How is chickenpox in children and adults. Can you get chicken pox through a third party

The forgotten childhood memory of people who have alreadyill, or adult palpable fear of those who are afraid to get infected - this is about chickenpox. The virus is the third type of herpes is transmitted by airborne droplets, but the title is obtained in common due to transmission method - "the wind." Learn how to pass chickenpox to be prepared for all situations. The older the disease is not transferred as easily as children. If you are not ill, there is a risk of contracting anywhere: in the market, street, school.

Methods of transmission of chickenpox virus

A man without a history of chickenpox, susceptibleto this virus. If you are interested in the question of how to transfer chickenpox in adults, it is necessary only to meet the direct carrier of the pathogen. The probability of infection in a healthy person is close to 100%. There are people who have never had chickenpox, but their number does not exceed 4%. In recent years, often there are cases when a person is sick with smallpox re an adult, conscious age. The second time, chickenpox is not as pronounced, and the risk of complications is low. How is chickenpox at different ways of transmission of the virus?

  1. A sick person when talking, coughing, sneezing allocates sufficient amounts of saliva, where there are millions of bacteria of the infection. Located at a distance of 1 meter is dangerous if you are not sick.
  2. If chickenpox your partner, and you have not had it as a child, then refrain from kissing, so as not to get infected.
  3. Avoid close physical contact withinfected patients. The body rashes appear in the form of vesicles (blisters like water) during the period of illness. They are very itchy and when the burst, the virus is easily possessed the body of a healthy person, without a history of chickenpox.
  4. Option of disease transmission through the real thing, if left on the clothes of the substance of the vesicles. If a healthy person wears it over his head, touching the mouth, nose, chances of infection.

In this disease there is one dangerous moment -People only started to hurt chickenpox, first does not know about it or do not pay attention to the first eruption, but a full-fledged carrier of the virus. He does not stay at home, and remains in contact with the public, which can be a group of people who are at risk - pregnant women, the elderly. If you picked up the chicken pox after the age of 20 years, doctors are advised to be under medical supervision.

The incubation period for varicella

The incubation period of the disease ranges from 7 to 21days. Conventionally, it is divided into 3 periods: the beginning - when the virus enters the body and adapted; Development - created the site of infection, where bacteria multiply and accumulate; completion - spread throughout the body, the appearance of the rash. All phases have no exact time and depend on how strong your immune system. If the body is fighting the infection is a long time in the nasopharynx, and after a long time gets into the lymph and blood. The same virus causes the disease "shingles".

This insidious disease is called, in fact because of thislong incubation period is difficult to figure out who really was the causative agent of chickenpox. The first rash appears on the head and face, but exceptions occur. The vesicles is difficult to confuse with other diseases, they are like watery pimples. For a few hours the body is completely covered with them.

How many days is contagious chickenpox

Determine the first day, when chickenpox is contagious,you can hardly. For 1-2 days before the rash infected person is already a carrier of the infection. Infect other people it will be as long as his body will mature vesicles. Safe transporter considered only after the last crust disappear. Contagiosum (infectious) period lasts about 10-14 days, during which there is an infection, and others.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Whatever the desired disease was not, andmany believe it is better to have had them as a child. Then there is no fever, lack of appetite, headache, and swollen lymph nodes, because children suffer chickenpox otherwise. The older a person becomes, the more dangerous the disease manifests itself. It can overtake during pregnancy, delivery session, the completion of an important project at work. Therefore, many people without a history of childhood, interested in the question whether the chickenpox through things, a healthy person is transferred, how long fever.

Depending on your immune diseaseproceeds differently. In some - faint rash, feeling normal, others - increased temperature for 5 days, a sizeable increase in the lymph nodes, itching, mucous membranes, and as a result, the hospital regime. The main thing is to know - do not be afraid of chickenpox! If you are offered to go to the hospital, perestrahuytes and do it! At home, the harder it is to escape from the complications of a brilliant green.

Does chickenpox are transmitted through third parties

The only answer - no. The world is not known significant cases ever managed to catch chickenpox by a healthy person. To infection has got into your body, you need to be in communication with the main carrier, which currently runs an active viral replication stage in the body. Herpes on the street will die, so even if you come with a friend of the patient clothes, then you are unlikely to catch up with chickenpox.

On what day of the chicken pox is not contagious

To answer this question, you need to knowHow many days after the rash of chickenpox is contagious. On average, the amount is 10-12 days after the first infection entering the body. When the vesicles first coming when chickenpox is contagious, and only 5 days after the formation of the crust of the last person is considered safe for contact with others. The stronger the immune system, the quicker a patient gets better.

When the first signs of the disease

Insidious this disease is thatthe first signs of the disease, even an experienced physician does not recognize immediately. Depending on the age, immunity and characteristics of the organism, the person immediately overtake rashes or feeling similar to SARS. Temperature, weakness, poor appetite indicate a virus, but the virus immediately recognize it is impossible. The most common symptoms are overtaking adults. An accurate sign of vesicle believe, but before the first pimple person could infect humans for several days.

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