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Various fungal infections are widespreadworldwide problem: every second patient, a dermatologist diagnoses skin fungus. This disease can occur anywhere in the body and is difficult to be treated, accompanied by unpleasant symptoms.

The treatment of fungal skin diseases

Only with the combined treatment can get ridfrom a fungal infection that causes different types of pathogens. For treatment to be effective, it needs to be examined by a doctor, which he will be able to choose the correct results of medicines. How to cure a fungus in the skin? To that end simultaneously used:

  • local antifungal medications;
  • systemic effects of drugs on the basis of itraconazole, fluconazole, ketoconazole, clotrimazole or other active substances;
  • glucocorticosteroid agent;
  • antimicrobials;
  • antihistamines;
  • multivitamins;
  • immunomodulators;
  • physiotherapy (UHF-therapy, electrophoresis, pulsed magnetic therapy).

Healthy skin of hands and feet of a girl

How to treat a fungus in the skin

With the defeat of mycosis of the skin tighteningtrip to the doctor can not, or eliminate the consequences will be very difficult. The doctor will be able to choose the appropriate treatment of skin fungus body. First, apply a means of traditional medicine, because they are effectively fighting the disease, quickly eliminating the unpleasant symptoms and destroying the source of infection. The current treatment of fungal infections of the skin of the body is carried out with the use of such funds:

  1. Ointments, creams. Helps eliminate the fungal spores in the initial stages of the development of fungal infections of the skin of the body, with such local facilities are not sufficiently effective in advanced disease.
  2. Spray. Aerosols well relieve symptoms of pathology and very convenient to use away from home, so they tend to take with you to work, to be able to continue therapy.
  3. Immunostimulatory agents. Since immunosuppression is often caused by infection with fungi, an important therapeutic measure is to restore the protective properties of the organism.
  4. Antifungal tablets / capsules broad spectrum. Destroy the infection from the inside, help to cope with even the most advanced cases of mycosis of the skin of the body.

Before starting treatment for fungal skin of the body,you must determine the type of the causative agent, so no diagnosis from a dermatologist can not do. Once the type of infection (yeast, yeast-like, Candida, etc..), The doctor prescribes the appropriate medication to the patient. As an auxiliary measure can serve traditional medicines. Get rid of the fungus only happens with regular use of antifungal drugs for a long time (as a rule, therapy takes 5-8 months).

Healthy skin and nails of the fingers

Tablets from the fungus body skin

To maximize the elimination ofpathogenic fungal spores, which tend to spread throughout the human body, use the tablet. To get rid of athlete's foot legs, arms, back, neck, chest, help to such drugs:

  1. Lamisil. In order to achieve a therapeutic effect requires treatment by 2 months. Allowed to take more than 2 years, even a child.
  2. Nizoral. The active substance - ketoconazole - has mikostaticheskim and fungicidal action. The drug is effective against almost any type of disease pathogen.
  3. Fluconazole. Cheap antimycotic antifungal agent for the skin of domestic production. Effective even in advanced forms of onychomycosis and different types of lichen.
  4. Terbinafine. The preparation of system action is used for the treatment of Microsporum, Trichophyton, extensive lesions of mycosis of the trunk and limbs.

Fluconazole against mycosis

Antifungal ointment for body skin

Local antifungal agents for the skincan be used in a complex or be the sole therapeutic agent against fungal infections. The latter case is possible only with the defeat of mycosis small area of ​​the skin or the initial stage of the disease. Scaly, itchy patches are lubricated with a thin layer of cream / ointment, usually 1-2 times a day. For this purpose:

  1. Ifenek. The ointment of the fungus in the skin, in addition to anti-fungal, antiseptic effect. Ifenek applied directly to the infection foci, 2 times a day.
  2. Lamisil. It is effective for the treatment of virtually any mycotic diseases. The advantage of the drug - a relatively low price.
  3. Ekzifin. The cream of the fungus in the skin. Suitable as a therapeutic agent for fungal infections of the upper layers of the dermis of the body and head.
  4. Mikoseptin. Local drug has virtually no contraindications or side effects, has a soft and gentle action.

Lamisil against skin fungus

The remedy for skin fungus common action

Systemic medications - the main means of combatingmycotic pathologies. Because treatment should be complex, at the same time with them, local medicines used to relieve the symptoms (itching, burning, etc.). Therapy thus begins only after the establishment of the type of pathogen. In addition, fungal infections are often accompanied by a bacterial infection, which is also taken into account when selecting a doctor of effective therapeutic agents.

If the infection is severe, therapybegin to neutralize inflammation and eliminate excessive humidity affected the dermis. To this end, using solutions such as Castellani and clotrimazole. After drying of the skin antiseptic antibacterial agents are appointed:

  • mikoseptin;
  • 2% iodine solution;
  • Mikozolon;
  • Esulan;
  • sulfur-tar ointment;
  • salicylic ointment, etc..

Treatment of fungal pathologies will be the mosteffective if we combine different antifungal drugs - this will avoid the occurrence of pathogens in drug resistance. In addition to these funds, the patient is prescribed medication body skin fungus tablets for systemic effects:

  • Nizoralom;
  • Terbizilom;
  • Orungalom;
  • ekzifin;
  • lamizilom;
  • Candide.

iodine bubble

Treatment of skin fungus folk remedies

Such funds should be used in conjunction withmedications because they are only able to alleviate the patient's condition, but does not eliminate the cause of the disease. For the treatment of skin smooth integument use these recipes:

  1. Garlic cream. Sagging clove of garlic, mix with the same amount of melted butter. Preparing a mixture treat the affected area daily dermis.
  2. Soda baths. The warm water should be added? Art. soda. This procedure lasts at least 15 minutes.
  3. Onion juice. Several times a day grease stains fresh juice onions.
  4. A decoction of horsetail. 2 tbsp. l. herb brew in a glass nearly the boiled water. Clean liquid affected skin 2-3 times daily.


I fungus usually appears on the legs(Between the toes). Excellent help vinegar compresses itching passes almost immediately. The main thing - time to begin treatment of the disease, or the fungus spreads further and it will not be able to withdraw without toxic pills.

Tatyana, 30 years old

My husband noticed after visiting the pool lightspots on the breast, but at first I did not betray this value. Other symptoms were not. After we went with friends to the sea and the girlfriend (she dermatologist) said that this fungal infection that can not be ignored. Lamizilom heal faster and clotrimazole ointment, and the spots on his chest went for 2 weeks.

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