CTG during pregnancy - what is it and how to do it. What does the fetal cardiotocography and decoding results

Incubation of the baby - is not only pleasantperiod of life, full of exciting expectations, but also very responsible. Seeing the doctor, tests, proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle - all necessary ingredients for trouble-free pregnancy.

What is the CTG during pregnancy

CTG fetus or fetal cardiotocography - proceduremonitoring of fetal heart activity and heart rate when listening makes it impossible to assess the child's condition. CTG during pregnancy helps to observe the uterine contractions and response to the movement of the child. An important point - with the help of the research can be time to detect the presence of abnormalities that are not visible on ultrasound, or of the results of analyzes of the mother.

CTG - decoding results

Performance studies are not pregnantthe reason for diagnosis, they serve as guidelines for further manipulation and analysis. CTG results appear on the tape in the form of the curve displaying the fetal heartbeat. Measuring and evaluating the differences and the height of the line, the specialist is able to tell us about the state of the fetus at any given time.

Explanation CTG pregnancy by using a 10-point system, according to several criteria, each of which is given from 0 to 2 points. How to decipher CTG:

  • more than 9 points - the fruit in a normal state;
  • from 6 to 8 points - there is a slight hypoxia, need to re-examination;
  • less than 5 points - a poor result, hypoxia, bradycardia or tachycardia may indicate the urgent need of labor.

CTG during pregnancy - rate

The study is based on measurementsseveral indicators that help to gather a complete picture and determine the status of the fetus. In the case of apparent deviation from the norm, doctors may decide to induction of labor or emergency caesarean section to save the life of the fetus and the mother. The results are informative and believable after 30 weeks of pregnancy, then formed heart contractile reflex fetus.

Norma CTG - key indicators:

  • uterine activity - the duration of at least 30 to no more than 15% of the fetal heart rate;
  • aktseleratsii - 2 or more acceleration of heart rate per minute of the child;
  • decelerations - slow contractions, should be short and few;
  • basal rate (HR, BCHSS) - in a calm state of 110-160 beats per minute, while the movements - no more than 190.
  • Variability of a rhythm - the norm is deviation in the 10-25 strokes.

When do CTG during pregnancy

On what term do CTG during pregnancy -a more appropriate time to conduct a study CTG considered the third trimester, from 32 weeks. Spending possible before that time, but in this case the accuracy of the diagnosis is in doubt. This is because for 32 weeks completely formed features:

  • heart contractile reflex of the child;
  • established relationship that unites heart activity, locomotor activity;
  • Activity-rest cycle is regulated without any problems. Conduct may be before the deadline, but the accuracy of the diagnosis, in this case the values ​​in question.

How do CTG during pregnancy

How do CTG during pregnancy - spendingstudy can be in any position in which it will be convenient pregnant. With the help of a belt attached to the abdomen special device sensors. The procedure takes about an hour. Information is displayed on a tape in the form of a curved line. If you have questions or baby stops moving, the future maternity prescribed follow-up study.

Preparing for the CTG during pregnancy

CTG during pregnancy - what does it mean? Conducting research requires some training. During the procedure, the fetus must be active, otherwise the machine will show the results unreliable. You can try to wake the child, tickling his stomach. Another effective method - a quick walk or swimming in the pool. It is important not to allow the actions of harmful effects on the baby. Preparing for the CTG during pregnancy only requires fetal activity and nothing more.

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