Histology - what it is, decoding results. What does the analysis on histology

The world of living beings for decades interestedScientists from around the world. Moreover, numerous laboratory studies have made a significant step in the given direction, to facilitate the participation of humanity. Histology accelerates the diagnosis statement, helps to assign adequate treatment.

What is histology

This is the science of the tissues, which allowsearly detection of progressive disease process even at the cellular level. Careful analysis of the biological material reveals cancer cells, structural mutations by microscopy. With the help of special equipment with maximum precision determine the foreign bodies and their detailed characteristics. This is especially important in light of the research, as the chances of the patient's complete recovery is only increasing.

What is studying histology

Fabrics - these are the important structures of the body, withwhich begins the functionality of organic life. Answering the main question that is the subject of study in the field of histology, it is necessary to focus on this simple layman invisible biological material. For scientists, the same cloth - a storehouse of useful information on which to judge the viability of the organism as a whole, its weaknesses, future pathologies. Predominant be diagnosed accurately, and treat disease drugs (conservatively) may be at an early stage.

What shows histology

This science deals with microscopicthe study of intracellular structures. The main areas are five types of cells, including epithelial, nervous, muscular connective tissue, blood. Histology results help determine the presence of the pathological process and final diagnosis. In gynecology is a real chance to identify the causes of cancer and abnormal pregnancy. With timely response to the problem of a woman waiting for operational measures, scraping with a favorable clinical outcome.

If you are interested in histology - what it is,tell the specialist. He tells that it shows the invasive laboratory research. So, from the deciphering of histology analysis can determine:

  • inflammatory process;
  • violation of the circulatory system;
  • the fact of internal bleeding, the presence of thrombosis;
  • presence of cancerous cells;
  • presence of malignancies and their parameters;
  • metastases adjacent organs.

Analysis on histology

Laboratory testing can be doneonly in a hospital environment in the presence of modern equipment, as well as a biopsy. In modern medicine, it is a reliable diagnostic method for determining the pathology still at a cellular level. Histological analysis explores the biological material, which are particles of the epithelial layer of internal organs and systems. It is conducted simultaneously with the biopsy, which just involves taking the bundle of living cells for further study.

What is histology in Gynecology

This procedure is often done in the modernGynecology is a reliable method for the diagnosis of extensive uterine pathologies and its appendages, timely detect inflammatory and infectious processes of the cervix. Women faced with the problem of missed abortion or miscarriage in early pregnancy are well aware that such a histology in gynecology. This laboratory study helps determine the cause of the pathology of the reproductive system.

Histology of the uterus

This morphological analysis determines the structurecells, so just notice them mutations against a background of cancer. To endometrial histology helped determine the final diagnosis, the doctor insists on carrying out preparatory activities. An integrated approach to the problem increases the information content of laboratory research, helps rather begin intensive therapy drugs. That mandatory condition before going on a biopsy:

  1. Two weeks removed from diet supplements, which had a chance to buy the online store or pharmacy.
  2. For 3-5 days to abstain from sexual contact, strengthen respect for the intimate hygiene of genitals.
  3. Be sure to perform a complete blood count, a study on the presence of genital infections, bacteriological smear.
  4. Laboratory testing carried out before the scheduled menstruation, a different period of the menstrual cycle for the diagnosis is excluded.
  5. Acceptance of any medications it is important to pre-negotiate with a specialist, because you can provoke bleeding during laboratory research.

Histology after missed abortion

If the second trimester the fetus is dead, doctorperform urgent scraping the uterine cavity with subsequent histological examination. This is extremely important to promptly identify the cause of missed abortion, to prevent it from happening again. If the right to be treated, there is a good chance to experience the joy of motherhood. Histology with missed abortion studying embryo tissue of the deceased to determine the reasons for detention in miscarriage. It:

  • viral and infectious processes;
  • hormonal imbalance of the female body;
  • diabetes;
  • genital infections;
  • Uterine anomalies structure.

Histology after curettage

The study itself involves the removal of partuterine epithelium. Carry out the operation before menstruation to reduce the amount of blood loss, accelerate the regeneration of damaged tissues. Biological material take on histological analysis after curettage. First of all, it is placed in a special solution to prevent the disintegration of cells. And then treated with paraffin in the hardened already operate a small slice. Then the dyed color examines under a microscope. In this manner, healthy cells can be distinguished from cancer modifications.

gastric Histology

If the doctor suspects a malignancyThe digestive tract, the patient will perform a histology of the stomach, for example. The resulting transcript gives an idea not only about the presence of cancer, but also directly on the tumors. Histology of the stomach determines the size of the hearth disease, cellular composition, the presence of metastases. This informative study, therefore a positive response to the presence of cancer doctors perceive as the final diagnosis. To clarify, in addition to histology may need a hysteroscopy.

What is histology in oncology

Before you order a laboratoryStudy on tangible price, you need to understand whether his conduct in a specific clinical need. If it is suspected malignancy, the answer clearly is yes. Cytology and histology are the basis for complex diagnostics, because these studies reveal the cancer cells at an early stage of their formation. Decryption helps to quickly initiate treatment, to provide a stable therapeutic effect.

The price for histology

All patients are interested in how much it costshistology. Cost of research depends on the alleged focus of pathology, patient's home town, clinics and professional reputation, which conducts this laboratory study. The difference is not always tangible, so it is best not to rely on the criterion of "cheap", and professionalism.


Marina, 34 years old

I read a directory with the same research pricesMetropolitan Laboratory. I must say that the price of the histology of adequate, affordable. The difference with other analyzes palpable. Addressed to the laboratory with the problem, on the recommendation of the attending physician. I had a birthmark increased - had to be checked. Not a pleasant feeling, still creeps.

Anna, 31 years old

Unlike the others, my problem was notso global. I histology was necessary before the cauterization of erosion. I read the description of this study, but actually worse. It hurts because pinch off a piece of flesh. Explanation histology showed that there are no problems. Glad to check out, but the memories are not very.

Olesya, 26 years old

I took a study in pathohistologicalcenter before the cauterization of erosion. Pinch off the cells, then part - on the glass, and part - in the liquid container. The sensations - pain, then it is easier. In the evening aching in the lower abdomen, I had to take painkillers, a couple of days were allocation. Price available.

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