Headache in pregnancy - Causes. What can be pregnant with severe headaches and migraines

While the woman is a child, it appearsplenty of health problems that are a cause for distress. A frequent companion during pregnancy - a headache of various etiologies. Unpleasant feature can overtake at any time, be periodic, continuous and so on. Why it occurs in women? What can be pregnant for a headache?

Migraines in Pregnancy

This type of pain is specific symptomsand the mechanism of development. Pathogenesis is hypoperfusion of the brain tissue, excessive expansion of cerebral blood vessels. Migraine in pregnancy is often hereditary, mainly manifested in one half of the head. Fear of light, nausea, extreme sensitivity to sounds, smells - all this is manifested in the majority in a fit. A typical symptom of a migraine - the appearance of the aura before the pain. The main causes of migraine in pregnancy:

  • dehydration;
  • psychological stress;
  • changes in weather, the indoor environment;
  • intake of certain foods, such as hot spices, citrus fruits;
  • hormonal changes;
  • exposure to noise, light, odors.

Headache in early pregnancy

After fertilization in a woman's bodyIt begins a complete overhaul, a significant change in hormonal levels. For this reason, worried about cramping and those who previously did not know about them. Very often it manifested symptoms within the first 3 months. If you have a headache when early pregnancy, a woman can expect to relieving the condition after the body gets used to the new state. Other causes of a disease condition in pregnancy:

  • stress;
  • chronic fatigue;
  • excess caffeine;
  • lack of sleep;
  • hunger;
  • blood pressure problems;
  • the presence of diseases, such as cervical degenerative disc disease;
  • foods that cause symptoms (coffee, red wine).

Headaches during pregnancy in the second trimester

Unpleasant symptoms may appear as early in life and later. Causes of headaches in pregnancy during the second trimester:

  • increases the load;
  • changes in weather;
  • eating cold food, caffeine;
  • eyestrain;
  • stress, depression;
  • lack of water;
  • allergy;
  • lack of sleep;
  • general fatigue;
  • exposure to bright light;
  • smoky air.

Severe headaches in pregnancy

The symptom is not harmful if wearingmoderate. It is necessary to guard the appearance of severe headaches in pregnancy. At best, they are a manifestation of migraine cause fatigue or stress, pungent smell, strong light. In addition, the symptom may occur in the following cases:

  • cerebrovascular accident;
  • meningitis;
  • glaucoma;
  • hypertension;
  • spine disease;
  • kidney disease;
  • allergy.

Headache in pregnancy - Treatment

Many women are interested in, than to treat headachespain during pregnancy because the choice of drugs is limited. Many medications, relieves symptoms, adversely affect the fetus, therefore, not allowed to use. Doctors strongly recommend to forget about such well-known drugs like Citramon, Depakote, Atenol, Fiorinal. How to cure a headache during pregnancy?

Headache tablets for pregnant women

If the symptom can not be eliminatednon-drug methods, after consultation with a gynecologist pregnant may use pharmaceuticals. Relatively safe for the mother, the fetus are considered to be the next head of the tablets during pregnancy:

  1. No-spa. The drug relieves vascular spasm, helps at high pressure. The day allowed no more than 3 pieces.
  2. Paracetamol. It is desirable to drink the drug, nor its derivatives. Approved for use from the first trimester.
  3. Panadol. Medicines containing paracetamol, effectively helps with the pain associated with a low pressure.
  4. Nurofen. The medicine can be drunk if the woman previously they used, and the means to produce results. Restriction - permitted up to 30 weeks.
  5. Ibuprofen. Appointed rarely, mainly in the initial terms. It is recommended to use it with extreme caution.

The patch for headache during pregnancy

Reliable, modern, very efficient way,which can be used by women in the state - patches. As a rule, they contain only vegetable herbs, essential oils, so it is safe for the fetus. Plaster from headaches during pregnancy has an immediate impact by improving the condition of the expectant mother. To resolve symptom means you need to stick to the back of the head or forehead, wait 10-15 minutes. 1, the patch may be used no more than 6 hours.

Folk remedies for headaches in pregnancy

Medical practice can prescribe safemedication to alleviate the condition, but you can use the methods of traditional medicine. Herbs, aromatic oils, flowers, vegetables do not contain chemicals that can quickly help relieve spasm, relieve the pressure. Some folk remedies for headaches during pregnancy:

  1. Lean against the glass. It must be cool. If the pain has arisen because of nervous strain, pass quickly.
  2. From dizziness saves hawthorn decoction. To prepare it, take 20 grams of fruit, 1 cup of boiling water and boil for 10 minutes.
  3. From acute pain makes a cabbage leaf. It is necessary to bandage his forehead and wait for the result. If in the process stand out juice, lubricate them wrists, ears.
  4. Markedly improved health, if the head to make a piece of woolen cloth, soaked in olive oil and vinegar. The ingredients must be mixed in equal proportions.
  5. Long the pain will help eliminate the fungus extract is diluted with boiled water. Drink every day for a large spoon.

How to get rid of a headache during pregnancy

Experts strongly recommend avoidingmedication? What to do? There are many alternative methods of pain medications that can help women. How to relieve headaches in pregnancy? Recommendations:

  1. Wash your hair with warm water and pleasant-smelling cosmetic products.
  2. Try aromatherapy. It is proved that under different pains beneficial to the human condition lemon flavors, peppermint, pine. In order to achieve the result they need to be inhaled or rubbed into the temples. In the opinion of the good and fast results shows scented bath.
  3. Use for the treatment of metal, such as copper. Try to make the coins out of it to the front of the head, wait 15 minutes.

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