How to cure nail fungus on my feet at home

Fungal nail infections on their toes -spread of infectious diseases caused by pathogenic microorganisms, known as athlete's. Infected with the disease, men, women of all ages. The presence of fungi indicates severe itching, changes in the structure of the nail plate, it yellowing, appearance of scaly patches. Get rid of the disease difficult. fungus treatment involves the use of a number of medicines for internal and external use.

Where does the fungus on his feet, and how to recognize it

The appearance of the fungus on the feet precedes contact withthe sick person or his shoes. Infection occurs in crowded places, favorable for the development of pathogens, - saunas, baths, swimming pools, sports complexes. However, not all visiting these places people get fungus. Athlete's feet settle on those who wear closed shoes tight and prone to sweating. According to experts, these fungi prefer slightly alkaline or neutral moist environment.

According to statistics, sometimes infection mycosisIt happens in the salons that provide services for nail treatment, workers who do not monitor compliance with hygiene standards. "Clings" to the fungus most often adult children mycosis rare. Doctors attribute this to the age-related changes of the skin pH, weakening immunity against various diseases. Sometimes the reasons for the development of the fungus are:

  • thyroid disease;
  • endocrine disorders;
  • Gastrointestinal diseases;
  • disorders of the adrenal glands work.

The risk group includes physicians peopleabusing alcohol, smoking. Recognize the disease peculiar to help change the structure of the nail and color. With the introduction of the fungus is its coloring in white, yellow, brown, black shades. Color nail patient depends on the type of pathogen (musty, yeast or dermatophyte).

nail itself begins to stratify and crumble. With the passage of time is its keratinization. Recognize the fungus helps growths on the nail, which become over time more and hamper treatment. However, these symptoms are not immediately apparent. Some people are not aware of the disease, so it takes for serious, in which the fungus leads to the destruction of the nail plate. Neglected diseases treatable with great difficulty.

How dangerous fungus

Also unpleasant external manifestations, fungusIt harms the body. Its main danger is that the fungus causes chronic morbidity other serious diseases (diabetes, allergies, asthma). Gradually it completely affects the nail plate and apply to tissue in contact with the nail. According to experts, it is a kind of guide for other infections.

Sometimes, on a background of reduced immunity fungusis able to penetrate to the internal organs and cause their defeat. Not last place in the list occupies intoxication. Some types of fungi throughout his life produce toxins that slowly poison the body of the patient. Nail fungus affects the mental well-being of people. Against the background of physical discomfort in the patient develops fastidious attitude to himself, appear negative emotions, feelings about the development of the disease.

Review of pharmaceutical agents - a list of tablets, creams and ointments

What can cure nail fungus on your feet? Traditional medicine offers a variety of all kinds of tools to deal with this unpleasant disease. This antifungal preparations for oral and topical use. Each of them provides for the destruction of pathogenic organisms, but in connection with a wide variety of drugs and the presence of specific features, choose products and determine a course of treatment should only be qualified. At the initial stage of the disease cope with the fungus helps the following external tools:

  • Batrafen - Medical nail fungus. Appointed by the scheme, courses for 30 days. The therapy involves the application of varnish in the first month once every two days. In the second month Batrafen applied once every three days. Next to the full restoration of the nail plate medicine used once in 7 days.
  • Ciclopirox olamine - nail fungus. Apply over the affected nail in a day once. Before applying the varnish is removed the affected part of the nail using a nail file that is included with the product. The duration of therapy depends on the degree of development of the disease.
  • Lac Lotseril. The tool should be applied once every three days the course of six months to a year.

  • Serum polish mikozan causes deathpathogens, creating conditions unfavorable for further development of the fungus. It is used for a long time. Duration of therapy depends on the characteristics of the nail growth and destruction area. Minimum course of treatment is 28 days. Apply the varnish twice a day to clean the nail plate. Then the nail surface is covered, if desired, a decorative lacquer manicure.
  • Tool for removing nail nail providespainless removal of growths and nail patient. Substances that are part of the preparation for the removal of the nail and healthy regrowth. The tool is applied with a thick layer without rubbing, to the prepared well steamed nail plate, avoiding contact with healthy tissue. Top patch closes for 4 days. Then, after the pre-steaming, scraped separated layer. This procedure is to produce a complete cleansing of the nail.
  • Lamisil (spray, gel, cream) opposed broadspectrum of fungi. It is recommended for extensive damage. Apply means no more than two times during the day. Before use, the affected areas are cleaned and dried. The product is sprayed or applied to the thorough wetting of the affected nail and surrounding skin.
  • Terbinafine (cream, ointment) - tool against the fungusfor outdoor use. It is used 1-2 times a day. The drug is accumulated in tissues in a concentration necessary for disinfection. The course of treatment is 1-2 weeks.
  • Lamitel (spray) - a means of covering a wide range of disease-causing organisms. Applied to the fungus infected areas (up to their complete humidification) for a week, no more than twice per day.
  • Mikozoral (ointment) has fungicidal action. It facilitates the manifestation of symptoms. Used twice a day. The course of treatment is determined by a physician, can last from 2 to 4 weeks.
  • Exoderil (cream) - an effective cure fornail fungus. The cream has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory effect, promotes the disappearance of itching. Sore spot lubricate once a day. Duration of treatment course depends on the type of disease (from 14 days to 6 months).

If preparations for external use are nothad the desired effect on the fungus, or disease much running, the experts prescribe oral agents. Tablets, as well as gels, ointments, sprays have a withering effect of the fungus and blocking their ability to reproduce. The most effective against yeasts and molds are:

  • Orungal. It helps to cure fungus is launched. It is used depending on the particular disease or scheme, or long-term, continuous-course (3 months). Under the scheme: the first week of drinking 1-2 capsules 2 times per day. Repeated courses are held in three weeks. Courses are repeated several times before the recovery. In the long-term treatment of drug prescribed to drink once a day, 2 capsules.
  • Diflucan (fluconazole). An effective drug that helps to bring the old fungus. Drink agent administered one capsule once every 7 days. Course - 30-36 weeks.

Treatment of fungus at home without drugs - folk remedies

To supplement the medical treatment of nail fungus canfolk remedies. Their application - not a panacea from infection, but folk medicines effectively eliminate the symptoms of the disease, supporting the action of drugs. In the case of the use of additional therapies, you should consult with your doctor. The most common means of fungus, used in alternative medicine include iodine, garlic, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, celandine, lemon, propolis.

  • Iodine. The alcoholic solution of iodine has a disinfectant and antiseptic. It directly affects the fungus, killing it. Use iodine is permitted in cases where no allergy to it. To this end, the five percent iodine solution is applied on the affected nail one drop twice, morning and evening. As a precaution, treated with iodine and healthy nails. A week later, should reduce the number of treatments. The course of treatment takes about twenty days to a month.
  • Garlic. On the basis of this spice have been many ways to treat the fungus. One popular treatment is a fungal infection of the nail plate of garlic alcohol tincture. For its preparation in equal proportions take alcohol and mashed to puree the garlic. Received medication diluted with a small amount of distilled water. This mass of grease with the nail plate. On the basis of garlic and cream made from a fungus. To do this, take equal parts butter and mashed garlic. With this ointment compress on the affected nail on all night.
  • Vinegar. An effective means for the treatment of fungus in the early stages are trays with vinegar. Immediately before the procedure you need to steam the feet. In a small basin, prepare a solution of 9% with warm vinegar. The pelvis is positioned so that the legs are not rested on its bottom. Keep your feet in the solution for about 15 minutes after they wipe procedure, but not washed with water. During the week held two such baths. The duration of treatment depends on the size of the affected area.

  • Hydrogen peroxide. The tool is known for its disinfecting properties. Treatment of nail fungus using hydrogen peroxide efficiently at an early stage of the disease. It is used to create a special solution for warm baths. In bowl pour hot water and add some 3% peroxide. The lower leg resulting solution for 15 minutes. Then wipe them, not washing with plain water.
  • Celandine. For the treatment of fungus used the juice of celandine. Sick nail lubricate them every 6 hours. An effective remedy for the fungus is a medical solution of celandine. For the preparation you will need: 5, Art. boiling water, 1 cup of celandine leaves. The raw material is poured boiling water and insist 60-70 minutes. The resulting tool is used for steaming feet, which is held every 6 hours for 15 minutes. Celandine duration of treatment depends on the degree of disease.
  • Lemon. For the treatment of fungus by using lemon, fruit cut into thin slices, which are applied to the sore spot. Over Lemon put cheesecloth, wrap cellophane and fix all using a bandage. The procedure is preferably carried out for 12 days in a row. According to reviews, this tool is one of the most effective, quick to help escape from nail fungus.
  • Propolic. Fast and effective remedy for fungal infections of the nail plate. Propolis has bactericidal, fungicidal and bacteriostatic effect. It relieves itching, inflammation, helps heal wounds. For treatment use swabs with 20% alcohol tincture of propolis (look for it for a long time do not have to be sold at any pharmacy, the price varies from 20 to 30 rubles for a bottle of 25 ml). In the treatment of fungal infections with this infusion, patients nails fall off, providing updated nail plates.

Prevention of nail fungus

fungus treatment - a long and not always successfulprocess. To protect themselves from infection will use a number of preventive measures, including the paramount importance given to hygiene. Dermatologists recommend to carry out the processing of shoes vinegar or formalin daily wear only their sandals when visiting the baths, pool or sauna. List of preventive measures to protect against fungus, contains the following tips:

  • Regularly vitamin courses.
  • Wear quality shoes made of natural materials.
  • Try on her in the salons, putting on socks.
  • Nobody let your shoes more often to change it.
  • Fight sweating feet.
  • If you are forced to walk barefoot in a public place, treat the feet special antifungal.
  • Use deodorant for shoes.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • In time treat chronic infectious diseases - gastritis, tonsillitis, etc.
  • Stick to the rules of healthy eating.

Reviews of treatment outcomes

Ilya, 34 years old: I helped cure strong fungus Terbinafine. I appointed it means to me dermatologist clinic. The drug was in the form of tablets and ointments. I was treated for a long time, and according to the scheme, which is picked up by the doctor. Before that I tried myself to get rid of this infection, but I did not succeed.

Sergei, 25 years: I had a yeast infection on his feet. I was assigned to the hospital diflukan capsules. Peel the drug for six months on one piece once a week. Mazal ekzoderilom feet all the time every day. Once I have done bath infusion of celandine prescription from the Internet. Six months of torment, and all passed.

Vika, 38 years old: I do not know where I was infected with this fungus. Dermatologic had for a long time. Three months saw Orungal. Like all it passed, but two months later began again. It turned out - a secondary infection. Lubricate the nails iodine. Dermatologist appointed Terbinafine. Propyl 6 months. Now there is no problem.

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