alone. When the next reliable shoulder trusted friend or loved one cope with depression is much easier, it gives strength and confidence in their abilities, and each will not deviate from the right path.

Ways to overcome depression and bad moods

To fight depression thereseveral methods that can be used in combination to achieve effective results. They can be used in a complex, or only some of them - all individually. How to deal with depression:

  • Determine the cause of bad mood. The choice of method for dealing with depression affects the cause depressed state of apathy. For the initiation of therapy is to get rid of everything that is depressing, it makes you cry and recalls the troubles that led to such a sad state. This is the only sure way to get rid of the old life, depression, and start a new life.
  • Make a list of what you pleases. Think of what you enjoy, what can regain the joy of life, to make laugh and feel truly happy man. It can be a hobby, a favorite hobby, walks and meeting friends, playing sports, driving with a child on the carousel or reading your favorite book. Try to devote more time in such pursuits - it will help get rid of a bad mood, distracted from negative thoughts and get positive energy.
  • Change what you can change. Try to make at least minimal changes in those areas of life where it is possible to: change the work environment, the environment; change the appearance, visit the beauty salon, refresh the wardrobe; give up bad habits, or at least their usual route to work. This will look at life in a new way, open up new possibilities, forget about depression.
  • Put your goals and focus on them. Man can not live aimlessly, it needs the impetus to move forward. Make a list of 10 goals for the coming year and give yourself a promise to achieve it, come what may.
  • Most have a rest and relax. Fighting with heavy emotional state, to get a boost of energy to help restful sleep (at least 8 hours a night). Also, do not forget about the rest of the work and working days. Take a holiday out of the city, visit the theater or just enjoy a good book - the main thing that brought pleasure activity.
  • Eat right. Avoid junk food, foods that irritate the nervous system, for example, pathogens is alcohol, caffeine (it helps to fight and hypertension that often accompanies depression). Eat more raw vegetables and fruits, which are able to give a boost of energy, well-being and mood.
  • Exercise. Because as a sport - it is the best means of combating depression and bad mood. This can be a simple morning exercise, jogging, swimming or cycling.
  • Invent yourself a new hobby. Find something to do that will help to distract from the problems, silly thoughts, get rid of anxiety. This may be a new hobby, mastering another profession or learning a foreign language.
  • Ask for help from a therapist. If you own struggle with depression does not work for a long time, do not hesitate to seek the help of professionals. Talk with an expert to help look at the problem through different eyes, to see the options out of the depression.

Treating depression without pills at home

Fight with depression is possible in the homeconditions, this does not necessarily take medication or drugs to attend classes with a psychologist or psychotherapist. Assist such effective and simple ways:

  • Massage. Exposure of the skin, muscles and joints causes the body to relax, gives peace of mind, relaxation and helps to distract from the negative thoughts, improve emotional state.
  • Meditation. Fight with depression will help meditation procedure, during which it is possible to look at the problem from the side, to see alternative solutions to the problem. For a deeply religious people, to help get rid of depression can visit a temple or sacred places, read a prayer or confession.
  • Reading. Special literature will help to deal with a bad mood and depression. A prime example is Dale Carnegie's book "How to overcome anxiety."
  • Breathing exercises. This therapy helps restore mental balance, improve your mood. By the methods, where a delay occurs respiration are Bodyflex, oksisayz, although they are aimed at shedding excess weight, their proven positive effect on overall health and emotional state.
  • Yoga. Ideal to improve psycho-emotional state, get rid of obsessive negative thoughts, find peace, to see the decision painful problem.

It is not always possible to cope with depressionindependently, sometimes in order to fight the disease do not have enough willpower, desire, motivation, or the disease is so serious that to overcome the disease without professional help is impossible. An effective way to get rid of depression, depressed state is considered the passage of consultations with a psychologist, who will help to choose the right way to solve the problem or appoint tablets.

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