Electrophoresis - what kind of physiotherapy. Treatment electrophoresis in the home and in the clinic

As used in this method within physical therapyHardware administration of drugs helps to safely deliver the right tool directly to the pathological focus. Learn which medication can be transported into the body by means of this procedure.

What electrophoresis

Subject beneficial impact on the current healthMan climbs the scientific community for a long time. Medicinal electrophoresis, which in medicine is called galvanoforezom, galvanization or iontophoresis, involves the transformation under the influence of electric pulses of different medication to tiny particles - ions with the further delivery of the latter in the problem areas. When administered drugs hardware most of them remain in the dermis. Residues are transported with the same blood and lymph throughout the body.

Electrophoresis indications and contraindications

This procedure is effective against a number ofdiseases. A lack of understanding as to electrophoresis - that it occurs in many patients, the first time going to pass this procedure. Hardware administration of drugs is recommended for many diagnoses: from disorders of the musculoskeletal system to ophthalmic problems. For this reason, the question of why we need electrophoresis, it is impossible to fully disclose. Meanwhile, there are some limitations for hardware administration of medicines. Contraindications to electrophoresis following:

  • diseases of the heart and blood vessels;
  • oncological diseases;
  • fever;
  • inflammatory processes in the acute stage;
  • eczema and dermatitnye manifestations;
  • allergies to medications administered during the procedure

Electrophoresis aminophylline

Hardware administration of the drug ionsIt helps achieve bronchodilator, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. Aminophylline used for electrophoresis in a 2 percent solution, which is influenced by the current penetrates the patient's dermal layers. The settling of the drug in subcutaneous adipose tissue contributes to its gradual, metered flow of the body.

It should say what happens during the procedureintense saturation of the patient's cartilage active components of the preparation. This pharmacology eufillina used in the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system: osteochondrosis neck area and lumbar herniated discs. In addition, the introduction of its hardware is used to improve cerebral and renal blood flow, treatment of bronchitis.

Electrophoresis Lydasum

Said substance is involved in the enzymaticcleavage of hyaluronic acid enhances active movement interarticular liquid. Lidaza Electrophoresis is chosen with a view to the prevention and treatment of adhesions, inflammation of different localization. The procedure promotes the resorption of scars, restore the skin after burns.

Hardware administration lidazy effective againstthe negative effects of pneumonia, tuberculosis, bronchitis. Treatment for otitis media and other ear inflammatory lesions can be performed by the simultaneous use of endouralnogo cataphoresis and external anaphoresis. In this solution lidazy impregnated cathode only. The anode is located in the neck.

Electrophoresis karipazimom

The galvanic current helps transportthe active drug substance directly to the problem area. Electrophoresis karipazimom used for the treatment of pathologies of the spine and joints. The procedure is particularly effective when a herniated disc. Fabrics, which is formed by a painful protrusion into the spinal column, under the current softened the impact, thereby reducing irritation of the nerve roots and as a result, the severity of pain.

Electrophoresis with novocaine

Hardware administration of anestheticthe drug is administered to produce an analgesic effect. Electrophoresis with novocaine indicated for neuropathic syndromes, radiculitis, osteochondrosis, and other articular pathologies. Especially effective with the use of physical therapy in conjunction with therapeutic massage and other treatments manualnomu.

Electrophoresis with calcium

This nutrient is considered a universal substancefor hardware administration. Thus, iontophoresis with calcium chloride used to treat inflammations of the mouth, myositis, hip dysplasia. We should also mention that doctors prescribe the introduction of this method of mineral hardware pathologies clotting. Calcium is especially important for infants. With a shortage of this element bone child develops in the wrong algorithm.

Electrophoresis hydrocortisone

Hardware drug administration groupglucocorticosteroids used for the relief of allergic and autoimmune conditions. Electrophoresis hydrocortisone often used in neurologic practice. It should be noted that this procedure helps to get rid of eczema, dermatitnyh manifestations. Depending on the degree of skin damage to hardware administration is recommended to use a cream or emulsion based on hydrocortisone.

Electrophoresis with magnesia

Under the influence of galvanic current magnesium sulfateeasily penetrates the cell membrane. A sufficient amount of this nutrient in the body is the key to the health of the nervous and cardiovascular systems. This mineral is involved in many chemical reactions, from him the energy potential of the cell largely depends. Electrophoresis with chalk fights inflammation, helps to normalize heart rate and blood pressure. Meanwhile, the magnesium sulfate is forbidden to apply for stomach bleeding, renal failure and liver.

Electrophoresis with neostigmine methylsulfate

The instructions to the drug indicated that itIt has high anticholinesterase activity. For this reason, neostigmine methylsulfate electrophoresis treat many neurological diseases that are accompanied by a decrease in muscle tone and impaired conduction of electrical impulses. Importantly, have similar pharmacological activity and is widely used in physiotherapy bromine formulations. Indications for hardware administration of neostigmine are:

  • myasthenia gravis;
  • neuritis of various parts of the body;
  • atony of the bladder;
  • recovery after a stroke;
  • borne viral neuroinfections.

Electrophoresis Dimexidum

The procedure helps to achieve antibacterial,an anti-inflammatory effect. With its help carry out the treatment of degenerative disc disease, various articular pathologies gnoynikovoy infections in remission. Electrophoresis Dimexidum especially useful for people who, for whatever reason, can not carry out oral or injection administration of antibacterial agents. Importantly, the procedure has almost no side effects.

Electrophoresis with lidocaine

The method involves the introduction of a local hardwareanesthetic for pain. Comparing the effects obtained after transporting current novocaine and said formulation, one can say that lidocaine electrophoresis differs less intense effect on the tissue structure. The indication for such delivery of the anesthetic drug in the body is a pronounced pain syndrome of different etiology.

Electrophoresis nicotinic acid

Hardware introduction of water-solublevitamin, or niacin, ensures the normal course of redox reactions. Electrophoresis of nicotinic acid may be carried out for different purposes. It is found that niacin is very useful for patients suffering from diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. In addition, administration of nicotinic acid hardware ions helps to reduce the concentration of lipoproteins and triglycerides in the blood.

Electrophoresis dibazolom

Myotropic antispasmodic used to treathypertension, facilitating transmission of nerve impulses in the spinal cord. Electrophoresis dibazolom often used as a method of forming a non-specific resistance of the organism to the effects of exogenous irritants. In addition, the creation of a kind of patient dermis dibazolovogo depot provides synthesizing its own interferon for a long time.

Electrophoresis in pregnancy

During childbearing women immunityfalls, which can serve as a trigger for the development of many diseases. Most of the drugs during embryonic development of the fetus is contraindicated for use, so the electrophoresis in pregnancy is a kind of way out of the situation for expectant mothers. In addition, the undoubted advantages of this procedure are:

  1. safety for the child;
  2. providing a high local concentration of drugs in their minimum background dosage.

Electrophoresis in gynecology

Achieving therapeutic effect duringtreatment of diseases of female genital sphere subject to certain difficulties associated with accurate diagnosis and clinical features of each individual case. It is widely used means for electrophoresis in gynecology are solutions of iodine, magnesium and lidazy. Good results in the treatment of chronic inflammatory processes with severe pain helps to achieve hardware introduction into the lower abdomen of women potassium iodide.

Electrophoresis for children

Young patients are, in most casesRatner procedure method. The scientist suggested the introduction of hardware and papaverine eufillina natal infants with spinal injuries. Electrophoresis for older children is indicated for the treatment of bronchitis, diathesis. The technique is often used in fractures of extremities. Runny nose and other problems with the nasal passages are treated by intranasal administration of solutions.

Electrophoresis in dentistry

The main indication for hardware administrationdrugs in this field of medicine is an infection of root canals with a periodontitis, pulpitis. Procedure electrophoresis dentistry involves targeted transport of drugs, due to which there is greater recovery of damaged dentin tubules. By means of such delivery of antibiotics eliminated the pathogenic bacteria background that prevents the occurrence of secondary caries on the sealed tooth.

Electrophoresis in cosmetology

Rejuvenation and improvement of skin with the help of currentIt may be carried out in various ways. Thus, in cosmetology electrophoresis or iontophoresis, and is carried through labile stationary electrodes. The main condition for the effective elimination of problems with the skin is respect the polarities injected substance. We should also be said about phonophoresis. This procedure involves the administration of vitamins and medicines into the deep layers of the skin using ultrasound waves emitted by the device.

Home electrophoresis

The procedure can also be carried out independentlyby special instruments. Home electrophoresis frees the patient from having to visit medical facilities. Instruments for this purpose can be purchased in the pharmacy network for quite reasonable prices. Implement hardware administration of drugs at home is recommended only after the approval of the treating physician, and get acquainted with the instructions on how to do electrophoresis. In the free market, you can buy the following devices:

  1. "Feed-1"
  2. "Feed-BR"
  3. "Elfor"
  4. "AGN-32"

Electrophoresis side effects

In the case of full compliance with all conditionsDrug administration correct hardware any negative effects as a rule do not occur. Iontophoresis, side effects which are caused by individual intolerance only applied during a session of drugs, even infants are treated. Because of this, do not need to shun iontophoresis. Needless to say that, in addition to therapeutic effects, and you will feel more relaxing effect of the procedure.

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