How to clean the body

When the agenda is the question of how to cleanthe body can not procrastinate. On this depends not only health, but also beauty, mood, energy. It is important to periodically organize various cleansing the body by getting rid of unnecessary, harmful, hazardous substances. Simple techniques help to significantly improve the condition of body and spirit. The main thing - to act consistently and confidently.

What is the cleansing of the body, and why is it necessary?

Start to clean the body to modern manyou need to have the age of 30, or even earlier. Environment, improper diet, bad food, bad habits, to deviate from the norm lifestyle provoke the development of catastrophic processes. If time does not carry out cleansing of the body, you can become a victim of many diseases, both physical and moral.

There are several levels of pollutionorganism. The earlier they are identified, the smaller will be the damage to health, the easier it is to cleanse the body and soon it will return to a healthy state. The slightest signs of deviation should be the urge to top cleaning. Focus on the characteristics of each level in order to respond instantly and keep your body healthy.

the body's levels of contamination:

  1. Externally it determined difficult. Peculiar to fatigue, irritation, bad mood for no reason. It is accompanied by digestive disorders, bloating, stool wrong, poisoning the body. At such times, you can not sit on a diet, because the state has become worse. If you do not start cleaning, any headaches, increased desire to eat, the severity of the liver.
  2. The organism is actively demonstrates the need forcleansing. All the symptoms are recognized on the face. Pimples, irritation, peeling - loyal friends at this level. There are cases of atypical body allergic reactions. The skin does not tolerate contact with the sun, cold.
  3. Begin progressing chronic disease. There is increased tearing, runny nose, conjunctivitis. Immunity is extremely weakened. If you do not cleanse the body, will begin irreversible processes.
  4. The body applied abnormal beats. Characteristically excessive fat deposition, the appearance of moles, the occurrence of tumors, polyps growth. It is necessary to clean the internal organs.
  5. This level is dangerous strain of tissues, muscles and organs. The body must be cleaned immediately to prevent stomatitis, arthritis, periodontal disease.
  6. There are nervous breakdowns, depression. The nervous system is severely affected, especially if you start taking medication preparations for cleansing. At the cellular level, the body irreparable harm.
  7. Without this level of cleaning may be the last for the organism. It is characterized by malignant tumors, organ failure, incurable diseases. It is not excluded a fatal ending.

Clear body should be inside. This is a protracted process, but to carry it out successfully, you will get a good reward - a healthy body, a strong nervous system, full life energy. It is important to get rid of toxins, excess bacteria, harmful bacteria that are found in different places of the body. The approach to the purification must be comprehensive. Full cleaning takes one day, please be patient.

How to clean the body

Cleansing the body should be in several stages. It is important to maintain consistency, otherwise efforts will be useless. Jumps to the purification site that looks the most fit, and skip those that feel superfluous, it is impossible. It looks in itself is extremely difficult to determine where in the body the greatest blow is applied.

Before you decide to cleanse the body,Analyze your lifestyle, diet, physical activity. Avoid alcoholic beverages and carbonated beverages, cigarettes and desserts, fast food and leisure lying. Proceed to clean the body only after eliminating all hazards. Make a plan to take turns to clean all the major organs and systems:

  • intestines;
  • liver;
  • stomach;
  • kidney;
  • vessels;
  • joints.

From toxins

Undertake detoxification (cleanse the body oftoxins, toxins) can be easily at home. It is a mistake to apply the cleaning klizmirovanie. Print this way too much really, but it is too categorical method having a big impact. Restore the microflora of the body after such intervention is difficult and time consuming. It is better to postpone this method of cleansing the body of last resort.

Painless cleanse itself of toxins you canusing fiber. It acts a natural adsorbent, collecting the remains of rotting food, livelihoods traces of bacteria, toxins. Fiber swells in the intestine, scraping from the walls of all superfluous. This cleansing is recommended to repeat the course twice a year. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for the most effective use of this product.

To cleanse your body intoxicated, drinkkefir. The best thing one day. Fresh product of the weak, the old and begins to strengthen. Carrot juice drink by adding a drop of sunflower oil in it. The juice is good for the skin of the whole body, of hair. Eat boiled beets, seasoned with vegetable oil. This salad fully replace an early breakfast and will facilitate purification.

From parasites

Clean the body from parasites most successfully helps Triad. But this mixture of tansy, wormwood and clove is contraindicated during pregnancy. Take the ingredients in the following form and proportions:

  • Tansy - floral inflorescence, 4 parts;
  • Artemisia - fruit and leaves, 1 part;
  • Carnation - seeds, 2 pieces.

That is, 10 g 20 g Artemisia take clove and40 g of tansy. Grind all alone, and then mix. It is used in the calculation of means 1.75 g of a mixture at once. This is about a spoon for tea, without slides. On the first day take a time, 30 minutes before the morning eating. On the second day, add another reception before dinner. From the third, take the mixture and before dinner. The remaining 5 days cleaning the body stick to three times a day reception Triad.

This mixture effectively cleanses the body of worms,larvae, fungi, parasites over a hundred species, bacteria and viruses. The maximum effect is given all the tools together, although separate tansy, cloves and wormwood demonstrate a good result. The tool works almost immediately. After a couple of days you can receive the results of the death of the parasites in the body - will bother headache, nausea occur. Do not stop to clean the body. Course - 8 days.

From alcohol

By themselves, alcoholic products appear very long. It is useful sometimes to accelerate the process on their own. Clean the body from alcohol help such methods:

  • drink a lot of milk immediately after drinking bout;
  • eat grapefruit and oranges or drink juice;
  • drink plenty of water;
  • take a diuretic;
  • use of adsorbents for cleaning;
  • tight dine vegetables, lean meat, dairy products;
  • move, breathe fresh air, or take a cold douche.

Interfere with the body to be cleansed of alcohol tea,coffee, junk food. In using special medications, exercise care. Exact adherence to dosage and frequency of their admission are key to the successful cleaning of the body. Do not think that a new portion of alcohol to opohmeleniya improve the condition of your body. Temporary relief you can feel, but to clean the blood of alcohol that does not help. Only delay the process of purification.

Before losing weight

Clean the body before losing weight is necessary for tworeasons. Firstly, since the diet increase efficiency. Contaminated bodies worse functioning, properly distribute incoming material, heavily intoxicated body gets rid of body fat. Secondly, it is easier to enter into a new diet. In the process of cleaning the body changes food habits, body and mind are set on the road to harmony and beauty.

Get some rules for cleaning the body:

  • Drink pure water in the required amount. At least - 2 liters per day. This does not include tea and coffee drinks, soups, cocktails.
  • Limit meat menu. Protein is derived from fermented delicacies.
  • Avoid fried, smoked, preserved. More sense to the body from foods, steamed in the oven, multivarka.
  • Eat something that is beneficial. Eliminate from your diet foods that carry the energy value only. This candy, ice cream and pastries.

  • Observe the temporal distance between dosesfood. Eat fruits immediately after a portion of rice with fish can not, it will lead to rotting food in the intestines. Main dish separately, desserts - in a different time.

after smoking

Refusal of cigarettes - is commendable, but the body of theenough to be healthy. It should be clear from the prolonged effects of harmful gases and substances. Create a clean environment around you, which will not be artificial smells, materials, products. Less the case in the smoking room. The body is physically difficult to quit smoking, so do not tease him. Use every opportunity to fill your lungs with pure fresh air.

For complete purification of the following tips:

  • Make inhalation. Use of needles and cones infusions, linden and lavender, celandine and mint.
  • Engage in active sports. Running, swimming, jumping rope - what you need. Taking a walk, try to visit the pine forest, if there is one nearby.
  • Walk in bath. Wooden - fits best. If the heart suffers, visit the bath at least once every few days. This cleansing of the body improves skin condition.

Useful products, body cleansing

How to clean the body with maximumefficiency? This process should not just eliminate the bad, but also bring something useful. It is important to clean with the help of useful products. These include:

  • Fig. It should be consumed properly. At night pour cereal boiled cooled water in the morning boil for 5 minutes.
  • Buckwheat. It helps to lose weight. Excellent for cleansing the body mono-diet, when within 4-7 days, only one product is used without salt, oil and spices.
  • Bran. Add them to 4 tablespoons in a cup of yogurt. It stimulates the mechanical purgation. So with the intestinal wall is removed all the dirt, and harmful microorganisms.
  • Oats. Well it cleanses the liver. Washed and dried grain oat chop, pour boiling water (per 1 liter per 1 tbsp. L. The resulting flour). Let sit a mixture of day. To cleanse the body, take it half an hour before meals for a couple of months.

How to clean the blood in the body in the home?

Cleansing the blood is extremely important because itdistribute the substance on the body. From its purity depends on the state of health, performance agencies mood. Blood carries oxygen, and its deficiency can result in fainting, dizziness, nausea. It is important to remove all the excess, which affects the correct and healthy part of the most important in the body fluid. Consider three common methods of cleaning the blood.


On the question of how to clean the blood in the body, the firstcase raises the simplest answer in my head. With starvation! The lack of new revenue harmful substances and constant circulation of the blood make it yourself. Only fasting should be organized properly, we can not simply abandon the consumption of vital food. Get ready for blood cleansing in the body in advance.

Start cleaning with a one-day fasting. Eat this day a lot of water, it is desirable to melt. It is recommended to drink tea with some diuretic herbs or fruit drink. So cleansing goes a little faster. You can repeat these days every few weeks. If the process goes well, try to increase the time without food. Come out of the hunger strike gradually.


An effective means for purification of the blood isa simple enema. Make 7 procedures a day, then 4 treatments over 3 days and 4 - through 7. To clean the body using salted water (1 teaspoon per 1 liter) or chamomile broth. On the day drink apple juice procedures. After such a complex purification of the body, it may need to restore microflora. Purchase a special candle and eat seafood.

Use of activated carbon

This material is perfectly cleanses the bodyalmost all of harmful substances. Coal - affordable tool that helps cleanse the digestive system. The course lasts for 14-21 days. Twice a day, take charcoal tablets, calculating their number by the value of its weight. At 10 kg - 1 tablet. Before use, better rub them into powder. Coal actively removes even other medication, so the medication and antibiotics for a period of cleansing should be abandoned.

Clear body - the primary task for theanyone who aspires to be healthy. Even a child is useful to carry out preventive cleaning to eliminate possible complications. Unhealthy environment, dangerous products, bad habits adversely affect every cell of an organism. Take care of yourself and follow the rules of healthy living.

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